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Common Gold Carat Values ​​in Different countries for White Gold Bangle Bracelets:
If one considers the production of gold jewelery globally, different preferences for certain degrees of purity in the individual regions of the world can be observed. On the North American continent, the rather pale, but scratch-resistant 585 gold is popular. In the Arab world, 21 karats are considered to be optimal for jewelery production, 22 karats in India, even 24 karats in China or "Chuk Kam" ("full gold"): this is gold with a purity of at least 99% pure gold, which would be equivalent to 23.76 carats. The more high-profile the gold jewelry is, the more pronounced are the typical properties of the contained yellow precious metal, such as:

relative softness and deformability
high corrosion resistance
rich gold color and golden shine
For Germany gold jewelry is typical between 8 and 18 carats, in terms of thousandths between 333 gold and 750 gold.

Minimum purity in individual countries
In order for gold jewelry to be sold as gold, it must have a certain minimum gold content. The amount of this salary is regulated by governments in each country. In German trade applies with 8 carats a particularly low limit.

Country carat (kt) fineness
Germany at least 8 kt gold 333
UK at least 9 kt gold 375
USA at least 10 kt gold 417
France at least 18 kt gold 750
Italy at least 18 kt gold 750
Switzerland at least 18 kt gold 750
Advantages of gold alloys over fine gold
Gold is one of the most expensive precious metals. It costs far more than most alloying metals used. Therefore gold jewelry with 8 or 9 carats can of course be offered much cheaper than jewelry made of 22 or 24 carat gold. Good durability, high hardness and attractive color gold alloys can already be achieved with Gold 750 (18 carats). For fashion reasons, jewelery in various color gold alloys are offered on the market to meet the individual preferences of gold jewelry buyers:

Example table for 750 gold gold color alloys
Description Gold Silver Copper Zinc Nickel Palladium
Yellow gold 75% 12.5% ​​12.5%
Red gold 75% 4,5% 20,5%
Green Gold 75% 20% 5%
White gold 75% 5% 10% 10%
Rose gold 75% 9% 16%
Color of gold after different alloys

Yellow gold, rose gold, green gold, white gold and rose gold

Additional Comments: So far, it has not yet been possible to produce 100% pure gold for further processing. Even the purest gold coins and bullion contain minor traces of other metals.

Incidentally, if you want to sell gold, you will find a comparison of prices on our gold purchase page with providers who offer convenient purchasing by post or usually on site. So you can find the best prices for your old gold in a simple way.

White Gold Bangle Bracelets

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