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Certified Diamond Eternity Rings - Eternity Wedding Bands for Women on Discount

Shared Prong Set Eternity Rings

Available in 14k white gold, this spectacular eternity band features brilliant round diamonds set with shared-prongs in a sculpted-edge bands with exceptional fire and brilliance which have diamonds of average I-J color and VS2-SI1 grade clarity.

Priced in 14k White Gold

Channel Set Diamond Eternity Rings

A row of sparkling, round brilliant diamonds are channel set within the squared shank of this polished styles. Elegance and beauty are coupled with sophistication and luxury for a spectacular effect. The ring makes a magnificent accent. All the diamonds are of I-J/VS2-SI1 quality.

Priced in 14k White & Yellow Gold




How to Wear Solitaire Ring And Eternity Ring Together?

An eternity ring is also a wedding band. A solitaire diamond ring is usually a diamond stone ring that is presented during a marriage proposal but is also available for women to reward themselves, as well as gifts for special occasions. However, it is also possible to use solitaires with a full face ring. How do you put together a single ring and a ring together? First of all, it should be known that both of the solitaire and eternity rings are diamond gemstones, and both have great meanings. These rings are attached to different fingers before the marriage union is established. Especially the usage of solitaire ring is changing according to its reception. In the case of a woman picking up a monstrous ring, during the marriage proposal, or on a stick, the person can be attached to different fingers, but in this case one's own free will stands out. The general practice is to wear the solitaire and the eternity ring on the right hand ring finger before the wedding, that is, the engagement. 

When you are told how to attach a monolithic ring and a piece together after marriage, the two of the general application are suddenly inserted into the ring finger of the left hand. Therefore, there is no application in which a single stone ring is a different hand, and a full ring is a different hand. However, it is also possible here that one puts his / her own free will and puts both on different fingers, but in reality both of the rings are the same, the right hand is before the wedding, and the left hand is after the wedding. In the meantime, as in the case of diamonds and diamonds, there is a glittering appearance in the diamond full ring. Goldia.com offers a range of elegant ring options.

Instead of the classic gold, slightly curved wedding rings of our parents, now full diamond eternity rings surrounded by diamonds are among the wedding ring models that you can look at if your budget is appropriate. The stones found on the full diamond diamond ring models, which means the same as other traditional wedding rings, are usually made up of small carats in the sense that it is possible to attach them to the finger. The number of stones found on a full diamond diamond ring can also vary according to your ring size. Diamonds ranging from 25 to 30 can be found in a full ring of the ring according to the model of the ring, the arrangement of the stones and the ring size.

One of the most popular diamond wedding ring designs which started to gradually take the place of the golden wedding rings which are the traditional marriage rings, full eternity diamond wedding ring models are expanding every year in the collections of all diamond brands with different sizes of stone alternatives and full and 5,7 and 9 stone ring designs.

If you change your ring size, it is easier to change the size of the diamond ring wedding ring than the classic wedding ring models. However, if the ring is played very heavily, the probability that the diamonds on it will fall later will increase. Therefore, when ordering a full ring, make sure that the ring is fully taken.

You can also browse 5-stone, 7-stone and 9-stone diamond ring models, which are easier to use as well as diamonds that are completely circulating around the ring in full-diamond diamond ring models and which may be larger in the stones on the ring.

Choosing a Diamond Eternity Ring

Remember that your wedding ring will be worn all day long on your finger, so you should choose a model that you are comfortable with. If you are considering buying a full-length ring, before you decide, examine the ring models in different sizes of stone, with various numbers of stones. Whichever your finger is sitting comfortably, you should choose it. If you can not feel comfortable, try other models with 5, 7, 9 stones.

As mentioned above, take care that the ring is taken precisely. Full eternity ring will make on diamond rings, and the changes can cause the diamonds to fall over time, as the stones play from the place where they sit.

If you are planning to use your diamond diamond ring in the same plane as your solitaire ring, you should definitely try put on both.

The diamond, one of the hardest known materials, is formed by the crystallization of the carbon element under high temperature and pressure in the depths of the earth's crust. Diamonds are also obtained by cutting and shaping the diamond, which is one of the most precious metals. Today, diamond rings have become indispensable tools of marriage proposals. Diamond rings with various models such as solitaire, three stone, böstaş, yeditaş and tamtur are usually the most ladies of ladies.

Diamonds used in diamond rings are very hard and durable. But co-existing diamonds can draw one another. For this reason, the diamond rings must be kept separately or kept under protection by wrapping each diamond ring one by one. In addition, these precious rings should not be worn as much as possible during daily work. As diamonds are used for a longer period of time, problems such as contamination of the ring and pitting in the stone will arise. Also, the frequent use of these rings can cause the nails holding the diamonds to loosen over time. At the end of this situation, the diamonds can move and even fall.

Care must be taken in the care of contaminated diamond rings. Especially for the matted stones to be returned to their original luster, the diamond rings must be taken away for polishing. Also in this case the nails in the ring are checked and if there is any loosening, the nails are tightened. General cleaning of diamond rings can easily be done at home.

How to Clean a Diamond Ring

A soft dishwashing detergent can be used to clean the diamond rings. Hot water and dishwashing detergent should be placed in a container of sufficient width and the mixture should be thoroughly frothed. Then the diamond ring should be left in the detergent water and wait for a while to dissolve the dirt on it. Then, using a soft brush, the ring should be brushed beautifully, finally, the ring which is thoroughly cleaned should be placed in a strainer and rinsed with clean water. The diamond ring should be cleaned with a cloth that does not form paper towels or mohair.

Ammonia can also be used in the cleaning of diamond rings with more pollution. For this, a cup of warm or warm water and a quarter of ammonia should be placed in the glass. The ring is left in this mixture for about 20 minutes and then removed from the mixture using gloves. The diamond ring should then be cleaned with detergent water as described above.

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