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Slim or Thick Gold Bangle Bracelets for Investment?

Making bracelet investments is an indispensable part of women since ancient times. With the money saved, the bracelet is stored for future hard times. Frequent use of the bracelet as a jewelry material also ensures that it is preferred for investment purposes. Besides, the concept of gold bracelet today has got different meanings. Dazzling gold bracelets with their work are also attracting attention with their high prices. But they are confused whether they are suitable for investment purposes.

Those who are planning to invest gold with jewelery purchased from jewelers are the first to recommend, and they should prefer those who have low labor costs. Because when you have to come back and replace the nail, this way should be followed in order not to make profit from both the profitability and the labor costs. The bracelets, which are fairly flashy and have operations, are highly depreciated at the stage of currency exchange. At the same time the setting is reduced to enable gold processing. In this case there are only a few types of bracelets that you can invest in.

Those who want to buy bracelets for investment are wondering if the bold bracelets we have met recently and are quite dazzling are a suitable investment vehicle. Let's now look at which of these is a more sensible investment, by comparing the generally preferred 22-carat flat bracelets for investment with these thick bracelets:

What is Bold Bangle Bracelet? Is it an investment?

Bold bangle bracelets are species that have a very wide and curved design. There are also models designed to be mixed with white, pink, red gold as well as embroidered models. When you do some scrutiny in the market, you will usually find them to have a high weight of 22 gauge and 40 grams. But these mega bracelets have a high cost of labor. You can already understand this when you look at the models.

Bold bangle bracelets are generally used as ornaments. It is also true that they are experiencing a great depreciation in the processing phase because the labor per gram is deducted. If you are safe and have a jeweler you go to, you can easily get this information from it. They will not show you this bracelet when you want to buy an investment bracelet. Instead of mega bracelets that you buy at a high price, you should choose 22 gauge bracelets. These bracelets are also defined as bracelets that do not work and lose value.

Bracelet models that do not lose value when selling are usually ones with 22 carat gold and flat design. The most important thing to note when investing a gold bracelet is that you have to know that the cost of labor is low and that it is very expensive. Despite the fact that all bracelets have a certain labor cost, the flat design investment bracelets are low. When you go to a jeweler and want to buy a bracelet for investment, the models they will show are specific. They will not recommend flashy bracelets such as handcuffs and mats.

The preferred bracelets for investment purposes are bracelets called twin burma, triple burma, and myrtle burma which are usually sold in 22 carats and different weights. They are sold in weights ranging from 100 grams to 8 grams. If you want to buy bracelets for both jewelry and investment, you have to choose from the models included in this group.

Is the Gold Bangle Bracelet Investment Reasonable?

Whether or not it makes sense to buy a bracelet for investment is one of the most curious topics. We have already shared information about whether you can buy gold bracelets for investment purposes. When you look at the bracelet prices you will see that it is quite high. If you are thinking of investing such a high price, you should know that there are much better alternatives. If you buy gold in coins or gram basis, it is more profitable than bracelet investment. At the same time, you can get a much higher profit by investing gold in forex or gold at the stock exchange with the money you give for the bracelet.

Because of the high price of bracelets, you have many alternative options. If you are willing to invest in bracelets, higher profits would make more sense to choose other ways. For example; you can earn much higher gains on the forex market with the money you save for the bracelet. At the same time, you will be able to earn more money in a shorter period as well as a higher profit if you do not have labor interruptions. Forex piy

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