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Gold Clover Pendants 

Do you want a piece of jewelry that earns you compliments all day long?  One that spices up your dressing with its stunning simplicity? If your answer is yes to any of those questions then this article is for you. 

We are going to talk about a stunning piece of jewelry that is sure to turn heads. They are the gold clover pendants. 

What Are Gold Clover Pendants? 

Simply put, these are pendants that feature a clover symbol and are made of gold. But what are these parts in this piece? The pendants, clover, and gold. Let’s start with pendants. 

What Are Pendants? 

Pendants are small adornments that are attached to a necklace by a small loop of metal. Pendants can feature a variety of symbols, and gemstones and take many shapes. We are talking about the clover symbol in this article. 

What Is A Clover? 

Clover is a cover crop that features beautiful flowers. However, when it comes to motifs in the jewelry we are concerned with their compound leaves. This compound leaves feature three or more leaflets. 

A clover with three leaves is called a shamrock and is the most common variety of this plant. Four-leaf clovers on the other hand are quite rare as there is a 1 in 10,000 chance of coming across one. Five-leaf clovers are 

even rarer with a probability of 1 in 100,000! Typically, the higher the number of leaflets the slimmer the chances of finding one. 

Currently, a 56-leaf clover from Japan holds the world record for most leaflets in a clover. Let us now give a brief insight into classic metal. 

What Is Gold?  

Gold is a precious metal that has remarkable luster and malleability.  Hence, its wide use in jewelry. A lot of people are familiar with the metal's appearance and if you’re not, you can always feast your eyes on them Goldia. 

Now that you have been briefed on what gold clover pendants entail.  Let’s learn a little about their symbolism. 

Meanings Attached To Gold Clover Pendants 

The components of these pendants are very popular both in the metal world and the plant world. They have also made historical appearances hence their meaningful attachments. Let us start with the distinguishing factor of these pendants, the clover. 


This plant has held many meanings over the centuries. In ancient times  clovers: 

  • Served as a charm for protection. 
  • Were used to warn of imminent danger. 
  • Were believed to give the ability to see fairies. 
  • Were used to choosing a husband for a young woman.
  • Were supposedly used by St. Patrick to signify the holy trinity (the  Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit). 
  • Symbolized faith, hope, and love. 

Today, much of this symbolism is still attached to clovers. So, don't be surprised if a person says they wear gold clover pendants to protect themselves. 

In addition to this, the color of the clover flower may hold some meanings of its own. Some of which are: 

  • Red Clover flower: The Victorians held great reverence for the red clovers and associated it with success, wealth, exorcism, fidelity,  love, and protection. Giving someone a red clover as a gift was a  way to say “I promise.” 

People have as well associated long-lasting and happy marriages with the red clover. It was believed that the red clover soothed a  broken heart. Heartbroken people would wear a red clover, placed in a blue silk pouch, near their heart. 

  • White clover flower: This clover has similar symbolism to the red clover flower. In that, it also symbolizes a happy and lasting marriage, success, and such. In addition, it represents lightheartedness and joy. 

In ancient times, the white clover was believed to break hexes. So,  people would wear them in a pouch around their neck to offer them protection. This makes gold clover a great choice if this plant means protection to you! 

Giving a white clover as a gift was a way to say “think of me.”  Now that is all shades of romantic!

A clover leaf is always green, it is the flowers that can be a variety of colors. However, the meanings attached to the flower can be reckoned with these clovers in jewelry. The next on our list is the precious metal. 


The stunning appearance and nature of gold have earned it the following  symbolism: 

  • Positivity 
  • Glamour 
  • Accomplishment 
  • Wealth 
  • Prosperity  
  • Divinity  
  • Holiness 
  • Luxury 
  • Good health 

And much more. 

In the end, how you view your gold clover pendants depend on you and you alone. What do these pendants mean to you? 

These meanings make the pendants even more elegant. Still, you can decide to get one simply because it looks beautiful to you. It’s not enough to want one, you’re going to need to design it especially if you’d like it unique to you. 

Building Your Gold Clover Pendants

The first step in building pendants should be selecting the symbol for the pendant. In this case, that is already settled so we'll move on to choosing the right neck chain for your pendants. 

Choosing The Chain For Your Gold Clover Pendants

Some common chains that look stunning with pendants are: 

  • Cable chain 
  • Figaro chain 
  • Curb chain 
  • Rope chain  
  • Snake chain  

Cable Chain 

This is the most common neck chain, especially for pendants. It features interlocked links that are round or oval. These links come together to form a gorgeous chain. It looks just like a typical iron chain. 

Figaro Chain 

This chain is similar to the cable chain, only that it features links of different sizes. There are usually 2-3 consecutive short round or oval links followed by a longer link. It gives a unique and stunning appearance. 

Curb Chain

This timeless chain style features uniform links that appear flat even when interlocked. It is a beautiful style that pairs perfectly with gold clover pendants. 

Rope Chain 

The rope chain also features interlocked links but these links are twisted in a way that gives the chain the appearance of a rope. This chain may be made thick or thin. Regardless, it is an incredibly sturdy chain that is well suited for pendants. 

Snake Chain 

It is so-called because its appearance resembles the skin of a snake. The links are formed in a manner that is smooth and slick. It is a gorgeous chain that appears rather delicate. 

You can’t get a chain without a lock otherwise your necklace would slip off your neck constantly. If so, it is bound to get lost. 

What Locks Can I get For My Gold Clover Pendants? 

This depends on your taste and how firm you want the locks to clasp to be.  A few common types of neck chain locks are: 

  • Lobster clasp 
  • Spring ring clasp 
  • Barrel clasp 
  • Magnetic clasp 
  • Toggle clasp

Consult a jewelry expert on the clasps available for purchase and they will guide you properly. Now we are going to guide you in choosing the metal for your clover pendants. 

Choosing The Metal Type For Your Gold Clover  Earrings 

The metal for your gold clover pendants is already in the name, gold.  However, there are a few types of gold in jewelry to choose from,  namely. 

  • Gold plated 
  • Gold filled 
  • Gold vermeil 
  • Solid gold 

Gold plated  

This type of gold features a base metal plated in gold by chemical disposition or electroplating. The coating can be as thick as anywhere between 1 – 3 microns. 

This type of gold a commonly used in necklaces so it makes for a good choice for your pendants. However, gold-plated jewelry tarnishes easily.  The coating wears away eventually and reveals the base metal. There is the option to re-dip your gold clover pendants to get back their stunning luster. 

Gold Filled

Gold-filled pendants are a little different from gold plated because the gold is bonded to the base metal here. This is done by exposing the metals to high pressure. 

According to US regulations, a pendant will be considered to be gold-filled only if the gold makes up 5% or 1/20 of the metal's unit weight. 

The nature of this gold type makes it very unlikely to tarnish. The life expectancy of gold-filled jewelry is up to 30 years. Although gold-filled pendants will tarnish on rare occasions. 

Gold Vermeil 

This features a base metal of silver whether pure or sterling silver coated in gold. For it to be considered gold vermeil (pronounced ver-may), the gold coating has to be a minimum of 2.5 microns thick in the US. 

Gold vermeil may also tarnish but this is less likely to do so in comparison to gold-plated pendants. 

Solid Gold 

This name is simply a misnomer as solid gold would mean 24K gold. Be rest assured that getting a pendant in 24K gold will result in multiple scratches in a short time. 

Solid gold refers to the alloys of gold. These alloys exist because of the need to make gold stronger and suitable for everyday wear. There are three common gold alloys used in the jewelry industry. They are: 

  • Rose Gold: This gold alloy is made with the addition of copper. The reddish color of copper makes the alloy appear pink. The proportions of copper present in the alloy determine the shade of the rose gold. Silver may also be added to lighten the color of the alloy.

The vintage and romantic feel of this alloy make it perfect for gold clover pendants. 

  • Yellow gold: This alloy retains the natural color of gold. Though it will appear to have a lighter shade than natural gold. This is because of the addition of other metals. 

The only purpose that these metals serve in the gold alloy is to improve the strength of gold. So, if you’re a fan of the classic and timeless feel of natural gold, we suggest you go for yellow gold. It will satisfy your cravings and is suitable for everyday wear. 

  • White Gold: This is the gold alloy that completely alters the perception that gold is yellow. Gold can be white when white metals are mixed with it. 

Even after these white metals are alloyed with gold, their natural hue will remain to an extent. So, the alloy will be coated in rhodium. It is a metal that is hypoallergenic and mostly responsible for white gold's signature finish. 

What Gemstones Can I Get For My Gold Clover  Pendants? 

If you decide to get your gold clover pendants plain, they will certainly look stunning. Alternatively, if you want them to feature gemstones you can do that as well. 

You can get them in a variety of gemstones. From colorless gemstones like diamonds to colored gemstones like emeralds. You can even switch things up a bit and get these clover pendants with your birthstone. 

As soon as you decide on your gemstone, make sure to clarify the quality of them. You should ask a jewelry expert to guide you through this. Make sure you only buy gemstones with GIA or AGS certifications. Look out for these in those certifications. 

  • Cut: This deals with the way a gemstone is cut and how well it is.  The cut quality will determine whether your gold clover pendant will sparkle. Aim for a “good” or “excellent” GIA certification for the cut. 
  • Color: The deeper the color in colored gemstones, the higher its value. However, colorless gemstones follow a grading scale ranging from D – Z. Here, the less the color the higher the value.  Though when the gemstone, say a diamond, goes beyond “Z” its value will again increase.  
  • Clarity: This is concerned with the number of inclusions or blemishes in a gemstone. It also has a grading scale ranging from  “I” (included) to “F” (flawless). You should aim for an eye-clean gemstone when considering its clarity level. 
  • Carat: This is simply the weight of the gemstone. Carat is commonly mistaken for size. A higher carat will not necessarily make your gemstone appear larger. It is the shape and cut of the gemstone that determines this. Remember that a higher carat will cost more money if you decide to go for them. 

Now that you have successfully built your gold clover pendant let’s move to some frequently asked questions on these pendants. 

Can I Get A Shamrock Pendant? 

Yes, you can. The common clover motifs you will find on pendants are the four-leaf clovers. This does not mean that there are no three-leaf

clover pendants. If it is a shamrock pendant you want then you should ask for one when you get to the jewelry store. 

Who Should I Gift Gold Clover Pendants? 

There is no specific person to that you’re supposed to gift a clover pendant.  If you’re looking for a gift for any person in your life, then these pendants are perfect for you. It could be a family member, friend, or a  significant other that you decide to give this beauty to, it's all up to you. 

When Can I Get Gold Clover Pendants? 

Again, there are no specific times that call for a clover pendant.  Although, it makes a perfect St. Patrick's Day gift. 

Even in the absence of celebrations, get yourself or someone a clover pendant. It will be duly appreciated because the beauty of these pendants is beyond outstanding.  

How To Care For Gold Clover Pendants 

Everybody wants their gold clover pendant to look new for a long time but not everybody is willing to put in the work. Relax, it’s not some heavy-duty job. The only thing you need to do is to properly store and clean your clover pendants. 

For the cleaning do this: 

  • Fill a bowl with clean water and mix in mild detergent. Soak your clover pendants in soapy water for a few minutes. Scrub the pendant with a soft brush.
  • Rinse your clover pendant under running water. Do this with a  bowl beneath your hands or close the sinkhole. If not, you’ll have your gorgeous pendants go down the drain. 
  • Use a fiber-free cloth to pat dry the pendant. 

For the storage you should: 

  • Keep your cover pendants separately from other pieces of jewelry.  Preferably wrapped in a soft cloth or a fabric-lined jewelry box with compartments. 
  • This ensures that the pendant does not get scratched by other jewelry nor does it scratch others. 

Make sure to carry out these processes regularly as it will be of great benefit to you. 

If you’re ready to get yourself one or two of these pendants, head on to Goldia where we have gold clover pendants that will leave you in awe.

Gold Clover Pendants

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