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One of the most precious stones found in the world, the Mozambique garnet stones, also called "granet stone" is one of the refreshing and powerful stones. The hardness of the gemstone, which is an oval or circular stone, is 7-7.5. The structural view is opaque, translucent and semi-transparent. The actual color is dark red. But there are also yellow, green, orange, brown, red and pink colors on the earth. The harmonious element is the earth, the harmonious is the heart, the root and the nerve network. Aries, a kid, a bucket, a lion, and a scorpion are the symbols of the mysterious stone, the symbol of love and enthusiasm.

The garnet gemstone is a stone belonging to a natural silicate group found in metamorphosed rocks and some native rocks. There are three names like garnet, lal and garnet, and the heart represents wives and lovers. There are male and female varieties of garnet, one of the healing stones that make use of all negative energy in the body. The male species is dark red and the female species is light red. It is usually used in making ornaments, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rosary. The stone is extracted in Africa, Brazil, Alaska, Australia, USA, Canada, Sri Lanka, India, Zaire.

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