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Today, rose gold engagement rings are very popular due to their vintage/antique style appeal, silver and copper are the preferred alloys, especially in the diamond engagement ring productions. 

Rose gold, which we have often encountered in jewelery recently, are alloys produced using copper and silver. It is known that they are frequently preferred for sports and daily use as compared to other species such as under white. In recent years it has been used intensively especially in the watchmaking sector. Many famous brands add rose gold as rose gold to their watch collections.

Let's look at how rose gold is, what its features are and how it is produced:

What is rose Gold?

Alloys produced by mixing pure gold with copper and silver are called rose gold. rose gold, which was unknown in the past, is now being used intensely. The fact that yellow gold is fashioned periodically and after a while is out of fashion, such as rose gold, is often preferred for long-term use.

How to Make rose Gold

Rose gold is an alloy made of pure gold with 0,6% silver and 19% copper. rose gold, among 18-carat gold, is often confused with wedding rings. In addition to this, the jewelery which is preferred for hours and daily use is generally produced from rose gold. As you can buy rose gold directly from the jeweler, you can take your yellow and white gold and paint it under rose. When you have covered your yellow gold with rose gold, you are able to turn it again into yellow gold. But your white gold does not have such a chance. Also, you do not have the ability to turn your gold original, which is rose, into yellow gold.

Since our jewelry habits have also changed with the fashion of the day, the production of rose gold has gained popularity and has begun to steal women's hearts. For now, women who see yellow gold as outdated and white gold as silver, prefer rose gold. At the same time, yellow gold in the watch industry began to attract a lot of interest, so rose gold began to enter the collections. Thus, a new type of gold for the student created in the sector was developed. Even 'rose gold' has been added among the color options of the iPhone 6s.

The very popular rose gold has begun to be used in Russia and is now being preferred in many countries. It continues to attract attention with its stylish and simple appearance as it is under the white at times and at casual occasions.

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