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Gold Bypass Rings 

A bypass ring, also known as a crossover ring, is a ring with a coil of steel wrapped around the finger without meeting in the middle. At the top of the ring, the ends of the coiled bandpass each other to form the ring. 

The concept of Gold bypass rings has been around for centuries. From the 1830s to the 1860s, this style of ornament was very popular during the Victorian era. There were rings that were made with elegant curves and swirls. Over the years, bypass rings have continued to be used as engagement and wedding rings ever since.

Unlike other styles of bypass rings, bypass rings are distinguished by their design in that the band separates into two parts when worn. It is not a continuous band in this design; instead, it is divided into sections, and the ends are either separated or overlapping, adding texture, detail, and design.

What Are Bypass Rings?

In general, bypass rings are elegant vintage-style settings that are distinguished by their bands twisting, rather than forming a continuous line like the classic style. Bypass rings are a traditional style of ring that wraps around your choice of diamond to the center, emphasizing the diamond's silhouette. A bypass ring also discloses that each line retains its individuality, since both the band and the shank overlap. 

Bypass rings: meanings

What is the meaning of a bypass ring? How can it be used? Typically, bypass rings consist of a single metal band with two ends attached together, each end holding a diamond or gemstone-like gold bypass ring. In this case, the design represents two individuals coming together as one while simultaneously retaining their individuality.

Rings used in the past

It was during the Victorian era that bypass rings became extremely popular. The style of this ring was given as an engagement ring, symbolizing the coming together of two souls into one. As well as the symbolism of union and togetherness, the popularity of the two different colored stones during that era added to the meaning of these stones.

It is believed that one of the most famous bypass rings dates back to the 1950s. The proposal of John F. Kennedy to Jacqueline Bouvier was accompanied by a gorgeous diamond and emerald bypass ring tapered with baguettes. A replica of the Van Cleef & Arpels design is still made to this day. A replica of the ring can be seen at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum in Boston.

Styles of today

Even though the bypass ring is still being given as an engagement ring in today's society, we are also noticing it becoming more of a fashion trend. Through its curves and twists, a bypass ring is given an elegant appearance, while still being sleek and contemporary at the same time. One can either have two stones that bypass each other or a single stone that is intercepted by converging shanks. We have simple, contemporary, stylish, and elaborate styles available. Some of our favorite gold bypass rings are also available on our website.

Gold bypass rings come in a variety of styles

Bypass ring settings, which feature a single-center gemstone connected to a stream of two separate pieces of metal tape, are one of the most common types of engagement rings. A buyer can, however, choose to opt for ring settings with separate yet connected metal lines that will create a mesmerizing view of a solid gem. The design of this ring displays a wonderful asymmetrical loop with a well-proportioned view of it when it is worn face-up. 

It is also possible to set the gold bypass rings with two gemstones which are commonly called the "Me and You" ring design. The ring is frequently associated with the French Moi et Toi, where the ring comes in a variety of variations. Most commonly, a split metal holds two gemstones, each represented individually in a pair, each on top of the other. 

While bypass rings dominate engagement rings, more beautifully crafted wedding bands feature this design. The enhanced vintage styles that emphasize a classic look great with rose or yellow gold.

Is a gold bypass engagement ring worth considering?

In comparison to other styles of engagement rings, gold bypass engagement rings are an excellent choice for people who love uniqueness, classic, and stylish designs. Moreover, they come in a variety of looks, allowing you to choose a suitable design for your taste. 

In Goldia Jewelers, we specialize in custom jewelry design services for engagement rings, fashion rings, and wedding rings, among others. Get in touch with us today or visit our showroom for a look at some of our latest designs and to purchase some for yourself.

Types of bypass engagement rings

An average bypass ring features a single central gemstone that is held together by both ends of the metal band. Although the two ends are not in the same place, together they are able to hold the center stone.


There is a ring design called Moi et Toi, which can be translated as "me and you.". This design can be found in several variations. It is quite common to see the ends of the necklaces hold different gemstones or diamonds which represent each partner in the couple.

Buying gold bypass rings for your wedding

A gold bypass ring for a wedding is the perfect design if you are looking for a vintage look. Choose rose gold or yellow gold if you are trying to emphasize a vintage look. It is also important to consider fine details such as filigree and milgrain (tiny dots along the edges).

If you prefer a geometric style, consider a design from the Art Deco period. 

Think about the Victorian and Edwardian eras if you want to create a design that is nature-inspired.

If you are a person who enjoys a unique and stylish look, then a bypass engagement ring is the perfect fit for you. A bypass ring offers a great deal of design versatility, so you are sure to find a style that you will adore.

Purchasing Bypass engagement ring settings

We have the ability to design a Bypass engagement ring setting with an heirloom diamond or gemstone in mind, whether it be a remodeling of an existing ring design or an heirloom gem. Additionally, if you prefer a traditional two-stone bypass setting, we can also provide a second stone that is perfectly matched to the main stone.

Setting up a Bypass Ring

Therefore, we are able to add a modern twist to the traditional style of the Bypass style with our options available. You can choose from a solitaire ring, a 3-stone ring, a cluster ring, or even a plain ring design.

Bypass engagement rings with the best precious metals

There is a wide choice of precious metals available now, so it can be tricky to work out which is the most suitable for a Bypass engagement ring. The company offers 18ct white gold, 18ct yellow gold, 18ct rose gold, and 950 platinum. 

It is a question that we get asked on a daily basis, and our honest recommendation is always 950 Platinum when it comes to diamond rings or gemstone rings. 

Engagement rings with bypass designs

Since there are so many different ring styles and details available, it may be difficult to find a design that ticks all the boxes you have. That is why we offer a complete service in order to accommodate all your requirements. By creating gorgeous designs based on your requirements, we aim to design the perfect gold bypass rings for your engagement and wedding ceremony.

The first step in the process is to create elaborate 3D images of the proposed ring, featuring different angles. In this way, you will be able to amend any qualities until you are completely satisfied.

Is it a good idea to buy a gold bypass rings?

If you are searching for unique and stylish gold bypass rings for your loved one, this style is perfect for you. In addition to the fact that bypass rings are so versatile, you'll also find that no matter what your taste is, you can find a style that suits you.

The gold bypass ring design can easily be adapted to fit your preferences, no matter whether you prefer a sleek, modern bypass gold ring, or a vintage-inspired floral style, regardless of whether you gravitate towards minimalist or dramatic styles.

How to Choose the Best Gold bypass Ring

Is this the first time you are purchasing a gold bypass ring and would like some guidance? In order to make the most informed decision regarding the type of ring, you should purchase, let's take a look at some of the most important factors to consider.

What Karat Should My Gold bypass Ring Be?

The gold karat is the number that tells you how many parts of pure gold there are in a piece of jewelry, out of a total of 24 parts. As an example, 10 karat gold rings contain approximately 42% gold (10 divided by 24), and the rest of the ring is made up of other metals such as zinc, nickel, and so forth.

The higher the karat, the more expensive the gold, as it is purer. Therefore, consider the price when selecting a karat when making your choice.However, there is another factor that is sometimes overlooked: the durability of the gold bypass ring. It is because pure gold is very soft that the lower the karat of your gold ring, the harder and more durable it will be.

Listed below are some simple rules that will help you decide when you should go for a higher or a lower karat of gold:

The low-karat gold rings (e.g., 10k or 14k) can also be worn on a regular basis as they are more resistant to scratching and will require less polishing.

Also, parts of rings made from low-karat gold are less prone to being bent or broken than those made of higher-karat gold.

Gold rings made from high-karat metals (e.g., 18k, 20k, or 22k) are a good option for pieces that you will not wear frequently. As a result, they will appear yellower than low-karat rings, but will also scratch more easily.Rings made of purer gold will also wear down more quickly, and their parts will also be more prone to breaking.

Nickel is present in the gold ring?

Nickel is a metal that is commonly used to add to gold alloys in order to make them stronger. There is a problem with it, however, and that is that it can cause rashes on the skin for people who are allergic to nickel.

If you suffer from such an allergy, then you should probably avoid buying 10k gold rings as the concentration of nickel in them might be too high for you. In some cases, 14k gold bypass rings may be a better choice, but sometimes they can also prove to be problematic for those with allergies.

Make sure that the ring you choose is at least 18k gold in order to be on the safe side. It's true that purer gold rings can still contain nickel, but their concentration is usually too low in higher karat gold for it to cause allergic reactions.

Is it better to have a gold-plated or solid gold ring?

Gold bypass rings aren't always entirely made of gold - some are simply coated with a layer of it and underneath that layer is a layer of another metal. This type of gold-plated ring is usually cheaper than a solid gold ring. In spite of this, the plating will wear off over time, depending on how often you wear the ring.

The general rule is you should only buy a gold-plated ring if you are going to wear it occasionally; otherwise, the plating will not last long. The best way to avoid nickel sensitivity is to make sure the underlying material does not contain nickel or to avoid gold-plated items altogether if you are allergic to nickel. Solid gold rings are better suited to rings that will be worn often since they will be more durable in the long run.

Consider the body of the ring

Make sure that when you look at the gold ring you might want to buy, you also think about how sturdy the body is. When selecting a ring, it is important to keep in mind that it should not be too thin - if it is, it is likely to get even thinner as it is worn, and at some point, it may break.

Due to the soft nature of gold, choose the best gold bypass rings that are reasonably thick so that they won't bend or break after a year or two.

 Where to Buy a Gold Bypass Ring?

We recommend Goldia for gold rings with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, or emeralds, because they offer you various bypass rings based on your preferences.

Gold Bypass Rings

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