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Statement Anniversary Rings for Her

Are you interested in getting a statement anniversary ring for her? We will tell you everything you need to know about statement rings. Evidently, this ring is one that is intended to make some kind of statement. The statement rings were common among the wealthy and influential members of society for hundreds of years, but it is interesting to note that they were a trademark of those who were wealthy and influential. It seems this time around that the rings are back in style, and maybe here to stay. Let this article help you choose a statement anniversary ring for her

What is a Statement Ring? 

A statement ring is also called a cocktail ring, and it typically includes a large gemstone, diamond, or some kind of metal motif accompanied by the gemstone. Statement rings are a great way to show off your style and personality.

Besides being a simple and functional piece of jewelry, a statement ring is also an eye-catching item with a story to tell. Statement rings are therefore the perfect choice for anyone who wishes to express themselves in the boldest of letters and in the brightest of colors.

The statement rings are not as simple as they may seem, and when they were first introduced, they were meant to make a statement on social issues. Therefore, this ring makes a statement and lives up to its name. Statement rings are not governed by any statute, but their initial purpose was to announce one's status or to make a fashion statement.

Even so, you may find yourself browsing countless statement ring designs without knowing which one fits your style. If you prefer, read a guide to wearing statement rings, which explains every style. An individual wearing a statement ring can be seen as powerful and individualistic. 

The History of Statement Rings

The advent of statement rings probably didn't happen at a specific moment in history. Ancient Egypt wore jewelry pieces that were large and statement pieces for millennia. Many Roman rings could be considered statement rings of the day, as they preferred rings to other jewelry.

Statement rings were typically worn by the wealthy and nobility in the past few centuries. Jewelry started to become more affordable and socially acceptable for the middle classes about halfway through the 20th century. 

Noblemen and women wore statement rings in ancient times that were adorned with precious stones and bejeweled. The rings worn by these individuals were cheaper and plainer than those worn by common workers/men in the fields.

Jewelry made with precious stones, precious metals, and elegant designs were highly valued by ancient cultures. Ancient Egyptians, for example, wore a variety of beautiful rings to display their social status and identify their status.

Cocktail rings have been a popular item of jewelry since the 1920s when prohibition was in full swing. It was quite a status symbol to be able to drink a cocktail during that time, and an oversized ring made a real statement. 

With the ban on prostitution, affluent women were permitted to attend extravagant celebrations that were shady and opulent. While sipping drinks at a bar, they wore their statement rings as they flaunted them. 

Additionally, they were able to flaunt their newly gained freedom - they had recently been granted the right to vote and work outside of their households. 

The cocktail ring symbolized individuality and seduction. Women have been flocking to statement rings for years to flaunt their beauty dominance in the years that have followed. A statement ring, in at least a modern context, was thus created.

How to select a Statement Anniversary Ring for her? Tips and advice

There is no particular rule about how statement rings should look today - they can come in any form and size since there's no particular shape and size that defines a statement ring. The prohibition era is long gone, and very few of us will be going to secret parties, drinking fancy cocktails, and displaying our oversized cocktail rings in public - although you can if you wish!

Let's now talk about some practical tips you can use while wearing statement rings. Keeping these factors in mind will help you determine which type of statement ring will be a perfect fit for you.

* Proportions of the Statement Ring

There is no need for oversized statement rings in today's society - large rings can be bulky and impractical sometimes. Smaller and more delicate hands may not suit the larger rings. 

Right-handed jewelry with small to medium statement rings will create a unified look. Nevertheless, those who do have larger hands might consider wearing bright, chunky rings that make a statement and still leave you with a sense of inspiration?

* Considerations for Practice

It goes without saying that statement jewelry is meant to draw attention and may stand out in crowds, but choose a piece that fits comfortably or does not clash with other accessories because of its size. 

You should also make sure your piece isn't too outrageous if you will be wearing it every day, otherwise, it won't match your everyday casual wear. If you want to wear your chosen item every day, it's best to find a happy medium where your chosen piece makes a subtle statement.

Styles of Statement Anniversary Rings

If you want to begin wearing statement rings, it is recommended that you choose rings with a comfortable size and designs that you feel attracted to. The best way to build a collection is to start with smaller designs and grow into bigger designs later on down the road.

In today's fashion, you are able to create your own style and there is no limit to your creativity. But certain rules still apply as far as fashion is concerned. If you are going to work or attend a party, your jewelry and dress code should be appropriate depending on the occasion.

As a result, a minimalist statement ring should be worn to work. Feel free, however, to wear larger, bolder, and more glamorous rings for parties if your style requires it.

Consider the color and size of your rings if you decide to wear more than one ring. Perhaps putting on just one ring can make a bigger statement than wearing them all.

Metallic bands and stones can be seen in statement rings with geometric or abstract designs. They usually include diamonds. Women also love to wear gemstones that are semiprecious and precious.

Pearls, rubies, fire opals, sapphires, aquamarines, amethysts, and tanzanites top the list of most popular gems. Gemstones are abundant, and only your budget limits your selection.

What Are the Best Ways to Wear Statement Rings?

The topic of statement rings is quite diverse, as they are more than just metal rings with precious stones and patterns. Since it was considered a symbol of feminism during the 1920s, the cocktail ring is indeed a symbol of the 20s. 

Flapper girls traditionally would raise their right hand when ordering drinks in order to wear them. In that case, however, your left-hand cocktail ring might be a statement in itself. The only disadvantage is that your ring may be mistaken for an engagement ring, which was probably the main reason why independent and single girls avoided the left hand in the twenties.

Wearers typically place their rings on their right middle finger or ring finger. Some people believe statement rings worn on their index fingers demonstrate confidence and self-esteem.

In the end, however, when it comes to wearing a statement ring in a modern setting, there are no rules. You can, however, choose the finger on which to wear your statement anniversary ring based on the symbolism of your fingers.

Fingers: Symbols and Meanings

A ring worn on a particular finger has some basic meanings. Thus, you can easily decide which statement ring to wear:

* Pinky finger

There will be a lot of visibility on the little finger (pinky). Putting a ring there is a good way to express your love clearly. People have equated the man with a crime organization or even the mafia since he wears a ring on his little finger. There are also lots of actors who wear this on screen. When it is placed on a woman's pinky, it sends a message of independence. The power and status it represents usually go along with it for men.

* Ring finger

The fourth finger, the ring finger, is used to represent the marital status of the wearer. This is why many men will select a simple ring to represent their marital status. When it comes to women, on the other hand, almost always the body is glamorous, shiny, and extremely prominent. This, of course, depends in part on the individual's style and the budget they can afford.

* Middle Finger

Middle fingers do not have a specific meaning to them. However, its central hand position makes it a perfect place for a chunky and fashionable statement ring that will add a lot to your fashion sense. The fact that the woman is wearing a ring on this particular finger has also led some people to believe that she is trying to send a message that she is not engaged or married.

* Index Finger

Rings worn on the index finger are usually worn as a sign of class, membership in a fraternity, or belonging to a certain organization. Typically men wear rings on the index finger.

* The Thumb

Rings are not commonly worn on the thumb. Wearing a ring on the thumb indicates power and independence. So long as the ring does not restrict your movements, it is a great place to wear a fashionable ring.

Every Occasion Needs A Statement

Almost any occasion can be enhanced by wearing statement rings since they can be worn for just about any occasion. Even so, if you want to build your own collection of clothing, you might want to include some that are best suited to formal attire and some that are better suited to casual attire.

For the office, you may want to consider something that is a little more conservative and minimalistic, or something that adds a touch of color to grey, white, and black outfits.

If you are going to an event or party where you will be asked to dress up, why don't you go all the way and turn heads with the most stunning and elegant cocktail rings you can find?

Then, for your anniversary, you might like to go for a statement ring that is special and a little quirky, maybe - that's something for you to decide.

Can You Wear Multiple Rings?

The answer is, absolutely, yes, you can wear multiple statement rings if that is what you prefer to wear. When wearing a lot of rings, a good idea would be to match the metals and colors of the rings to match each other. Creating a truly unique look is also possible by experimenting with diverse shapes and textures.

What is the best way to clean your statement ring?

Depending on the metal used to create the statement ring, there will be different cleaning routines that are needed for different statement rings.

Sterling silver rings are the best option for those who want a statement ring. The metal alloy is made up of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals to give it toughness, to give it durability, and make it more resistance to corrosion. Stainless steel is another option, which is also extremely easy to maintain.

Despite being a beautiful precious metal, sterling silver has the issue of tarnishing over time even though it is a beautiful metal. To get the best results when it comes to cleaning your sterling silver statement ring, follow these simple directions:

Step 1 - A ceramic dish layered with aluminum foil will make the aluminum bath. Be sure to cover the entire inside of the container.

Step 2 - Bring a cup of water to a rolling boil.

Step 3 - You will also need to add a tablespoon of vinegar and a teaspoon of salt to your foil-covered dish. After half a cup of vinegar has been poured into the container, stir slowly - if you do it too fast, you could produce a violent fizzy reaction in which the ingredients might jump out of the dish.

Step 4 - Fill the pot with boiling water.

Step 5 - You need to make sure your sterling silver statement ring is making good contact with the foil before placing it in the dish.

Step 6 - In the end, you want to carefully take out the silver, rinse it under the tap, and put it aside to dry for a few hours. If necessary, repeat the technique until the tarnishing is gone.

Furthermore, if you want your sterling silver to look fresh and free of tarnish again, then a piece of tissue can be placed on it to allow any excess liquid to separate from the ring.

Final Verdict

Statement rings remain a symbol of independence and strength, despite modern times allowing more freedom for creating unique styles. Statement anniversary rings for her can be ideal gifts for your loved ones. The statement anniversary ring that you choose will be able to convey the desired message, no matter what style you choose. All you need to do is enjoy the beauty of it.

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