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Topaz Blue: The origin of the name of this mineral is still unclear. According to one theory, the stone is named after the Greek island, near which it was discovered by sailors who were wrecked. Another theory - the name comes from the Sanskrit word for fire and heat, it can be understood from this information that the topaz in the area where they were found was of a golden orange color. Since the ancient times, topazes have been valued by people. Archaeologists have discovered objects of ritual purpose, made from topaz, as well as various ornaments. It is known that this stone was very appreciated in the Renaissance and was very popular in Russia, where people knew it under the name "heavyweight", which the mineral received because of its high density. In addition, some topaz can be found in museums. These are huge crystals that were found in the bowels of the earth. The smallest - 10 kg, is stored in the St. Peters-burg Museum, and the largest - 117 kg - was found in Ukraine. Found stones of unusual size and in Brazil, in museums of the country are stored samples weighing 31.8 and 50.4 kg.

Initially, natural topaz is transparent and colorless, however, in the mines, stones are found that amaze with their variety of shades. All kinds of colors are obtained due to various impurities in the composition of the mineral. Yellow, green, blue, blue, pink, red topaz can be found, but this is not the limit - there are poly-chrome minerals that have several colors at once. This rare coloring is explained not only by the chemical composition, but also by the peculiarities of the crystal lattice of the stone, which causes a certain refraction of light, resulting in an unusual effect. Under the influence of sunlight, the topaz lose its color, which explains the fact that most of the stones found during the excavations were colorless. But the thermal directional effect, a special treatment, allows you to give the mineral a rich blue tint, that's how stones of a similar color are obtained. A lot of subspecies of topaz differ not only in their color, but also in the properties that these stones have. 

Blue topaz stone looks regal and is considered one of the most exquisite minerals. It is believed that the gemstone makes the aspirations of man more sublime and does not tolerate lying people. Also, this stone can serve as a talisman for those who are looking for some information, seeks to get to the truth and unravels a complicated matter. The navigators believed that the blue topaz on the ship would help ensure a successful journey and pacify the storm. As for medicinal properties, this stone can heal from depression, returning to its owners a positive attitude and cheerfulness of spirit. It is also recommended for hypertension and asthma.

Topaz Blue

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