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Ruby Anniversary Ring

There have been many cultures that have considered rubies to be a stone of kings for a very long time. I am sure it comes as no surprise that ruby symbolism and lore have a number of associations with power and wealth. According to myth, owners of rubies would benefit from and protect their estates, and they would also be able to accumulate wealth through their possession. The ruby would be particularly useful in acquiring more gems in the future.

Although it may not yet be half a century together, 40 years together is a long time worth celebrating - and commemorating with a gift! There's a guideline for picking out a special gift for this wedding anniversary that makes it a little bit easier to choose between traditional and modern gifts. You could choose to give your loved one a special piece of ruby jewelry, including a Ruby anniversary ring and cufflinks, or even a nice pen or blanket with a "ruby" hue.

I think it's such a wonderful achievement to stay married to the same person for 40 years, it shows a lot of love, strength, and unity. It seems only appropriate that we should want to take part in celebrating this milestone, and it is tradition to buy something to do with the traditional 40th Wedding Anniversary symbol or flower. If you want to make your anniversary unforgettable, then I suggest you buy a ruby anniversary ring for your partner. Generally, people believe ruby rings are only given at 40 years of marriage but it is not mandatory that you must only give ruby rings at 40 years of marriage, you can give ruby rings at any anniversary because of the theme of the ring is to give something special to your partner.

Rubies: History & Lore

In China, the color of a Mandarin ruby ring was used to determine the rank of the individual. A red jewel stone indicated he was one of the great figures of his time. During the 1880s, French jewelers referred to rubies as gems of gems or precious stones that were dearly loved. A ruby's name comes from the Latin word ruber, which means red.

I think that the color red is the color of life, the color of blood that runs through our veins, the color of love, anger, passion, and fury that is the color of our deepest emotions. One of the most beautiful gemstones, rubies are considered a stone of nobility and one of the most valuable gemstones. Rubies have historically been held in high esteem by many cultures throughout history. A substantial ruby was said to have been offered by the Chinese emperor Kublai Khan in exchange for an entire city.

Legend has it that within rubies there is an inextinguishable flame, shining so brightly that it can't be hidden even by the thickest of clothing. Ancient cultures believed that rubies could bring water to a boil, melt the wax, ward off plagues, and banish sadness. In ancient times, the Burmese warriors inserted rubies into their flesh in order to make themselves invincible. It is said that the ruby is called ratnaraj in ancient Sanskrit, which means "king of precious stones."

Ruby is a stone that emits pure red energy, which activates the chakra at the base and stimulates the chi, or the vital force. In addition to diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires, rubies are also thought to be precious gemstones. They are composed of red corundum, a mineral that has the chemical composition of aluminum oxide. The reason behind the rich red hues of rubies is the chromium found in this mineral. There was a time when red spinels, tourmalines, and garnets were believed to be rubies, until the early 1800s.

Ruby is a stone of protection

In addition to its mystical properties, rubies were said to confer personal protection when worn as talismans. In ancient times, people believed that wearing the stone on the heart side, on the left side of the body, would allow the bearer to live a peaceful life. They would be protected from being overthrown by enemies. Their homes would be protected from storms by the blood-colored stone, which would keep them safe from all perils.

What Does Ruby Anniversary Ring Mean?

The fiery red color of ruby ignites the sensual pleasures of life. As a result, blood is inflamed, inspiration is inspired, the heart is inspired, and enjoyment of the physical world is enlivened. As many of you know, rubies are known for their ability to increase desire. They have been associated with love, especially faithful and passionate commitment, for centuries. As a result, many believe that they are the perfect choice for a wedding ring or engagement ring.  It is said that ruby allows one to experience all forms of love, from the intensely passionate to the most mystical of intimacy. Several studies have found that this practice deepens the bond between a couple and may even increase the chances of conception.

According to other sources, rubies and other red stones could prevent bleeding and inflammation as well as increase the body's temperature. As an interesting note, you will find that the mythology surrounding another famous red gem, garnet, resembles some aspects of ruby symbolism and lore. Before the advent of scientific classifications of gemstones, people used to believe all red gemstones were one particular type of gemstone.

What does the Ruby Anniversary Ring symbolize?

There is often an association between rubies and wealth and prosperity. It was common for ancient crowns to be adorned with rubies because rubies were symbols of good fortune and bravery. It is also said that the deep red color of rubies is also related to love, passion, and raw emotion. There was a time when humans believed that rubies contained drops of Mother Earth's blood.

In terms of their own alone, rubies are associated with many things, including power, wealth, energy, and love. A ring is usually associated with weddings, engagements, and anniversaries, and is generally associated with couples and vows. The combination of these connotations can create a lot of meanings for a ruby ring.

Ruby has also been used frequently by royalty in portraits, celebrations, coronations, or in more mundane ways by individuals as an engagement ring. A lesser-known meaning of rubies may surprise you. Their closest association with the sun is that they give off a slight glow of red from the inside out as a result of their fluorescence. 

Furthermore, there is a deeper meaning behind the actual ring itself, with the circular shape meant to represent infinity, an everlasting presence. There is nothing more popular than this concept for marriage, but it also brings that feeling of "forever" to other things, like wealth and power. It sounds like something a king would desire to have power and wealth forever, doesn't it?

Ruby Symbolism and Blood

There is no doubt that Ruby's blood-like color encouraged strong associations with the life-sustaining fluid. Those who risked their lives in order to find the gem were said to have a special connection to it. It is said that the ancient Burmese valued rubies as soldiers' stones. According to them, rubies granted invulnerability. Wearing them only on one side was not enough, however. In order to experience this benefit, it is necessary to have rubies physically inserted into the flesh. Despite their fears of spears, swords, and guns, they believed they would be safe.

In the inner light of rubies is a wonderful light

The inner glow of ruby is a hint, perhaps, that it contains an inner fire as well. It is a visual effect that may have inspired some curious folklore. Supposedly, a ruby would bring water to a boil when it is placed in water. In the event that the gem is hidden in a cloth, it could still shine through and reveal its presence.

It is said that rubies have the ability to emit their own light. According to some reports, rubies can even be described as gleaming like lights.

Living Rubies

There was a time when all types of rubies were believed to have similar properties. Besides having protective powers, they are also believed to be capable of reducing anger, controlling evil thoughts, and resolving disagreements. On the other hand, the darkest rubies were considered "male" whilst the lighter ones were considered "female."

During the Middle Ages, when people encountered gems with carvings on them, they believed that such stones occurred naturally. Despite the fact that these pieces were carved in ancient times, they did not believe they were created by humans. They believed that such gems possessed a special power. As one example, Ragiel writes in his 13th-century work, The Book of Wings:

It is both beautiful and terrible to look at the image of a dragon. This stone, especially if it is found on a ruby or some other stone of a similar nature and virtue, has the power to augment the goods of this world and make the wearer happy and healthy.

A long time ago, some people believed that rare and beautiful gems were inhabited by spirits. It may seem unusual, but gems are in fact sentient beings in their own right. It is not dissimilar, however, to the belief that jewelry carries feelings. As noted in the writings of Madame Charles de Gaulle, mineralogist George Kunz notes that this is true. Taking the example of Capatulle Mendes, when she tells of wearing so many rings because her gems feel slighted if they are not worn.

In my possession are rubies that turn dull, turquoises that turn pale as death, and aquamarines that look like tears on the eyes of a siren when I forget them for too long. It would be a great loss if precious stones did not want to rest upon me!

Ruby Symbolism and the Kalpa Tree

Hindus believe the ruby, known as "the king of precious stones," is more valuable than any other gemstone. In the Mani Mala, a symbolic offering to the Hindu gods, the Kalpa Tree, is described as being entirely made up of precious stones. Having sapphires, diamonds, topazes, emeralds, and many other gems as its foliage, this magnificent tree would bear rubies as its fruits.

Hindus leave ceremonial offerings such as gems and jewelry at temples as part of their offerings. According to the Harita Smriti, those who worship Krishna with rubies will be reborn as a powerful emperor once they have worshipped him with rubies. He will be born as a king if he has even a small ruby."

Dreams and Ruby Symbolism

A book on dreams written by Achametis in the 8th century explains the significance of dreams of rubies. The dream of a king having a crown set with red jewels such as rubies indicates great joy and fortune is about to come his way. It indicates that his enemies are about to fear him even more. Dreams of rubies are also interpreted as predictions of success in business. For tillers of the soil, the dreams mean a good harvest to come.

Ruby – A Stone for Success

It is not surprising that the ruby has acquired a certain mystique as a result of its long and varied history. After all, we all want the very best out of our things. There is no doubt that ruby owners have a vested interest in their possessions, but the ruby has a reputation in addition to its beauty that supports its claim. As a result, if you are looking for a gem that will increase your wealth, impress your rivals, and protect you from harm, legends point to rubies

Types of Rubies

One of the most valuable and sought-after rubies are those that are of the shade called "pigeon's blood" and without any inclusions or hints of blues or yellows. The color range of rubies is wide and includes shades of deep pink-red, violet, reddish-orange, pure red, as well as tones of wine. It depends on the mine where the ruby is mined on what shade of red it will be. Although rubies are mined all over the world, the rubies from Burma, now known as Myanmar, are considered to be the world's finest rubies.

In addition to color impurities and rutile needle inclusions, All Natural rubies have imperfections such as color variations, as well as rutile needle inclusions are known as "silk". These variations increase the value and rarity of the stone. Rubies, when cutting into cabochons (a shaped and polished gemstone as opposed to a faceted gemstone), may display the rare cat's eye effect, or maybe similar to the so-called "star ruby" - a ruby that displays six rays and takes on a truly magical appearance when light bounces off of it.

Ruby anniversary ring Durability

On the Mohs Scale, the universally accepted standard for measuring the hardness of gemstones, rubies rate a 9 out of 10. The only stones harder than rubies are diamonds and moissanite, which makes them an excellent choice for the stone of your Anniversary ring.

Despite the fact that rubies, like all anniversary rings, should not be worn 24/7, a high-quality stone chosen by a skilled jeweler like Abby Sparks Jewelry will last a long time, and if you work with a jewelry designer like Abby Sparks Jewelry, you’ll start out with a stone that is of the highest quality, set in a setting that will protect the stone from everyday wear and tear. 

Why rubies for a 40th anniversary?

It is believed that gemstone wedding gifts have their origins in the Roman Empire. There was a time when it was customary for husbands to offer special anniversary gifts to their wives in the form of precious metals or gems. On a 25th anniversary, a Roman husband will give his wife a silver wreath in honor of the occasion.

In the late 20th century, during the era of Queen Victoria, this tradition was revived. It was during this period that the American National Retail Jeweler Association began to assign gems and metals to the majority of anniversaries and milestones.

Since the 1930s, many of these gift-giving traditions have changed. On the other hand, the 40th Ruby Anniversary ring continues to be a well-established tradition. It is still celebrated around the world along with other milestone anniversaries such as the 50th Gold and 60th Diamond Anniversaries.

Most popular are ruby anniversary rings

On the 40th anniversary of your marriage, you can present your spouse with any kind of ruby jewelry that you desire. In general, however, ruby anniversary rings are the most popular type of jewelry.

They are often used, either temporarily or permanently, to replace the original engagement ring or wedding band. They are often used by couples to let others know about this significant event.

  1. Classic ruby and diamond ring

In many cases, a gift given on an important anniversary like the 40th one is meant to represent the longevity of a relationship. This is why many people choose a classic ruby ring with diamonds for this occasion. In fact, the color of a ruby stands for love. It's no secret that diamonds are the hardest of all precious stones, so they are the perfect stone to symbolize your strong commitment to one another.

If you are someone who enjoys wearing conservative, traditional jewelry, then a classic oval ruby ring with diamonds may be the right choice for you. It's important to note, however, that the most outstanding feature of this design is that it's timeless.

This is, for example, the same design of the sapphire ring Princess Diana wore when she proposed to Prince William, which Prince William gave to Catherine Middleton. The style will never go out of style and can be passed on to future generations as an heirloom.

  1. Ruby eternity ring

There are several good reasons why an eternity ring would be a good choice for a Ruby Anniversary. First of all, eternity rings have been traditionally given as gifts for anniversaries. Because of their beauty and elaborate design, they're the most elaborate of all rings - and as such, the perfect choice for big, important occasions.

The second reason is that an eternity ring with its never-ending circle of precious gemstones symbolizes the idea of everlasting love. As a third point, if you choose a traditional jeweler who handcrafts each ring to measure, it will be a truly unique and meaningful gift for your loved one

  1. Ruby half eternity ring

The rubies and diamonds that are a part of half eternity rings cover only one half of the ring - as opposed to the full eternity rings where the gems encircle the whole ring. In terms of symbolism, however, they hold the same significance as full eternity rings.

It is because of the design of half eternity rings that they can accommodate larger rubies than full eternity rings. There is no limit to the number and size of rubies that can be set along the upper face of the band. These rings can also be more affordable than full eternity rings. Although the price ultimately depends on the total carat weight of the rubies and diamonds, as well as the type of precious metal used to create the ring.

In addition, some ring wearers find that half eternity rings are more comfortable than full eternity rings. In the end, however, the choice has to do with the wearer's personal preference.

  1. Three-stone ruby ring

The three-stone ruby rings, also called trilogy rings, are considered very popular anniversary gifts because they represent your relationship's past, present, and future. These rings are a creative alternative to the classic ruby ring. They may have three rubies or one large center ruby and two accent diamonds on either side of it, as shown in the picture below.

Rings with three stones have their origins in Ireland. This ring has three metalwork swirls or corners based on the Celtic knot ring that is also known as the Trinity ring. In ancient Ireland, three-stone rings were traditionally used as promise rings. Due to the rich history, meaning, and origin of three-stone rings, they are especially well suited to romantic occasions.

Ruby anniversary rings: more reasons to choose them

Among the "Big Five" precious stones are rubies, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and tanzanites.

* In addition to their beauty, rubies are also incredibly durable. For this reason, rubies are an excellent choice for rings that will be worn on a daily basis. Rings can get knocked off the finger when you are using your hands.

* The ruby is ranked as the third most hard gem after the diamond, which makes this much less of a concern than say emeralds, which are much more delicate stones.

* There are several shades of pink in rubies, ranging from strong pink to sumptuous red, and that's why it's associated with love.

* In addition, rubies are the birthstone for July, which means that if your partner was born in the middle of summer, a ruby anniversary ring will have double the significance.

How can you buy ruby anniversary rings?

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Ruby Anniversary Ring

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