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Patron Saints Medals and Their Meanings


If you are Catholic, our full collection of Patron Saints Medals will add spiritual blessing to your necks.

Click on medal pictures to see our Patron Saints Medal Collections:

  • St. Andrew
    St. Andrew Patron Medal Charm Pendant


    Patronage: Scotland, Russia, Greece and Fishermen.

    Being a Christian Apostle and the sibling of Saint Peter, his patronage included Russia, Greece and Scotland.


  • St. Anne


    Patronage: Carpenters, Mothers, Grandparents, Pregnancy.

    Holy person Anne, of David's home and line, was the mother of Mary and grandma of Jesus as indicated by fanciful Christian and Islamic custom. Mary's mom isn't named in the authoritative accounts, nor in the Quran.


  • St. Anthony

    St. Anthony Medal

    Patronage: Travelers, Poor People and Lost items.

    Distinguished by his peers for his strong lecturing and master information of sacred text, he was the second-most-immediately consecrated holy person after Peter of Verona. He is additionally the benefactor holy person of discovering things or lost individuals. He was declared a Doctor of the Church on 16 January 1946.


  • St. Barbara

    St. Barbara Medal


    Support: Prisoners, Minors, Amorers, Artillerymen, Mathematicians

    Holy person Barbara is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers. Her relationship with the lightning that slaughtered her dad has made her be conjured against lightning and fire; by relationship with blasts, she is additionally the benefactor of ordnance and mining.


  • St. Benedict

    St. Benedict Medal


    Patronage: School Children, Students, Kidney Disease, Poison

    Catholic Church has honoured the St. Benedict, he is the patron saint of all European continent and people who studies.


  • St. Christopher

    St. Christopher Medal


    Patronage: Tootache, Storms, Transportation, Athletes, Bachelors, Travel.

    His most popular legend is the point at which he conveyed a tyke, who was obscure to him, over a waterway before the youngster uncovered himself as Christ. Hence he is the supporter holy person of voyagers, and little pictures of him are frequently worn around the neck, on a wrist trinket, conveyed in a pocket, or set in vehicles by Christians.


  • St. Florian

    St. Florian Medal


    Patronage: Soapmakers, Chimneysweeps, Firefighters.

    One of the best Roman commandants, ascending to leader of the magnificent armed force in the Roman area of Noricum. Notwithstanding his military obligations, he was additionally in charge of sorting out firefighting detachments. Florian composed and prepared a tip top gathering of troopers whose sole obligation was to battle fires.


  • St. Francis of Assisi

    St. Francis of Assisi Medal


    Patronage: Traders, Animals, Environment.  

    Being one of the two patron saints of Italy, St. Francis is known as the patron saint of nature and animals.


  • St. George

    St. George Medal


    Patronage: Military, Georgia, Farmers, Georgia, Military.

    Saint George is considered as one of the strongest military saints and one of the most worshipped saints in the Catholic Church.


  • St. Gerard

    St. Gerard Medal


    Patronage: Falsely Accused People, Expectant Mothers, Children,Good Confessions.

    Gerard Majella is respected as a holy person by the Catholic Church. His intervention is looked for youngsters, unborn kids, ladies in labor, moms, eager moms, parenthood, erroneously denounced individuals, great admissions, lay siblings and Muro Lucano, Italy.


  • St. John the Baptist

    St. John The Bapdist Medal


    Patronage: French Canada, Newfoundland,The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and many other places. 

    John is portrayed as having the one of a kind routine with regards to absolution for the pardoning of sins. Most researchers agree that Jesus was baptized by him..


  • St. Joseph

    St. Joseph Medal


    Patronage: Social Justice, Carpenters, Fathers, Happy Death, Church, Workers.  

    St. Joseph is a figure in the Gospels, the spouse of Mary, the mother of Jesus. In Catholic and different customs, Joseph is the supporter holy person of specialists and has a few devour days. He was likewise announced to be the supporter holy person and defender of the Catholic Church by Pope Pius IX in 1870, and is the benefactor of a few nations and districts.


  • St. Jude

    St. Jude Medal


    Patronage: Chicago Police Department, Desperate Situations, Armenia, Philippines.

    As indicated by the New Testament, Jude was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. In the Roman Catholic Church, he is the benefactor holy person of edgy cases and acts of futility (Cancer etc.).


  • St. Lucy

    St. Lucy Medal


    Patronage: Throat Infections, Writers, Blind, Epidemics, Martyrs.

    She is revered as a holy person by the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, and Orthodox Churches. She is one of eight ladies, who alongside the Blessed Virgin Mary, are celebrated by name in the Canon of the Mass.


  • St. Luke

    St. Luke Medal


    Patronage: Surgeons, Physicians, Artists.  

    numerous researchers that Luke was a Greek doctor who wrote both the Gospel as indicated by Luke and the book of Acts of the Apostles.


  • St. Mark

    St. Mark Medal


    Patronage: Venice, Barristers, Egypt, .  

    Creator of the Gospel of Mark and established the Church of Alexandria.


  • St. Michael

    St. Michael Medal


    Patronage: Paramedics, Guardian of the Catholic Church, Chivalry, Firefighters, Military, Police Officers.

    Michael is a chief heavenly messenger in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Roman Catholics, the Eastern Orthodox, Anglicans, and Lutherans allude to him as "Holy person Michael the Archangel". In the New Testament Michael drives God's armed forces against Satan's powers in the Book of Revelation, where amid the war in paradise he overcomes Satan.


  • St. Patrick

    St. Patrick Medal


    Patronage: Paralegals,Ireland, Nigeria.

    Patrick was known as the "Messenger of Ireland". When he was around 16, he was caught by Irish privateers from his home in Great Britain, and taken as a slave to Ireland, taking care of creatures, where he lived for a long time before getting away and coming back to his family.


  • St. Paul

    St. Paul Medal


    Patronage: Missions, Gentile Christians, Theologians.

    Paul the Apostle is for the most part thought to be a standout amongst the most essential figures of the Apostolic Age. He established a few houses of worship in Asia Minor and Europe. Fourteen of the twenty-seven books in the New Testament have been customarily credited to Paul.


  • St. Peter

    St. Peter Medal


    Patronage: Institutions, Churches, Workers.

    As indicated by New Testament accounts, Saint Peter, otherwise called Simon Peter, was one of twelve witnesses picked by Jesus. The Roman Catholic Church views him as the principal Pope, appointed by Jesus.



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