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Rose gold Anniversary Band

In recent years, rose gold has become increasingly more popular as a metal type for anniversary bands due to its deep underlying symbolism. Compared to white gold which represents friendship and yellow gold which signifies fidelity, rose gold is thought to symbolize love, whereas white gold refers to friendship. People who enjoy rose gold has a lot of affection for it. 

Despite the great interest in rose gold, very few people are aware of what this gorgeous and trendy metal actually is. Here are some details about this beautiful and trendy metal. Let's begin by looking at the basics - gold. As the name of the metal suggests, gold is naturally a yellow metal. Any other forms of gold, including white gold or rose gold, are alloys of gold with other metals. Historically, rose gold has been made from gold and a copper alloy of approximately 75% gold and 25% copper. This is what gives the metal its beautiful pinkish-red color. It can therefore be said that rose gold encompasses the whole range of shades of red, rose, and pink gold.

Historically, rose gold has been used in jewelry

Rose gold is thought to have originated in Imperial Russia in the 19th century. In the 18th century, Carl Fabergé, a renowned jeweler to the czars, but a combination of yellow gold and copper together to make a blush-toned color, which was known as "Russian gold". One of the most famous pieces of his creations - the Fabergé egg - contains the mix of alloys that he used. As soon as this precious pink gold metal became popular among jewelers throughout the world, it was renamed "rose gold".

The addition of the Trinity ring, which was made up of three intertwining bands in white, yellow, and rose gold in the late 1920s, sparked a trend in wearing rose gold jewelry and mixing metals. Additionally, French writer and filmmaker Jean Cocteau, who wore two Trinity rings on his pinkie finger while he was alive, was also responsible for popularizing rose gold in jewelry around the world.

The Wall Street Crash in 1929, that has left a mark on the use of monochromatic and geometric aesthetics in jewelry design. Platinum is mainly used in jewelry for its icy-white color scheme. At the beginning of World War II, platinum was crucial to the war effort, so its use was restricted and prohibited. In light of this, rose gold once again became the most popular metal for use in jewelry.

Rose gold anniversary band: Why people prefer them

There are few metals as beautiful to pair with lab-grown diamonds as rose gold, as it complements their beauty without taking away from it, and pairs as well with other lab-created gemstones. There is something about this jewelry that is subtle, intensely feminine and blends well with other metals and colors. A fashion trend first introduced in the 1920s, rose gold became popular in the 1980s and even today it's experiencing a new upsurge in popularity. It's definitely a trendy look that won't go away anytime soon! To give you some insight into why couples love rose gold anniversary bands, here are just three reasons. 

It offers a vintage look and feels with a modern twist in the form of rose gold

Whether it is a vintage style, a traditional style, or a contemporary style, rose gold looks great on any ring. This vintage-style ring enhances intricate vintage styles without looking as old-fashioned as some yellow gold ring styles. The beautiful thing about it is that it is a transition metal that can be used on rings that are multi-colored, and it is right on trend without being overdone and being seen on all your friends' hands.

It is possible to choose from a simple single-stone traditional setting to something more intricate if you are looking for a rose gold diamond ring. The rose gold will show the details of the ring and emphasize each of the small diamonds that surround the center stone while keeping the soft, romantic look of the ring.

In terms of skin color and stone color, rose gold is a perfect match for a variety of skin tones

 In terms of metals, rose gold is a metal that complements almost every skin tone. Although white gold and platinum can wash out pale skin tones, and some yellow gold can blend in with similar skin undertones, rose gold tends to make your skin tone appear more warm and healthy.

If you are looking for a great way to show off a lab-grown diamond center stone or a colored gemstone, a rose gold anniversary band is a great option for you. We recommend champagne sapphires, alexandrite, and emeralds as three of our favorite lab-grown center stones to showcase in a rose gold setting.

 Due to the copper content of rose gold, some individuals have an allergic reaction to it. Therefore, it is important to think about whether rose gold is suitable for you or your wife if they have an allergy to other metals.

Yellow or white gold is not as durable as rose gold

 The rose gold alloy is an alloy of gold and copper, making it harder than white or yellow gold, which becomes softer as the Karat increases. Despite the fact that it's not as strong as platinum, it's a more affordable precious metal that has a unique color and a color that varies depending on how much pure gold is in the metal. It is important to consider that an 18K rose gold anniversary band will be softer and less pink than one that is 14K, which will have a more intense pink tone.

In spite of the fact that a higher Karat gold anniversary ring is considered more luxurious and beautiful compared to a lower Karat gold engagement ring, they require more maintenance and care, and thus they may be a little less suitable for brides to be who live a very active lifestyle. You do not have to get rose gold dipped like white gold, or worry about it getting damaged like high-karat yellow gold because rose gold does not need to be dipped. In order to maintain a rose gold ring, all you need to do is keep it clean regularly and polish it with a soft cloth, which makes it a perfect choice for people who want to wear their rose gold anniversary band at all times.

There are a number of pros to wearing a rose gold anniversary band

Strong and durable - As a result of the copper component in rose gold, rose gold rings are more durable than yellow- or white gold rings. The metal copper is known for its durability.

Rose gold requires less maintenance – Because rose gold is pinkish in color, it does not need rhodium plating like white gold, which means it is easier to maintain.

Pricing - A rose gold anniversary band or engagement ring can be more affordable than rings made with platinum or white gold. This is because rose gold is composed of copper - an alloy that is less expensive than platinum.

Allergies – Due to the copper alloy used in rose gold, rose gold rings are the perfect alternative for women allergic to nickel.

It is a timeless beauty – rose gold rings have a romantic, vintage look that complements most skin tones and brings out the blush tones in the skin.

Flexible - they can be used in a variety of situations Until now, you have not been able to mix and match your jewelry metals, but with rose gold, that is no longer an issue. A rose gold diamond ring, in fact, is a beautiful combination of white gold and yellow gold, sometimes even as part of the same jewelry piece.

Soft, romantic look – A rose gold setting is often used as a complementary setting for diamonds that have warmer undertones, as it is less flashy than white gold or yellow gold, instead of softening the effect of the diamond with subtle, understated elegance.

 Is the rose gold anniversary band still popular?

Even in the 21st century, rose gold is still a stylish and unique option for engagement rings. Many designers continue to offer an array of elegant options in rose gold. There is no doubt that this color is a leader in its own right, but it is not as strong as it used to be.

During the middle of the 2010s, you might recall there was a craze for rose gold rings that were absolutely everywhere for a while. It's a fact that I do to a certain extent, as that was around the time I was a bride-to-be at the time. Particularly when it came to engagement rings, rose gold was often considered to be a more attractive alternative to white gold, which was more popular during this period.

There is no doubt that the novelty of rose gold has worn off by now. It is now safe to say that the major fad has come to an end, especially since yellow gold has taken the spotlight. Searches for "rose gold ring" hit a peak in popularity between December 2017 and December 2018, according to data compiled by Google Trends. The popularity of the term has since gradually declined.

For a few reasons, ring enthusiasts may not opt for rose gold as a material. When you don't know where to start when it comes to pairing it with white or yellow gold pieces of jewelry, it can be a bit more challenging. Yellow gold is also not as hypoallergenic as white gold. As a result, the pinkish tone doesn't stand out as much against fair skin tones. 

In spite of this, many ring designers are still embracing rose gold to great effect. As we move into 2022, the most exciting styles of rose gold fashion rings will be edgier than the sweet, feminine styles we saw in the past. 

Currently, rose gold is playing a leading role in supporting unusual gemstones, such as salt-and-pepper diamonds styled in quirky cuts. 

The popularity of rose gold jewelry today can be attributed to several factors.

Having learned how rose gold gets its color, you might wonder why it is so popular today? Although rose gold is not as gaudy or as timeless as gold, it is in style right now. Currently rose gold is a very popular metal in jewelry thanks to the revival of color in fashion at the beginning of the 21st century - it perfectly complements the frilly shades and neutral colors.

The World Gold Council's director of jewelry promotion, Duvall O'Steen, says that rose gold jewelry is less common, in addition to its rarity. The fashion world loves exclusivity; this is what makes rose gold jewelry even more desirable. However, as Copper is a cheap metal and it is based on the weight of the gold, its price is similar to yellow or white gold.

Furthermore, Rose Quartz, a color that is similar to rose gold, was chosen as Pantone's Color of the Year 2016, which is a color that resembles this precious metal. There is no doubt that in an age of protests, riots, and fights, Pantone chose Rose Quartz, along with Serenity (a lilac-tinged baby blue), because the colors conveyed a "sentiment of order and peace," something that appeals to people. It is a color that also conveys a bit of mindfulness to it, which appeals to consumers.

For those who buy rose gold jewelry for themselves or someone else, it also holds a special meaning for them. For example, some women choose the rose gold anniversary band because it has a vintage appeal to it. This particular ring's color makes it look like it could be an heirloom that one day can be handed down to the next generation.

Other reasons for the popularity of rose gold jewelry are:

* Intriguing, stylish, and romantic

* A friendly, quirky vibe emanates from it

* It's bubbly, cheery, and accessible

* Femininity is represented by it

* The warmth it brings

* It's in fashion

* Comfort and luxury are conveyed by it

* It demonstrates compassion and composure through its conduct

* I find it soothing and calming

* As a result, the skin receives a wonderful glow

* It will bring out the subtle blush tones of one's skin

* You are showing that you are aware of trends and care about how things look

* You can tell a lot about yourself by what you value

Does a rose gold anniversary band replace a wedding band? 

Is it appropriate to replace your wedding band with your anniversary ring? That's a decision you have to make for yourself according to experts.

"You don't have to replace an anniversary ring with your original wedding band or engagement ring unless that's your preference," Kalletta says. You can wear your new anniversary ring as part of your existing ring stack or you can wear it independently on another finger.

A co-founder and CEO of The Clear Cut, Olivia Landau, agrees with this viewpoint. The ring is traditionally worn on the right-hand ring finger because the wedding ring is normally worn on the left-hand ring finger, but you can wear it wherever you like. There are no rules." she adds.

Where to buy the rose gold anniversary band?

It's fair to say that the popularity of rose gold jewelry isn't a fad - it is a real phenomenon! Where can you buy rose gold jewelry? At  www.goldia.com  As well as rose gold anniversary bands, diamond rings, and wedding ring with rose gold bands, you will also find rose gold jewelry pieces, such as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets in rose gold.

Get in touch with us if you'd like to purchase rose gold jewelry for yourself or someone else. Whether you want to add a touch of warmth and romance to your relationship, create a sense of calm, or express luxury, we can help you find the perfect piece of jewelry that you or that special someone in your life will treasure forever!

Rose Gold Anniversary Band

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