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Sapphire, known as Gökyakut and one of the most precious stones in the world, is hard, heat resistant and generally blue-tinted. But the most valuable is the clear and deep blue one. It can also be in other colors except the red corundum group (the red one is Ruby). (colorless, gray, brown, green, pink, yellow, orange)

This gemstone that everybody values ​​very much. The sapphire radiates reliance on the person and gives the feeling of freedom. Sapphire stone has healing properties. It has a sedative effect. Safirin, which women usually prefer to use as jewelry, is known to provide loveless loyalty.

It gives a positive fitness with the wonderful energy it gives. The stone is very popular because it is one of the most expensive stones in the world. The color and intensity are eye-catching. The most valuable and famous sapphires in the world are from India.

The largest size of this gemstone in the world is an Indian star with a size of 563 carats.

Some known characteristics of sapphire are;
It strengthens the kidneys.
It gives a feeling of freedom.
It strengthens the heart.
It has the ability to move all the secretory glands.
They provide loyalty to love and prevent wrong behavior.
Strengthening the faith gives confidence to the person.
Strengthens the feeling.
Calms nerves and increases concentration.
Hardness Grade: 9

Chakras: Bosphorus, Take

Cleaning: Flowing water, sun (1 hour)


It is hard, heat resistant and generally blue. The most valuable is the clear and deep blue one. Although the dark tones of the blue and dark blue sapphires are very common, there are also sapphires in various colors such as pink, red, orange, yellow and green. Sapphire is a rare stone that is attracted to men as well as to ladies.

Having a very precious stone has made sapphire searchable. The greatest sapphire known today; It is the Star of India in the size of 563 carats. This stone is exhibited at the New York Natural History Museum. Another sapphire of 330 carats is called the Star of Asia and is exhibited in Washington, DC.

The most valuable and famous stones of this type in the world are from India. The best blue sapphires; Burma, Sri Lanka and India. Sapphires from Thailand, Australia and Nigeria are dark blue. They almost give a black impression. These are also called "night blue sapphires". In sapphires produced in the USA, the attractor is predominantly a metallic blue tone. Cambodia, Brazil, Kenya, Malawi and Colombia are other sources of sapphires.

It is said that sapphire stone strengthens the heart and kidneys and has the ability to move all the secretion glands in the body. Psychologically, it is believed that it gives confidence to the person by strengthening the belief, increases the spiritual sensitivity by giving the feeling of compassion, gives the feeling of freedom, strengthens the intuition and increases the concentration. It is believed that it provides love and prevents misconduct.

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