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The stone of mythology and legends Emerald is one of the world's 4 precious stones. (Other precious stones are Diamond, Sapphire and Ruby, and the stones outside them are considered semi-precious stones.)

The emerald was believed to rain because the color was green. Emerald stone has been used as jewelry for centuries. Emerald mines in ancient Egypt, BC. It goes back to 1650. Emerald has traditionally been regarded as the birthstone of May. Also in some cultures emerald is known as a traditional gift for the 55th wedding anniversary. Loyalty Stone.

Emerald, a kind of beryl mine, is a perfect stone. It is softer than other precious stones. It does not shine so much like other stones. The color is eye-catching and very impressive. This precious stone, green and transparent, is a very precious jewel. It gives peace and happiness.

Emerald, which does not have very high power to break and spread the emerald, does not shine more than other precious stones. The highest quality emeralds, including British royal jewelery, are exported from Colombia.

Emeralds are formed in the veins together with calcite and pyrite. Pure emeralds are very rare. Emerald crystals usually contain other minerals and small stains.

Like many diamonds in the emerald, many cuts have fragments. However, the most preferred one is the "Emerald" section, which is the cut form given by its name. Care of the emerald is also important. It has to be lubricated to regain the color at certain intervals and to regain the smooth surface.

It is very valuable because it is rarely encountered without cracks and fractures. Emerald brings abundance and joy.

Emerald, which is transparent in glass brightness, is a very hard substance. The hardness grade according to the Mohs hardness scale is 7.5-8. Emerald green can contain many tonnes. The most valuable tone is Çimen Yeşili. However, he has given his name to the color and is known as Emerald Green. Emeralds in darker green tones, on the lighter side, are less valuable than green ones, though they are all valuable. Another criterion that determines its quality and value is its transparency. Also, those with stains are less valuable than those with cracks on the surface. These criteria are important during emerald retrieval. To distinguish a quality emerald is of course fixed by the experience of the experts. For this reason, it is best to shop from places you can trust.

Emerald One of the most important criteria in selecting a powder is that it is not cracked. Emerald without crack is very valuable. Unfortunately, there are stones sold on the market that are not cracked by oil. You should also be careful in this regard.

Emerald light is not very strong in terms of spreading and breaking. It does not shine much more than other stones. We talked about belonging to the Beryl group. Other types in the beryl group are as follows; Aquamarine in water blue, Heliodor in yellow, and Morganite in pink.

Emeralds must be protected from severe bumps and high temperatures. Failure to observe may cause cracks in your non-cracked stone. Emerald cleaning should be done with a dry and soft cloth. No chemicals should be applied to any detergent. To increase its brightness and clarity, it should be kept in bright environment.

Emerald Stone Benefits
It strengthens the immune system, the nervous system, the heart, the lungs and the kidney.
It strengthens friendship, marriage and family ties.
Emerald is loyalty, enhancing loyalty.
Makes sense of success and satisfaction. It saves feelings of inadequacy and strengthens the sense of gratitude towards life.
The person gives the feeling of love. It increases the joy of life.

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