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Being the king of entire mother nature, lion represent courage, strength and leadership. Lion, a family of fathers, is a powerful mammalian creature living in Africa and Asia, whose male is yellower, predator, length 160 cm, tail 70 cm and tusked, very dark yellow.

Places he lived: Africa, Arabia, Iran and India. Features: 2 m length, 1 m height. His weight is 250 kg, his teeth are 150 kg. Life: 25-30 years. Varieties: Famous Senegal, Cap, Persian, Indian and Berber lion.

It's the biggest animal of the females family. It is wide, strong jawed, short and slender fur with long and thin claws. The tail is the tassel. The head of the male lion is decorated with a long and beautiful mane. This biceps, which are scattered on the shoulders, swell when they are angry.

The glorious sailboat is known as the "King of Animals" because of its extraordinary strength, greatness and courage. Yelenin neck and breast blush according to the shape; Berber lion, Senegal lion, Iranian lion, Indian lion, cap lion, etc.

As the language of the lion is large and covered with hard hairs like thorns, it licks the skin of the prey and the bones of the big bones. This horrible animal lives with the living animals that it prey with its claws. He will leave his stomach full of his own hunt, and he will not eat it again. Lions in zoos are given 5-6 kg of fresh ox or veal a day.

Lion; force, agility and courage. It is so powerful that it can tear a man down with a blow of his tail. With a claw, a horse breaks the backbone. At night, in the reeds around the creeks and rivers, they lie in ambush. They wait for animals such as gazelles, monkeys, and zebras who come to drink water and catch them by attacking their prey at a speed of 60-70 km. Avoid frequent wooded forests that prevent it from navigating and hunting. He will spend the whole day sleeping in the shade and taking off his glamorous lazy lazy digestion. Suddenly the night is over; because it is time to hunt for the lion. Usually alone, sometimes a few lions hunt together. Lions are not greedy, they do not fight among themselves for prey. A few lions live together in the same house. The female, smaller than her husband, is at least as tame as a male lion.

They jump 4-5 m away on a leap. He attacks all other large animals from the elephant and back. The roar is horrific and horrible, and the animals at night, even at half an hour's distance, scare away fear and excitement.

Despite the power and courage of the Lion; people catch it with some trap, like dropping a pit covered with branches and grasses. Some African natives eat meat. In many areas, they also touch carpets. The lion will not attack any animal unless it is hungry. He will not touch people unless he is attacked. Having such a taste of human flesh once is a serious danger to humans. Tarihe has past human hunter lions. The lion can be tamed. Many games can be taught, but they can not be tamed in real manhood.

Mating season changes. The female lion breeds 3-4 (sometime six) pups after 108 days. The puppies open their eyes. Breast your babies for three months. The head and feet of the forehead are mottled back and tail. Over time these stains disappear. They are raised by their parents until they are three years old. The male pups, who have reached the age of three, begin to shed, and mature at the age of seven.

Mankind has removed as much of the lion as possible from where it is. The rulers of Egypt, Assyria and Persia adopted fighting lions as a symbolic task. In the seventeenth century, a Mongol ruler hunted 100,000 lions. Over a period of 40 years, the Romans brought more than 50,000 lions to Rome.

At the end of the last century, except for some parts of Africa and India, lions have been extinct everywhere. They were slaughtered unlawfully. With the spread of farms and civilization in South Africa, they were shot down by the end of 1860, trapped and poisoned. The most gentle kind of black-eyed cape lion was consumed. Today some countries try to protect their generations with special laws.

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