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Irish Celtic Rings

Do you have an interest in purchasing an Irish Celtic ring? If so, then this article gives you a complete guide. A Celtic ring is a type of Irish ring originating from Irish Celtic culture. In most cases, they are made from either silver or gold and have intricate designs engraved into them. As with Irish jewelry, Irish rings are steeped in Celtic mythology, and as with Irish rings, their history and tradition are steeped in centuries-old tradition, and Irish Celtic rings are renowned around the world for their distinctive designs and artisanship.

If you are looking for a Celtic ring to embrace your inner Celtic spirit or to give to someone else, Goldia has a wide selection of Celtic rings to choose from. There are Irish and Celtic rings for every occasion you can imagine, so browse through our collection and see what catches your eye. You can choose from gold and silver rings from our unique collection. We have all the great Irish and Celtic jewelry designs for you here, from the Trinity Knot to the Celtic Love Knot, the Claddagh to the Ogham scripts, and the Shamrock itself.

Celtic jewelry is for Irish people?

A collection of Irish Celtic rings, handmade in Ireland, that are inspired by centuries of art and culture. Our Irish jewelry is available in many different styles and metals, whether you're looking for a ring, a bracelet, a pendant, or earrings. Come and get your own treasured piece of Irish jewelry today.

History of Celtic & Irish Jewelry

 Around 500 B.C., the Celtic language and culture first made their way to Ireland. In the immediate aftermath of the Middle Ages, there arose a culture and a style of art that was referred to as La Tène, named after a region of Switzerland where the first artifacts reflecting the style of La Tène were discovered. It has been said that La Tène's art is characterized by spirals and curves; "representative art" is less common, such as human figures. The symbols are usually geometric or abstract, such as the triple spiral design that is very popular today.

The fact that metal Celtic jewelry was created during this time period is a testament to its lasting power. Torcs are one of the common items found in excavations, and it is believed that they were used as status symbols. Almost all the jewelry that has been found in archaeological sites has been determined to be decorative rather than useful, as jewelry both have a decorative function and is made of precious metals. 

In the same period when the Celtic culture was finding its way into Ireland, the Irish Iron Age started to take hold, combining the new Celtic culture with the old Irish culture. Iron was used more for tools, whereas jewelry and other pieces were made from bronze and gold, which were more impressive and long-lasting. The Broighter Collar is an example of an incredibly well-crafted piece of Celtic jewelry from Ireland.

The Broighter Collar is a torc that was found with the Broighter Hoard, which contained many other pieces of jewelry as well. This collar is made of gold and is decorated with a geometric It has a pattern that is typical of Celtic art during the time when it was made. A torc, or collar, is a symbol of prestige in Celtic culture; kings and gods wore them as a sign of their status. This collar, along with the rest of the hoard, is among the finest examples of La Tene goldwork and Celtic jewelry to have ever been found.

In the year 600 A.D., Christianity began to spread in Ireland. As a result, religious beliefs have been mixed with Celtic and Irish art to create a new style known as Insular art. One of the most notable examples of insular art is its illuminated manuscripts, one of the most notable being the Book of Kells. Similar to La Tène art, insular art also maintained a geometric, interlaced style like the work of La Tène.

During this time period, a lot of brooches were made. A particularly impressive brooch is the Tara Brooch, which is made from silver-gilt and decorated with intricate filigrees and interlace designs. This style of jewelry can be found throughout Celtic jewelry. The Ardagh Chalice was also created by Irish metalworkers around this time, and it is considered one of the most impressive Celtic works of art, as its construction involves 354 individual pieces placed together to form a chalice intricately decorated with the interlacing typical to Celtic Irish art. There was no question that jewelry remained a status symbol, but it was often infused with Christian elements, such as the apostle names on the Ardagh Chalice, giving special prestige and meaning to some of the pieces.

Crosses were also made popular around the ninth century by the Christian influence, which made them very common. It is a beautiful example of how Celtic goldsmiths were able to produce such excellent work as the Cross of Cong. As it was originally made to hold a piece of the cross that the Irish believed Christ was crucified on, the Cross of Cong had high religious value when it was created.

Irish jewelry still has a strong Celtic influence. Although it is a common theme to see the Celtic Cross, historians and researchers are only able to speculate upon the meaning of the ring at the intersection of the cross. The Celtic knot is another familiar symbol. It is used today to honor the Irish and Celtic jewelry traditions. The masterful metalworkers of the past continue to live on through the modern Celtic jewelry that they created.

The symbolism of the Irish Celtic ring

It is well-known that Celtic rings, with their ancient Celtic symbols of knotwork intertwined with them, are considered the perfect symbol of Irishness, love, and friendship. Celtic rings are the perfect choice for many couples who are deeply in love.

Celtic rings are a symbol of whispered promises that become true as time progresses. Whether it is a silver or gold ring, it is handcrafted to last a lifetime, no matter what material it is made of. In essence, it is a symbol of an eternal promise and a gift that can be passed on from generation to generation. The Irish Celtic rings are made of sterling silver and are beautiful pieces of jewelry. 

Irish Celtic Jewelry

 A long time ago, buying authentic Irish Celtic jewelry was very expensive. After all, very few people were able to hop on a plane and travel to the Emerald Isle just because they had an intense desire to own a Claddagh ring. The options were limited.

A person would have two choices if he wanted to get such an item, he would have to go to a jeweler who carries such items locally. However, when dealing with a middleman, the price is inevitably higher. Jewelry dealers mark up their prices by as much as 300 percent on a regular basis. In other words, most people simply could not afford to purchase fine, authentic Irish Celtic jewelry.

The other option would have been to visit street markets and fairs. It is true that their prices are nearly always more attractive, but the sources and authenticity of their "Irish Celtic" jewelry are often very dubious. Due to the fact that stall-workers desire merchandise that can be turned quickly, open-air market owners and operators usually purchase pieces that are of lower quality but that can be sold cheaply.

Those of you who are interested in buying Irish Celtic rings should check out this website, where you will find a wide variety of exciting pieces of jewelry.

What’s So Special About Irish and Celtic Jewelry?

It's very simple. In Ireland, we are a nation of storytellers, and each piece of jewelry has a story to tell. It doesn't matter if it's a myth, legend, or just a simple story of a promise; if it's an expression of love or a proud way to display a family crest - it's all about stories.

The following are some of the ways Irish Celtic rings are truly unique. The classic look and feel of this jewelry are unlike anything available anywhere else out there, whether it be from a traditional to a contemporary perspective.  

Here are six things that make Irish and Celtic jewelry stand out from the rest:

Classic Claddagh

There is no mention of Irish or Celtic jewelry that would be complete without the mention of the classic, timeless Claddagh ring. This symbol is known around the world and has been worn by stars, appeared in films, and has been given for everything from baptisms to first holy communions to engagements, weddings, and anniversaries. As a beautiful and famous symbol, it consists of a heart for love, hands for friendship, and a crown for loyalty. These symbols can be worn in a variety of ways, - but mostly with pride!

Celebrating the Celts

There are numerous treasures in Ireland, but the Ardagh Chalice is one of the most prized of all. Two men discovered it in 1868 while digging a ring fort in Ardagh, Co. Limerick, Ireland. This is one of the finest examples of eighth-century metalwork that has ever been discovered. Taking inspiration from the gold filigree band on the chalice, with its shield decorations, the Celtic Warrior Jewelry Collection was formed - an outstanding collection and a celebration of traditional Irish craftsmanship.

A Romance of Words

It is not only a nation of storytellers, but it is also one of the most romantic languages in existence today. It is not uncommon to hear phrases such as 'Mo Anam Cara', which translates as 'My Soul Mate', and 'Gra Geal mo Chroi', which translates as 'Love of my heart'. 

The symbols can be engraved onto an Irish piece of jewelry and can be incorporated into the Celtic design that is incorporated into the piece. There is nothing more beautiful than receiving a piece of jewelry inscribed with the words 'Gra Go Deo"—Love Forever. This is true Irishness at its best.

Faith and Inspiration: It is also one of the reasons why Irish Celtic rings are so very inspirational since they have the capacity to incorporate the most beautiful and evocative patterns and designs, like the Trinity knot, which is an everlasting pattern that you can never tire of looking at. Moreover, there is also the possibility to incorporate the Ogham script, which is an ancient Irish alphabet.

Wedding Rings with Irish and Celtic Designs 

Why should you choose Irish Celtic rings? When it comes to this most important of decisions, there are so many options available to you. However, by adding a touch of Irish and Celtic history and craft to your ring, you will ensure that it has an added layer of meaning, especially if you plan on getting married and are looking for the perfect choice of rings.

There is no better way to mark the moment of your union than with a handcrafted Irish wedding ring. There are many options when it comes to choosing matching bands and there are styles to suit all tastes and needs, from Celtic to Irish to Claddagh and from simple to ornate and intricate.

You will find below a selection of five of the best Irish and Celtic wedding rings that you can use as inspiration when it comes to choosing your own ring.

The Trinity Knot, timeless

In the timeless Trinity knot, there is no beginning and no end. I found this to be the perfect embellishment for a wedding ring because it can be matched well with any engagement ring since the pattern is so simple and subtle. A beautiful Irish Celtic ring choice that will stand the test of time. This solid yellow gold band is a beautiful choice for a wedding band.

This is a classic Celtic cross.

It is a classic choice to have this set of matching rings. The Celtic Cross white gold wedding rings come as a beautiful pair and have been intricately carved with the Celtic High Crosses that are renowned all over Ireland, interspersed with the famous Celtic knots that are associated with Ireland.

On Irish Celtic rings, you can also send a message.

These beautiful Irish Celtic rings can also be engraved with a personal message. By doing this, you will be able to make the ring even more beautiful. Also, you have the option to choose the gemstone or metal you want to set in the ring according to your tastes. 

 Personalized in Ogham script

A very special feature of this gorgeous set of Irish Celtic Ogham rings is that they can be completely customized. As an ancient language of Ireland, Ogham has a series of strokes and lines that lend themselves perfectly to being engraved in jewelry. If you want, the rings can be engraved with your own Ogham script.

Claddagh-A Symbol of Love

As early as the mid-1600s in Ireland, the Claddagh ring became a symbol of love, friendship, and loyalty. It goes without saying that every Claddagh ring has the symbol of a heart that symbolizes love; the hands that represent friendship, and the crown that represents loyalty. Thus, you will always have the guarantee that the ring will not only be a gorgeous piece of jewelry but that it will also become a conversation piece for anyone who is aware of Celtic or Irish heritage!

Irish Celtic Rings

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