Collection: Gold Diamond Butterfly Rings

Gold Diamond Butterfly Rings 

The unconventional rings, are unique, and stunning and turn in an opposite direction to the traditional rings. The events or occasions that call for them are not limited at all. You can as well get them without an event or celebration. The best part is they aren’t just one style, form, or shape. You get to choose from a variety of unique ring options and even personalize them!  

At Goldia, every ring is our favorite ring. Regardless, we recommend only the best rings to you. Do you want to know the exciting recommendation we have for you this time? It’s a ring that you may or may not have come across a few times. This ring makes a mark wherever it is seen. The metal, gemstone, and symbol are beyond elegant and gorgeous. If you see these rings for yourself, you would understand that their hype can never be too much. The catchy, attention grabbing name of this ring is, a gold diamond butterfly rings. 

Everything about these rings is stunning and in this article, we would be putting you through everything you need to know about them. Let’s start by explaining the main parts of this elegant piece. 

What Is A Butterfly? 

A butterfly is a flying insect that has large, scaly, and colorful wings.  The notable characteristic of this critter is that it is not born a flying insect. As you may know, butterflies first hatch out of their eggs as larva then caterpillars. These worm-like creatures are small and live their lives feeding on leaves until it’s time for a change. The caterpillar forms a  chrysalis where it stays dormant inside of it for a while. After which, a  beautiful butterfly emerges from the chrysalis and flies away.

There are numerous species of butterflies. Butterflies have existed for over 200 million years, far longer than human beings. They have a short life span of not more than a month. Today, the number of butterflies in the world is rapidly declining. It is predicted that these beautiful insects will go extinct in just 100 years at their rate of decline today. Many organizations are working against this. You can check for ways you can help the cause to save butterflies. If they weren’t around we won’t have our gold diamond butterfly rings, now would we? 

What Is A Diamond? 

A diamond is a gemstone that occurs freely in nature. As a result of its formation process, there is a high chance that diamonds will contain impurities, that is, inclusions and blemishes. The diamond is the hardest naturally occurring gemstone on the earth. It measures the top number,  10, on Moh's scale of hardness.  

Diamonds have been said to be a woman's best friend. That’s one of the reasons why you’d find gold diamond butterfly rings on the market.  Plus, diamonds are not just a woman's best friend today! People of all genders love and adore this gemstone. It is a classic beauty after all. 

What Is Gold? 

Gold fits the description of classic and timeless so well, it’s almost as though those words were made for it. Gold is a precious, elegant metal that occurs naturally. It has a signature yellow tinge and is very malleable. This is why gold has been used in jewelry making for many years to this day. However, gold is too soft to hold any shape on a  jewelry piece. If you were to use pure gold to make your rings, they

would lose their shape in no time. And if this ring doesn’t have its shape,  it doesn’t have its beauty! 

There is a solution to the above though, alloys. Gold is alloyed to improve its strength and sometimes, changes its characteristic color.  We'll talk about these alloys later on in this article. 

Now, we are going to merge these three definitions to give us our gold diamond butterfly rings. 

What Are Gold Diamond Butterfly Rings? 

These are rings that feature a butterfly motif alongside adornments of diamond and are made from gold. The great thing about these rings is their diversity. Now, the butterfly can be utilized in many creative ways that only add beauty to the rings. The gold can be of different shades and even different colors. Finally, the diamonds can feature various cuts and colors. 

The stunning visual appearance of this ring is enough to get you running to the jewelry store to get yours. However, there’s a little something else that draws us to these rings. They make these rings all the more desirable. 

Meanings Attached to Gold Diamond Butterfly  Rings

Again, we are going to take a look at the symbolism of each component of this ring. Let’s start with the element that makes up the whole ring,  gold. 

Symbolism Of Gold 

As you know, gold has been around for many centuries and has been a  symbol of status over the years. We’ll be highlighting some meanings that are attached to the precious metal. 

  • Luxury 
  • Wealth 
  • Success 
  • Prosperity  
  • Extravagance 
  • Power 
  • Achievement  
  • Triumph 
  • Elegance 
  • Glamour 

At this point, nobody needs to tell you that gold indeed makes its mark.  Let us move on to the elegant gemstones of gold diamond butterfly rings. 

Symbolism Of Diamonds 

The most common meaning attached to diamonds is related to De Beer's  saying “a diamond is forever.” Diamonds have for long been utilized in engagement, wedding, and anniversary rings. One way or another, it was 

used as proof of love. As you would expect, this symbolism is now attached to diamonds. A diamond symbolizes the true and long-lasting love of a couple. 

Alongside the above, diamonds have been attributed to connotations of purity, perfection, beauty, strength, good health, and unity, among others. 

It’s time to look at the beautiful motif that is used in these rings. It packs much more meaning than you may think. 

Symbolism Of Butterflies  

These flying insects not only serve the purpose of feeding our eyes with their color and beauty, not even their agricultural significance. We are going to be looking at the connotations associated with these insects and gold diamond butterfly rings. Below is a list of the stages in a butterfly's life cycle and the meanings we can deduce from them. 

  • These insects as caterpillars form a chrysalis, where they remain inactive for a while. This goes to show that there are times when you may feel like you’re not moving forward but that is not the case exactly. 
  • We can say that when butterflies burst out of their chrysalis they connote that a time will come when you will have to leave your comfort zone. You will emerge from that unproductive state you once were in. 
  • The butterfly comes out of the chrysalis looking more beautiful and colorful than when it was a caterpillar. This shows that when you have gone through the required change, you will emerge as a  better version of yourself.
  • As the butterfly emerges, it flies away. So, even after you’ve gotten better, you will continue to chase higher goals. As long as you do not relent, you will achieve them. 

Butterflies are associated with change, rebirth, or transformation. They even hold significance in many religious beliefs and cultures. Like in  Christianity for instance, butterflies are attributed to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ because if you relate these occurrences they are quite similar. In the Celtic symbolism, butterflies are believed to mean rebirth and a symbol of the soul. 

When you take a careful look at the symbolism of the components of these rings, you would find yet another reason to get yourself or a friend one of these beauties. 

You may think that all you have to do is walk into the jewelry store or visit one online and ask for gold diamond butterfly rings. If that’s what you think, you are not wrong. You can do that, just that you may not get a ring that is unique to you. It’s a simple procedure for you to get your rings personalized. 

Building Your Gold Diamond Butterfly Rings 

We'll first guide you through picking your metal. But isn’t that gold?  Yes, it is but if you remember correctly, we mentioned alloys earlier on in this article. Well, it’s time we told you everything you need to know about them.

Choosing The Alloy For Your Gold Diamond Butterfly Rings  

We are just going to go into the explanations of the three most common gold alloys, starting with the most common. 

  • Yellow Gold: This alloy is the most common gold alloy for one simple reason; it retains the natural color of gold. Yellow gold is formed by mixing zinc or copper in small quantities with gold. The only purpose of alloying gold here is to increase its strength. It’s a  beautiful alloy to use for your gold diamond butterfly rings. It gives off warm sensations. 
  • Rose Gold: Copper is the main metal used in this pink alloy of gold. The amount of copper will determine the shade of rose gold. Occasionally, silver is added to lighten the pink color. 

Rose gold is a steadily increasing option today as it gives off both a romantic and vintage appeal.  

  • White Gold: Contrary to gold's natural hue, white gold has a  silvery appearance. This is because the metals used in the alloy are white metals. The ones commonly used are palladium, nickel,  silver, and zinc. 

White gold is usually plated with a layer of rhodium, a white metal. It is the rhodium that gives the gold alloy it's signature white luster. Without the rhodium coating, white gold will have slight yellow tinges. Rhodium covers this up and serves as a layer of protection to the skin – it is hypoallergenic.

The next thing is to determine the karat quality you want your gold diamond butterfly rings in. 

Measuring The Purity Of Gold In Your Diamond  Butterfly Rings 

The karat of a piece of gold shows the amount of pure gold present in the alloy. It is represented by the “K” or “Kt”.  

Almost every piece of gold jewelry will have a hallmark that shows its karat measurement. If it doesn’t, there are good testing kits available for you to test for the ring’s level of purity. Of course, if you’re skeptical,  you can take it to the jeweler for proper testing. 

Gold karat measurement ranges from 9K to 24K. As the karat number increases, the durability, and strength of gold decrease. Before you select gold for your rings, make sure that you ask for its karat. Choose the karat measurement that works for you. 

Speaking of quality the metal is not the only part of your rings that you’d want to properly assess. 

Evaluating The Quality Of Your Diamond 

When you’re building your rings, the gemstone is of major importance.  This is because it plays a huge role in the overall beauty of the ring. It always adds that needed bit of sparkle. The simplest way to assess a  diamond's quality is by considering the 4 C's: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

  • Cut: This centers on how well a diamond is cut. The cut style will determine the level of brilliance and fire that the gemstone emits.  On a ring, this is a crucial determinant of the diamond's quality.  So, you should get a diamond that has a cut certification of  “excellent” or “very good” by the GIA. Also, select a shape for your gold diamond butterfly rings that speak to you. 
  • Color: Diamonds follow a color scale beginning at “D” signifying a completely colorless stone and ending at “Z” which signifies diamonds that are quite yellow or brown. The higher up the color scale the diamond goes, the more valuable it gets. If a diamond appears eye clean at say, I, there is no point going higher up the scale, it will only result in more expenses. 

Diamonds can be completely colored as well; these are called fancy diamonds. Surprisingly, diamonds get more expensive with more vivid colors. The rarer the color of the diamond, the more valuable it is.  

  • Clarity: In the same way as with color, diamonds follow a clarity scale. Clarity refers to the level of visible inclusions and blemishes on a gemstone. If the stone does not appear eye clean then it’s no use buying it. The clarity scale ranges from “flawless” at the top of the scale to “included” at the end. Consult a jewelry expert for the clarity grades of stones you can get in your gold diamond butterfly rings. 
  • Carat: This is the measurement for a unit weight of diamonds.  One carat is equal to 200 milligrams or 0.2 grams. The carat does not determine how big the diamond will appear. It is the cut style that determines this. Some diamonds are cut in a way that puts their weight in their belly (beneath the girdle) while others have their weight concentrated above their girdle. 

The carat of your diamond depends on your budget and personal preferences. However, you should not go for a higher carat diamond and compromise the other C's; they all play a vital role in the beauty of your gold diamond butterfly rings. You should consult a jewelry expert for the grade of any diamond you’re considering for purchase. 

Now that you’ve got everything about these rings settled, the last guide you need is the maintenance of these lovely rings. 

How To Care For Your Gold Diamond Butterfly Rings 

The best thing about jewelry is that almost every piece can be cleaned in the same simple process. You may have seen this in our previous blog posts but we’re going to show it to you yet again. 

  • Get a clean bowl, and fill it with water and mild detergent. Soak your ring inside the bowl for a few minutes. 
  • Wipe all over your ring with a soft bristle brush. 
  • Once clean, rinse your ring under running water. 
  • Pat dry with a soft fiber-free cloth. 

Do this regularly and your ring will maintain its first-day shine for a  long time. Now, proper cleaning of these rings works hand-in-hand with proper storage. 

To store your rings properly, all you have to do is wrap them in a soft cloth and keep it away from every other piece of jewelry. This will prevent scratching of the ring as well as prevent the ring from scratching 

others with softer gemstones. A better option would be a fabric-lined jewelry box that is divided into compartments; if you have that, do make use of it. 

You see rings are beautiful everyday jewelry pieces. Anywhere you look, you find different elegant designs. It’s almost impossible to choose just one of these elegant rings. So next time, you’re out to buy,  some gorgeous rings you should add to your list are gold diamond butterfly rings.

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