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If you live long, if some one asked you your most unforgettable day of your life, your engagement day would be the answer for most couples. On that day you decide to spend the rest of your life with that person only and forever.

The best item that symbolized this eternal commitment and pure love is presenting it with an engagement ring.

There are many options and consideration when chooseing your engagement ring that will put it on her finger during her entire life.

Most couples decide about the price of their engagement ring based on their budget, while some push their limits a bit more to make this important moment even more unforgettable.

Goldia offers inexpesive engagement rings that caters to low income couples too, our styles still look very brilliant and of high quality despite smaller diamonds that are used on them. is among only few online retailer of fine jewelry where you can afford to purchase a cheap engagement ring without pushing your spending limits.

Our affordable engagement rings starts from $70. Our large collections will make you feel surprised as we have more than 4000 different options for engagement rings.

We have a department where we can also design our own ring.

You can browse our inexpensive engagement rings by filtering them based on their price attribute. Browse through other cheap and top-quality engagement rings by choosing smaller center diamonds or with cheaper metal type options such as silver.

When buying things to wear whole life time, consider to choose something that is durable yet affordable. When you shop your cheap engagement ring from us, we offer 30 days money back guarantee and we also ship them to you for free.
Diamond accents are usually used on beautiful rings with rose gold castings that is mounted usually with princess cut diamonds. These engagement rings are also offered with sterling silver bridal set cut diamond.14k white gold wedding rings are however the best sellers always.
At our diamond experts selects the best quality stones and our buying department places orders in bulk so we can reflect lower prices to our online customers. Our diamond branch is located in the heart of Diamond District of Manhattan, our strategic location helps us reach at diamond suppliers with high value and efficient b2b manufacturing-shipping process.
Manufacturing of any diamond ring may take from one to fourteen business days, depending on the complexity of the design and availability of the stones. At Goldia, we are also able apply 3D computer aided design to help us bring our customers' unique design needs. When we used 3D CAD process, manufacturing of diamond rings may take slightly longer (2-3 weeks). CAD design prototypes are first provided to customers in either image or silicon so they can confirm the structure. Once it gets our customer's approval, the mold is being then set up and casting is rendered. Goldia offers ring castings in 10k, 14k and 18k gold. We also offer white, yellow and rose gold options. For larger and more expensive diamond settings, we can use platinum too. Platinum is the most durable metal type among all jewelry meteal options. However, due to its strong and heavy metal composition, it may not be useful in other categories such as bracelets or necklaces.
To reduce the cost of any diamond engagement or wedding rings, a new setting type has been commonly used, cluster or illusion setting. In this setting type, smaller melee diamonds are set next to each other in a form so that they reflect a very similar oscilinace to a single large stone. For instance, instead of using a 1 carat center alone, by using about 12-16 pieces of smaller stones, a similar brilliance can be obtained at a fraction of cost. Illusion settings can be used for round, princess, oval shapes.
Aside from application of illusion settings, manufacturers recently use 10k gold hollow rings for the shanks. Whenever a hollow tube is used in jewelry the gram weight of the item comes down 20-30% of its solid value. For instance a solid wedding band ring may weigh over 8-10 grams however a hollow tube option of the same ring will not be heavier more than 2-3 grams.
Not all couples have the same buying power. Internet and budget retailers (such as Walmart & Costco) helped these lower income segments to own high quality wedding rings at much lower prices.
Due to their higher labor process, these items are usually imported to New York, Texas and Florida from India and Hong Kong/China. Chinese manufacturers aree specialized in working with smaller melees on lighter weight ring styles.
While popular designers such Tiffany and Bvlgari offer their attractive styles with high quality certified diamonds, these segment of buyers only makes up of 4% of the entire market in U.S.A in terms of number of items sold. However, due to their high value, the amount sold ratio is approximately 12%.
In recent years, estate or pre-owned jewelry category has also been attracting new buyers for these brand name designers's creations. Estate has always been popular for jewelry collectors in U.S.A. Many couples are searching online to find good deals available online for this category. German and Japanese couples are also very keen on designers items that are offered at lower prices as pre-owned.
Pre-owned items are collected from various resources. Wholesalers, retailers, pawn shops that are in this business usually repair and polish these pieces before offering them for resale in the marketplace. When trading any estate jewelry item, having a certificate or payment receipt from its original designers usually help in selling them at higher prices due to stronger proof of authenticity.
The authentication process for a Tiffany bridal offer is fairly simple because the certificate numbers are usually imprinted on the diamonds and in the inner side of the bands. Aside from authentication process, the diamond is thoroughly checked for scratches or damages that the stone may have had during its previous owner usage. When a Tiffany ring is sold in estate market, the new owner usually takes it to the nearest Tiffany center to resize. Tiffany jewelers offers resizing and re-polish services even for new owners at no cost. Resizing of rings usually take 3-4 weeks in their New York headquarters. When a ring is delivered to their 5th Avenue offices, the office then send the ring to their repair centers Queens, NY. This process is free for any owner of Tiffany jewelry with a receipt and certificate.
Bvlgari, on the other hand usually do not offer this kind of services for free as their headquarters are located in Italy, not in U.S.A. Also Bvlgari's return policy is only towards exchanges or store credits.
Although the stores are located right accross on 5th Avenue, Tiffany attracts more American customers while Bvlgari's clientele is more from Europe.
Tiffany applies round diamonds more often on their signature pieces, however Bvlgari's collections can have fancy cut stones more often.
Choosing the right engagement ring starts with selection of style. And then, budget constraints come in to effect. Having the style decided, the customer looks for the best fit for his income level. There are very simple silver rings with CZ options for $12 and GIA Certified Platinum rings that looks almost same for $12000! Between these two extremes there are limitless options couples can opt in.
Another cheaper option for diamonds is clarity enhanced diamonds. These are naturally and earth mined diamonds. However, they are technologically enhanced (laser drilled, fracture filled etc) so they can reflect more fire and less inclusions. A diamond enhancer buys diamonds with lower grade, enhances them with laser machines and then can sell them at a profit at higher price. Clarity enhanced diamonds are too common among eBay sellers. Amazon does not sell this kind of stones because they are not certifed by GIA or HRD diamond labs. The fills may come out if the stones are exposed to heat or chemicals (acids). They can be refilled at a low cost at the enhancement offices.
Diamonds with special cut diamonds ensure that the diamond's already inherent light-holding feature is even more prominent and the magical glow of the stone is further enhanced. Physical manipulation of the stone with various techniques causes the strength of the diamond, one of the hardest known objects, to decrease. Diamond bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces, such as jewelry for thousands of years nowadays, as is the case of all women are often cut diamond cuts. Although the diamonds in these sections are considered to have a very rigid structure, which is no different from the stones, since the roughs are turned into diamonds, it may cause breakage or fracture of the diamonds more easily.

Regardless of the diamond cut, it generally consists of three main parts called cones, belts and crown. These three sections are the most unstable of the physical bumps, the lower part of the diamond is the cone. Even a single blow directly directed at this particular section in a certain angle can provide cracking of the diamond, and a further increase in the severity of the pulse is sufficient to break up the stone. In diamond cutting, it is ensured that all the surfaces are shiny without noticing how many surfaces the stone has, and there are cutting angles which must be observed in an absolute way. With these angular cuts, diamond parts can be removed. As with 8-10 angular diamond cuts, even more special cuts with 57 angles can be applied.

The known dazzling brilliance of diamond is due to its ability to hold light at a very high level thanks to its carbon-like structure. It is also unknown, but the diamond has the property of beam retention even in the presence of visible light, such as infrared and ultraviolet light. There is no mention of any known substance other than these radiation into a piece of diamond that is naturally occurring and has a high degree of purity. Diamonds are unquestionably one of the most precious things in the world over the eyes of man for thousands of years, and diamonds are the most stylish appearance of this stone.
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