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Gold Belt Buckle Rings 

There is immeasurable joy when searching for engagement, wedding, or anniversary rings. Sometimes you aren’t always on the market for these timeless rings. Maybe you just want another addition to your jewelry collection or to find the perfect gift; it is in these times that rings such as gold belt buckle rings fit perfectly into the picture. Before we dive into the main subject you should know what this ring's motif is all about. 

What Is A Belt Buckle? 

A belt buckle consists of a frame, prong, and bar. The buckle straps the belt in place or serves the purpose of a fashion accessory. The buckle can take many forms and shapes. 

It is no news that rings can feature many beautiful shapes. One of such is the belt buckle rings. 

What Are Gold Belt Buckle Rings? 

These rings feature the belt buckle as the main decorative feature and are made from gold. Gold is one of the oldest metals that has been used in jewelry. From necklaces to brooches to earrings, gold is an elegant and timeless choice. 

There is a certain time that saw the surge in popularity of belt buckle rings, the Victorian era. 

Origin Of Belt Buckle Rings

Gold belt buckle rings first made an appearance in the Victorian Era. It was a rising ring style and is still a high-in-demand choice today. 

The Victorians as we know, had a thing for symbolism. They attached meanings to almost everything they had and jewelry pieces were certainly no exception. 

Victorians commonly followed the fashion trends laid in place by Queen  Victoria. The queen wore this particular ring style, a buckle ring, to signify her membership in the order of Garter, an order of chivalry founded by King Edward in 1348. This order exists to this day. 

The belt buckle in these rings signifies a bond between two people. It was commonly used among lovers. It signified the couple’s, true love.  Typically, the way Victorians wore belt buckle rings would signify if they were attached or single. 

The rings were also used as a means to remember a loved one that had passed away. It served as an enduring memory of a lost loved one; it showed the connection with them even in death. 

As much as these rings had romantic significance as well as served the purpose of remembrance, they showed platonic love too. Victorians would gift these rings to their family, or friends. 

You can see that the origin and symbolism attached to belt buckle rings are intertwined. This can be attributed to the fact that Victorians were people that loved attaching meanings to animals, and inanimate objects. 

The history of belt buckle rings is fascinating and draws attention.  However, our focus is not just on belt buckle rings, we are focusing on  “gold belt buckle rings”. So, now that you know what buckle rings are,  you should learn all about the metal that makes up this ring.

What Is Gold? 

Gold is a natural-occurring metal that exists in a yellow hue. It is a  precious metal so it can be high-priced. Metal has been used in jewelry for many years, centuries even. Let’s take a trip down to when mankind first set their eyes on the beautiful metal, gold. 

History Of Gold In Jewelry 

Gold has been used as a form of currency but long before this gold was used in jewelry. People found the beautiful lustrous and non-tarnishing metal as nuggets as the banks of streams all over the world. They began to utilize it because of its malleability. A few cultures though, after realizing that gold was very soft and didn’t hold shape, left the metal and went back to their regular everyday lives. 

In ancient Egypt, gold was used to make jewelry for pharaohs and to show wealth and power. It was also used to adorn important objects such as thrones. 

In ancient Greece, metal was utilized as well. Though, the Greeks didn’t use gemstones to embellish their gold jewelry. Rather, they featured design styles on the metal itself; such as filigree. 

This metal was also utilized in ancient India. Just like the other cultures that had this precious metal, gold was used to signify wealth and power.  The hues of gold used here were found to be rather vivid. This is because the composition of pure gold they used on their jewelry was on the high side. Commonly found in 24K. 

Gold has remained a highly-sought metal over the centuries. This made it a prevalent choice during the Victorian times up till now. That’s why you’d find gold belt buckle rings soaring in the market today.

As a result of the softness of gold, it can not hold shape; it is susceptible to bending. So, gold is alloyed to increase its strength. 

Alloys Of Gold 

This is a fascinating aspect of gold. It naturally occurs in yellow color,  so, of course, when you think about gold the yellow color pops into your head. The twist is that gold is not always yellow. It has alloys that can be white or pinkish and those are only the popular ones. 

The main reason that gold is alloyed is to increase its strength thus increasing its ability to hold shape. If gold is not alloyed, it cannot hold forms, symbols, and figures, and certainly not one as intricate as in gold belt buckle rings. 

If you’re buying gold rings, you should know that it is most likely alloyed. Unlike carat which measures the weight of a gemstone, karat signifies the percentage of pure gold present in the ring. As the karat climbs up in number, the amount of pure gold steadily increases and the durability falls, and vice versa. 

Most times, you don’t have to bother about calculating your ring's karat quality. Most jewelry pieces are hallmarked with their karat number. If you want high gold content, you can go for high karat gold but remember that a higher karat means less durability. While if you want durability, 14K and 18K are a good choice. Of course, the former is more durable than the latter since it has a higher concentration of alloy metals. 

Now, that you have the basic knowledge of gold and its measurements.  It’s time we inform you about the common alloys that you can feature in your gold belt buckle rings.

  • Yellow Gold: Now when people found gold nuggets they had a  characteristic yellow color or as some would call it “buttery” color.  This was the first hue of gold you would find in any form of jewelry. However, as we stated earlier, gold is too soft to hold any shape although the softness makes it very malleable. It is for this reason that the alloy “yellow gold” was formed. 

Yellow gold still maintains the natural hue of gold. It does contain a small number of other metals like copper, silver, and nickel. The only purpose of these metals is to increase gold's durability. The alloying process leaves gold with little to no change in its signature color. 

Whenever you hear the mention of “gold”, as a reflex, the color that pops into your head is yellow. Well, it’s simply because you must have seen this elegant shade in many places both offline and online. It is a classic and timeless alloy, after all. If you’re going to get gold belt buckle rings, this alloy is one you certainly don’t want to miss out on. 

  • White Gold: This alloy, contrary to most beliefs, first made an appearance in the Georgian era(1714-1830). It was two German alchemists that made the discovery. However, white gold did not see peak popularity till the 20th century. 

Platinum was a go-to metal for jewelers at the time but when the world wars began, platinum was reserved only for military purposes in the USA. They saw the favorable characteristics of the metal; so, jewelers were left with a void to fill. White gold came to the rescue. 

This alloy of gold showed similar properties to platinum. Best of all, it was relatively cheaper. The alloy is made from the addition of white metals to gold. The common white metals used in the alloying process are nickel, zinc, palladium, and silver. 

Even after the alloying process, white gold may retain some of gold's natural hue. That is not what any jeweler would be going for. So, to cover this up, white metal is used to coat the alloy.  

The metal is rhodium; it gives white gold its characteristic white luster. 

The only downside to using rhodium-coated white gold is that the coating will wear off and white gold will begin to “yellow”. There is a solution to this though and it results in more expenses over time; you have to take your white gold belt buckle rings for re-plating every 2-3 years. 

Another notable purpose that the rhodium listing serves is that it prevents your skin from allergic reactions. Nickel is known to cause allergic reactions on the skin of many people, and this metal is a key feature in most white gold alloys. Since rhodium is hypoallergenic, it will protect your skin. So, as long as the coating is there, you have nothing to worry about. 

  • Rose Gold: This alloy is said to have appeared as far as thousands of years ago. However, its surge in popularity began when Carl  Faberge used the alloy in his famous Faberge eggs. Now, the alloy was widely used in Russia so much so that it earned the name  “Russian gold”.  

Rose gold has fluctuated in its popularity over the years. Again, during the world wars rose gold soared because of the ban placed on platinum. Just like white gold, it was an elegant alternative. 

This alloy is characterized by a pinkish hue. This is due to the main metal that is mixed with gold being copper. The amount of copper used in rose gold is relatively higher than that of yellow gold. 

Silver can also be added to the alloy to lighten the shade of pink.  The more copper present in the alloy, the more reddish the metal appears. So, a smaller karat of rose gold will have a more vivid pink than a higher karat; it will also be more durable. 

The appearance of rose gold gives off a romantic and vintage appeal. So, if you intertwine this with the symbolism attached to belt buckles makes for the perfect gift for your significant other.  Not only is it gorgeous, but rose gold belt buckle rings give off beautiful love connotations. 

Every alloy of gold has a fascinating history attached to it plus they all look gorgeous and elegant. At the end of the day, your choice will depend on your individual preferences and the message you would like to pass across. 

This metal is not the only adornment you can have in gold belt buckle rings. If you’re satisfied with the plain buckle ring, that’s fine but if you’re someone that likes some extra dash of glamour, there are ways to satisfy your cravings. 

Gold Belt Buckle Rings And Gemstones 

It is no news that gemstones offer sparkle in the form of brilliance and fire. There’s a variety of gemstones for you to choose from. Below is a  brief list of these gemstones and a few desirable features: 

  • Diamond: They range from colorless to “fancy” colors – that are completely found in colors like yellow, black, brown, or pink. The level of colorlessness or color determines the value of the diamond. They formed the basis for many cut styles. Diamonds are naturally-occurring gemstones with a score of 10 on Moh's hardness scale, making them the hardest gemstone on earth. 
  • Aquamarine: This is a semi-precious gemstone that is characterized by its color similarity to seawater. The color ranges from pastel blue to deep blue-green variants. It is commonly found in a flawless to near-flawless state. Its hardness ranges from 7.5–8  on Moh's scale. The deeper the shade of blue, the more valuable the aquamarine. 
  • Moissanite: It is a lab-grown gemstone that looks like a diamond.  It repels dirt much more than a diamond. Moissanite is considered very hard because it comes second to only diamonds; it has a score of 9.25 on Moh's scale. It offers more sparkle, that is, fire than a  diamond.  

The reason we compared diamond to moissanite throughout the explanation is that moissanite is a diamond simulant. It is a cheaper alternative to actual diamonds. 

If we could, we would explain every gemstone to you so that your selection would be as simple as possible. But the article will become too long and you would get bored. Not to worry though, check out our collection of gold belt buckle rings at Goldia and if you have any questions about the metal or gemstones contact us. We’d be more than happy to help you pick the ring that works for you. 

You must consider the quality of gemstones before you purchase them anywhere. The 4C’s – cut, clarity, carat, and color – determine the quality and value of a gemstone. On a ring, you’d want maximum sparkle, it is the cut that determines this. You will also want a gemstone that appears eye clean – that is without visible inclusions. Contact our jewelry experts, like we said before, we’re here to help you. 

After you have successfully built and bought your gold belt buckle rings,  the only thing left for you is the maintenance of these rings. 

How To Care For Gold Belt Buckle Rings 

The process of caring for these rings is simple. All you have to do to  keep them looking good as new is follow this simple cleaning process: 

  • Fill a bowl with water and mild dish soap or detergent. Scrub the ring with a soft brush like a toothbrush. 
  • Once the ring is clean, rinse it under running water. Be careful so you don’t drop the ring. Nobody wants a ring down the drain! Use a soft fiber-free cloth to pat dry the ring. 

Make sure you do this after every other wear or at least every two weeks. If you do, you wouldn’t have to worry about the ring looking dirty, dull, and old. 

The next important maintenance practice would be storage. If you clean your belt buckle rings properly but store them wrongly, then we’re sorry to say that your rings are prone to destruction. 

Storage Techniques 

Simply store the rings separately from every other piece of jewelry and wrapped in a soft cloth. This will prevent jewelry pieces from scratching each other. If you have a jewelry box that is lined with fabric and divided into compartments, that would be the better storage choice.

Gold belt buckle rings are beautiful and unique style rings. You can get them for any occasion of your choice. Once you set your eyes on one, you’re hooked. Visit Goldia to surf through our gorgeous collection and make your choice.

Gold Belt Buckle Rings

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