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Among devoted Catholics, St. Christopher is well known as the supporter holy person of safe voyages. This support came to fruition in light of the legend of St. Christopher conveying the hidden Christ-child over a stream. Therefore, the name Christopher signifies "Christ-bearer."

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A legendary hero in Christian mythology . Although it is considered a saint, there is no definite information about the fact that he actually lived. the legend is:
offerus (offro, adokimus, reprebus), a strong prince who is very confident and worshiping evil forces, is attracted to the crouch by being affected by a crucible on the side of the road and is willing to help him to stand on the edge of a horny river and to pass through the river. a child who has been through the river in the day begins to become increasingly heavy. ultimately offerus feels the burden of the world on his shoulders. the child tells him that he is Jesus Christ and that he blesses him. For this reason he ascends to the rank of saints and becomes christopher in the sense of bearing the name Jesus.

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