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Gold Braided Engagement Rings 

Flowers, candles, cake, beautiful scenery, and the banner that spells out  “will you marry me?” Everything is up and ready, perfect for your romantic engagement. The only thing left to get is the symbol of commitment to love, to be married; the symbol that adorns your left or right fourth finger. 

I’m sure we all know what this “symbol” is, an engagement ring. It is the crown of the engagement process. An engagement ring speaks volumes especially when it is paired with a sparkling gem and gorgeous metal, let’s not forget the shank!  

When it comes to engagement rings there are so many choices to make.  You have to decide the gemstone you want, the metal, the setting, and even the style of the band. There’s the halo, the classic solitaire, and the vintage, however, these mostly focus on the gemstone. We’re here to tell you about a stunning engagement ring style that still allows you to design your gemstones. It is one that you may or may not have come across more times than not. What name does it go by? Well, gold-braided engagement rings. 

Before we give an in-depth look at these rings, there is a need for you to be conversant with the fascinating yet brief history of engagement rings.  It will interest you to know that engagement rings were not always used as a show of love, sometimes it signified ownership. 

Brief History Of Engagement Rings 

Some say we can trace the exchange of rings to signify love and marriage to ancient Egypt. The Egyptians made braided reeds and exchanged them to show affection during wedding festivities. You could say braided rings were first found here but certainly not as gold braided engagement rings. Engagement rings represent an intent to marry. The  Egyptian braided rings were exchanged on the wedding day. 

We can say that the true engagement rings origin began in ancient  Rome. Not with the intention behind the rings exchanged today though.  Back then, marriage was a sort of business transaction between two families. The bride/wife wore the ring to show that she was owned by her husband. After the wedding, she would were a ring made of materials like ivory, iron, or animal bones at home. And when she went out to the public she would wear a better embellished gold ring, this was common among the wealthy families. 

In some cultures as well, women wore engagement rings that were difficult to take off. So, if the ring was taken off, it certainly won’t come on as previously. This way, the husband would know that his wife had cheated. 

These occurrences happened hundreds of years ago. One of the most exciting parts of this history would be when Mary of Burgundy received the first diamond engagement ring recorded. It was given to her by  Archduke Maximillian of Austria in 1477. However, diamond engagement rings did not reach their peak for another few hundred years. 

These are just some fascinating facts we think you should know about these rings. Our main ring of the day, gold braided engagement rings did not make an appearance in this ancient times. It is more of a  contemporary ring style. How does it look actually? For you to picture that you have to know what “braids” are. After all, braids are the star of this engagement ring. 

What Are Braids?

A braid involves two or more strands of cloth, hair, or any other thread-like material woven together to form strong interlocks. You would commonly find it woven in people’s hair. These beauties are not reserved for the locks of hair only. Oh no, you find braids in many places and jewelry is no exception. 

What Are Gold Braided Engagement Rings? 

Gold braided engagement rings have their shanks twisted into braids. The metal is specifically an alloy of gold, gold plated or gold filled.  There are other common names for this ring; twisted shank engagement rings, infinity rings, etc. 

Now, they are called infinity rings because the braids are sometimes loose forming multiple infinity symbols. We all understand that the infinity symbol signifies just that, infinity. That’s only one of the beautiful symbolisms you can extract from this ring though. Stick around and let us enlighten you some more. 

Symbolism Of Gold Braided Engagement Rings 

We’ll start with what braids symbolize because braids are set to center stage in this gorgeous jewelry piece. 

  • A braid features interwoven strands. This can symbolize you and your partner. You were two separate people, two strands, but now you have decided to come together as one. In a nutshell, the beginning of a new, exciting chapter in your life.
  • The braid makes the strands much stronger so relating this to your engagement, simply signifies that you and your partner will be stronger together. 
  • As stated earlier, each strand on the ring can symbolize you and your partner. And even more, strands can be used to represent your children. 
  • One strand of hair, thread, whatever, can not make a braid. The strands have to come in twos, threes, and so on. This goes to show in your gold braided engagement rings that you can now depend on each other. The braid shows that you complete yourselves. 

The above is the beautiful symbols attached to braids as regard to your engagement rings. It doesn’t stop there though, the metal, gold? It has quite a lot up its sleeve, big things if we might add. Below is a list it the symbolisms of gold in an engagement ring. 

  • Luxury 
  • Care 
  • Extravagance 
  • Success 
  • Wealth  
  • Prosperity 
  • Prestige 
  • Achievement 
  • Glamour 
  • Upliftment 

The above symbolisms are many things people want in a marriage and more. Though, you might want some in moderation. The big impact gold has in the jewelry world is no secret. You certainly have heard a thing or two about gold. Regardless, we’re here to refresh your memory with all our exciting information. 

What Is Gold? 

We have already established the fact that an elegant choice would be gold braided engagement rings for that special time in your life. You see the gold we mentioned, there’s a lot more to it than what you may think.  Our stating that you need a gold metal doesn’t mean you get to skip the metal choosing process. The metal you’re getting is decided but you would need to select the karat quality of your metal. 

On top of that, did you know that gold can be yellow, pink, or white? If you’re someone that has experience in the jewelry industry or has done your research then this may not be news to you. There are things concerning these gold variations included in this article that will blow your mind. So whether or not, you had this little information beforehand isn’t a big deal. 

Let’s start with the variations we’ve mentioned. 

Alloys Of Gold 

Gold is an elegant metal. Its beauty and luster make it perfect for engagement rings. It is in high demand as it is a piece loved by all. The only downside would be the fact that gold holds no shape. That’s right,  pure gold is very soft and if it were to be welded, and shaped into an engagement ring, it would fall apart much quicker than you imagine. This factor didn’t make us covet the metal less, instead, humans found a  way out, alloys.

An alloy is a mixture of two or more metals for reasons such as increasing the strength of the metals. This is the precise reason why gold is alloyed. The alloys of gold allow it to be used in jewelry to form so many shapes, figures, and whatnots. Of course, this makes it possible to find gold braided engagement rings in the market. 

After reading the above paragraphs, you now have an idea of what gold alloys are and the reason for alloying gold. The next thing is to learn about the alloys of gold available. The most common gold alloys are  explained below: 

  • Yellow Gold: There is “yellow” in the name of this alloy; this is because gold is alloyed in such a manner that its natural hue is fairly retained. The metals used in this alloy are commonly copper and zinc. They are used in small quantities so that they do not change the color of the metal so much that it will no longer be considered yellow gold. 

When you read the title of this article “gold braided engagement rings,” the color that must have popped into your mind would be the yellow tinge of gold. This is the color commonly associated with gold; the reason is simple; gold occurs as a yellowish metal in its natural state.  

Yellow gold is a great choice when it comes to engagement rings.  If it’s a color that suits your taste, go all for it! 

  • White Gold: We’re taking this alloy second for one reason, it is the direct opposite of natural, and yellow gold. It is mostly alloyed with white metals, such as nickel, zinc, silver, and palladium. 

In recent times, it is found that the white gold palladium alloy finishes with a distinct white color. This is exciting and somewhat 

cheaper in the long run because gold, even when alloyed with white metals, will retain small yellow hues. 

Typically, a metal called rhodium is used to plate white gold jewelry. It is a white metal that is hypoallergenic. That white shine you find on white gold is in many cases due to the rhodium coating. Another reason for a rhodium coating is that it covers nickel which may cause allergic reactions. Over time though, the coating will wear off; to avoid this you have to occasionally re-plate your ring or get it dipped. 

Your style may be the cool silver colors, well, gold braided engagement rings certainly do not restrict you to warm colored metals, not at all. You can still get the gold variant only in white. 

  • Rose Gold: Ah, the pinkish gold. You can say that this alloy above all is the perfect choice for engagement rings. Not because it’s a  better alloy than the rest (they are all very good) but because it gives off romantic vibes. This is attributed to its distinct pink shade. It also gives off a vintage aura. 

The main other metal used in this alloy is copper. The reddish color of copper added to gold gives rose gold its signature pink color. Silver may also be used in the alloying process to dilute the shade of pink. 

Rose gold is fast becoming a go-to choice for numerous people all over the world. Rose gold may be it for you too. 

The next important thing would be to determine the Karat weight of your gold.

Measuring Gold 

Most times, you don’t have to bother yourself about how to measure the karat of gold. Simply put, karat is a measure of the amount of pure gold,  thus, the quality of an engagement ring. 

Below we have highlighted the common karat hallmarks along with their gold purity percentage. 

  • 22K – 92% pure gold. 
  • 18K – 75% pure gold. 
  • 14K – 58.3% pure gold. 
  • 10K – 41.6% pure gold. 

A higher karat or percentage means more gold present and more vibrancy of yellow. However, a higher karat or percentage signifies less durability. This goes to show that, the more other metals are present in a  gold alloy, the better its strength. 

In the case that you want 24K gold braided engagement rings, you would have to get gold-plated or gold-filled bands. That is, it will feature a more durable base metal coated with 24K gold. 

The main consideration in these rings is the metal, but it is not an engagement ring without a gemstone, right? 

Gemstones For Gold Braided Engagement Rings 

There’s nothing peculiar about picking gemstones for these rings. You will have to follow the same processes with other rings. There are so many gemstones to choose from. We have natural gemstones and lab-grown gemstones available. So, in the end, it’s a matter of your individual preference and budget. Make sure to contact a jewelry expert that will guide you on the various gemstones available and their cost. 

Of course, after choosing a gemstone, you have to determine its quality.  If you’re getting a gold braided engagement ring for your partner, you may want to study their preferences carefully. All the 4 C's (cut, clarity,  carat, color) that determine quality are important, some more than others. However, some persons have an order in which they rate these  4C’s, from most important to least important. Make sure you put this order into consideration.. 

A piece of advice from us though: never neglect to cut as doing so can result in a lifeless and dull gemstone. 

The setting for the shank of the ring is set already, braided. The setting for the gemstone though? 

Setting For Your Gemstone In Gold Braided  Engagement Rings  

There are several ways for you to design the setting of gold braided  engagement rings. You can as well use common gemstone settings for engagement rings in general. Here are some stunning settings: 

  • Solitaire Setting 
  • Halo Setting 
  • Bezel Setting 
  • Cluster Setting 

If you want something out of this list, reach out to us here. We’ll help you find the setting that speaks to you best. Now, unto the last an extremely important part of this article.

How To Care For Gold Braided Engagement  Rings 

Many people make the mistake of leaving their engagement rings not cleaned. They take it off after the day and toss it on the dress table counter. That’s a rosy paved path to the destruction of your ring. 

The best way to keep your gold braided engagement rings and all jewelry looking good is by carrying out a cleaning process for them regularly, at least every two weeks. The process is not a difficult one, all  you have to do is: 

  • Get a bowl and mix in water and mild dish soap or detergent. Soak your ring in the bowl for a while. 
  • Using a soft toothbrush, gently scrub the ring. Make sure to remove every visible dirt. Focus on the in-between of the braids. Rinse your rings under running water with a bowl beneath your hands. The bowl is a preventive measure against getting your ring down the drain. 
  • Pat dry your ring with a fiber-free cloth. 

Storage Techniques 

It is one thing to properly clean your engagement ring but if you don’t store it properly, we’re sorry but that cleaning process is a waste. They go hand in hand, there is no one without the other.  

Storing your good braided engagement rings is just as simple as the cleaning process. Simply:

  • Wrap in a soft cloth, then place in a drawer. If you have access to a  fabric-lined jewelry box with compartments, we recommend using it. 
  • Store your ring away from every other piece of jewelry. This way,  you avoid undesirable scratches on jewelry. 

From the selection process down to the care, these rings make for a  convenient choice for your engagement. With everything in this article,  you should already be on your way to checking out our collection for  your special moment. Gold braided engagement rings are a perfect  choice for you and them!

Gold Braided Engagement Rings

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