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Diamond Ring With Cross 

Did you know that you can get yourself a cross-ring for reasons other than religion? You probably knew this though. We’re sure you can agree with us that cross rings are visually appealing. 

The origination and use of the cross will always be attributed mainly to  Christianity. Still, it is used simply for aesthetic purposes by a lot of people. 

If you love cross jewelry, then you’ll certainly love a diamond ring with cross

What Is A Diamond Ring With Cross? 

Simply put, a diamond ring has the stone as the centerpiece. The addition of a cross symbol will shift the attention from the stone to the motif. 

Crosses have for long been associated with religion. The initial use of crosses began with the Romans and it was a symbol of shame and typically used to punish criminals, hence its use in the crucifixion of  Jesus Christ.  

The Roman Catholics and Orthodox Churches today hold the cross symbol in high reverence. You will typically find lots of jewelry featuring crosses in churches today. 

Take a trip to Vatican city whether virtually or physically and the different kinds of crosses you would find alongside their uses will wow you. 

On the other hand, diamonds have been used for a long time in wedding or engagement rings. Today, diamonds are attributed to love

and patience. The hard nature of the stone also attests to some of the symbolism attached to diamonds. According to De Beers said, a  diamond is forever, after all. 

If you’re going to get yourself a diamond ring with a cross then you should familiarize yourself with the various types of crosses available. 

Types Of Crosses 

  • Latin cross 
  • Orthodox cross 
  • Crucifix cross 
  • Papal cross 
  • St. Peter cross 
  • Celtic cross 
  • Iron cross 
  • Wooden cross 
  • Jerusalem cross 
  • Coptic cross 
  • Templar cross 
  • Tau cross 
  • Ankh cross 
  • Sideways cross 

Latin Cross 

This is the most common type of cross you will find adorning any ring. It features two parts that cut across each other, one horizontal and one vertical. The horizontal part of the cross is shorter than the other.

This is believed to be the cross on which Christ died so it holds a lot of meaning for Christians alike. Protestants and Roman Catholics are commonly found using this cross as a sort of religious reference. 

Orthodox Cross 

This cross is one of the most popular cross styles out there. You can find xqthe symbol being utilized in jewelry or even art! 

The most common version is the Russian Orthodox cross which features three beams as opposed to the two traditional beams in a cross. 

The additional beam is usually found at the bottom of the cross,  slanting. It is said to represent the footstool of the cross. 

Crucifix Cross 

This is the cross that resonates very well with many Christians. Crucifix and cross are mostly used interchangeably by a lot of people. However,  the cross means the actual piece of metal, wood, or whatever material while the crucifix shows Jesus Christ on a cross. 

If you are big on religious jewelry then there’s no better to show this than to get a diamond ring with a crucifix. You’d be surprised at what skilled jewelers can come up with for a diamond ring with the cross! 

Papal Cross 

This cross is mostly associated with Roman Catholics because it’s a  symbol of the pope.

It may also be called a papal triple cross and it features three horizontal beams with the beam at the top as the shortest and the beam closest to the bottom as the longest. 

If you’re going to get yourself a diamond ring with the cross, you could consider the papal cross. Just keep in mind that some Christians may find it disrespectful and offensive. 

St. Peter Cross 

This Cross is referred to as the cross of St. Peter for the sole reason that he requested to be crucified upside down. He did not deem himself worthy to be crucified in the same manner as Jesus so he asked for it to be done differently. 

St. Peter's story already tells you much about the appearance of this cross. It is also commonly referred to as the upside-down cross. 

Celtic Cross 

The cross features a ring at the intersection of the beams in a cross.  Some people say it signifies holiness or a halo. While some attribute the circle to the fact that crosses used to be made of stone and were usually unstable. So the rings around their intersections helped to strengthen them. 

The cross originated in Ireland where it is believed that Irish missionaries made use of the Celtic cross to spread the word of God.  Additionally, it is believed to have occurred between the 9th to 12th centuries.

Iron Cross 

During the war against Napoleon, on March 10, 1813, King Frederich  Wilhelm III of Prussia created this form as a decoration for an award presented to soldiers or military officials who attained a certain level of achievements in said war. 

It is a rather simple cross that features four almost equal parts. It is a  common form of this symbol that you will find on many rings. 

Wooden Cross 

Many Christians today will get a wooden cross pendant. They do this because they believe that Jesus Christ was crucified on a wooden cross.  So, it is perceived to attract a unique connection to the cross and Jesus himself.  

The chances of finding a diamond ring with a cross made of wood are slim. Though, it may be possible after a thorough search. 

Jerusalem Cross 

This is another gorgeous form of a cross. The unique feature of this one is that it has four crosslets, each located in the four quadrants of the cross. 

The cross used to be a symbol in Jerusalem’s shield, hence, the name.

Coptic Cross

In the modern-day, the Coptic cross features more intricate designs kike  flowers and lots more. It represents the Coptic Orthodox Church and the Coptic Catholic Church. 

The older version of the Coptic cross is more straightforward and only featured four T's surrounding a cross that featured a circle. 

Templar Cross 

The greatest honor for Templar knights was martyrdom and for them,  Templar crosses signified just that. 

The Templar cross features thin branches in a cross surrounded by a  circle that gets bigger as the arms extend. The Templar cross is a rather famous image of these knights. Due to its nature, you can as well consider it for your diamond ring with the cross. 

Tau Cross 

The appearance of the cross can be likened to the capital “T” in which all the parts extend to resemble the Greek letter “Tau”. 

If you’re talking about religious significance, the tau cross dates back thousands of years ago. It is a very popular form of the cross symbol as it is widely utilized in the jewelry industry across the world. 

Ankh Cross 

A lot of people also refer to this cross as the key to life. The reason is simple, it is designed after a letter in Egyptian calligraphy and is believed to symbolize life and immortality.

It usually comprises three straight parts and one that is shaped kike a  loop. The loop is usually at the top of the cross. 

Today, the ankh cross symbolizes things like gender fluidity, transformation, respect for the dead, and fertility. 

Sideways Cross 

This cross looks just like the name implies. It is a Latin cross that is arranged sideways. 

For Christians, this may represent Jesus laying down his cross for them to pick it up and carry. 

Or it may just be a gorgeous fashion statement that speaks to you. Over the years, lots of celebrities have also jumped on the trend of sideways crosses. It started very early with superstar Madonna when she sported a gorgeous sideways cross necklace in one of her appearances. 

You have every reason to want your diamond ring with a cross sideways.  Still, in the end, it’s about whether the style seems to you or not. 

The crosses listed above are the most common that you will find available for your diamond ring. Selecting the type of cross is not the only thing that goes into getting these rings. 

Since the main attraction is split with diamonds, you should know how to properly choose yours. 

Choosing The Diamond For My Cross Ring

Most of us are already conversant with diamonds. If you are not or just need a little recap, we’re here for you. 

Diamonds are gorgeous gemstones that are famous for their hardness and beauty. 

These stones are formed under extreme pressures for hundreds of years or even more. This all happens underneath the earth's crust so diamonds are stones that occur naturally. 

Diamonds can fit into any description. Whether it’s for a wedding, a  family dinner, or an important business meeting. Diamond jewelry rarely seems out of place and neither will your diamond ring with a cross. 

First, you are going to choose the shape to get your diamonds. The  most popular diamond shapes you can get for your cross rings are: 

  • Round Cut 
  • Emerald Cut 
  • Princess Cut 
  • Oval Cut 
  • Asscher Cut 
  • Pear or Teardrop Cut 
  • Marquise Cut 
  • Radiant Cut 
  • Baguette Cut 

Some of these shapes will exhibit more brilliance while others focus on clarity. This is a result of their cut styles and the number of facets. 

Since you are getting a ring, we recommend going for brilliant-cut diamonds. It will show off your ring’s beauty much more.

As soon as you choose your diamond you should verify its quality before purchase. Diamonds are graded by these 4 C’s: 

  • Cut 
  • Color 
  • Clarity 
  • Carat 


The cut of your diamond plays a huge role in whether your ring will sparkle or not. As stated earlier, the facets determine the utilization of light entry for reflection. 

If you get a diamond that is adequately and properly cut it will emit outstanding brilliance and you would be glad you got it. 

For GIA certifications, you should aim for “good” or “excellent” grading in cut for stones in your diamond ring with the cross.  


There is a strict grading scale that diamonds follow for color. This applies to colorless diamonds. The scale begins at D and ends at Z. 

For colored diamonds, it’s good to know that the rater diamonds will attract much more value. It only makes sense since they are so hard to find.  

Even with these rare diamonds, the deeper colors cost more than diamonds with lighter colors. It also gets very expensive when the diamond is completely colorless.


Just like color, clarity follows a strict grading scale. Clarity is a measure of the level of inclusions present in a diamond. You do want to get a  diamond that has visible inclusions as it may reduce the stone’s overall value and increase its chances of chipping. 

Below are the symbols that represent various points on the clarity  scale: 

  • F – Flawless  
  • IF – Internally Flawless 
  • VVS – Very very slightly included  
  • VS – Very slightly included 
  • SI – Slightly included 
  • I – Included 

Typically, you want to aim for an eye-clean diamond – that shows no visible inclusions. You don’t have to go higher up the scale once you find a grade that is eye clean. It’s only extra money, it doesn’t add anything else. 


Diamonds are weighed on a very sensitive scale to get their exact measurements which are represented in carat. A single unit of the carat is equal to 200 milligrams or 0.2 grams. 

Getting a carat size is dependent on your personal preference. There is no right or peculiar carat for your diamond ring with a cross. As long as it matches your style and can fit into your budget, go for it.

Just never neglect the other C's while you focus on carat. Bigger isn’t always better and this is true even with diamonds. 

At this point, you have gotten your diamond sorted out, and the next thing is to decide on the metal. 

Choosing The Metal For Your Diamond Ring With Cross 

The metal you choose should suit your style. We have been emphasizing preference throughout this article because it is easy to realize you didn’t like the ring after you have completed and received your order. That will be wasted money, now won’t it? 

Some precious metals to choose from include: 

  • Gold: This is a truly timeless metal that is just as elegant in your diamond ring with cross. With gold, you have the option of  getting: 

Gold-plated cross rings 

Gold-filled cross rings 

Gold-vermeil cross rings 

Solid gold cross rings. Under this we have; yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and many other gold alloys. 

  • Sterling Silver: This gorgeous alloy of silver is perfect for your cross rings. It mostly consists of a small percentage of other metals that improve silver’s strength.
  • Platinum: This metal has an even more lustrous white shine than silver. Not to mention it is hypoallergenic and thus 100% safe for your skin.  

When Should I Get A Diamond Ring With Cross? 

If you or someone in your life is a Christian then this ring is a perfect gift for Christmas, or to celebrate baptism, confirmation, or first holy communion. 

On the other hand, you can get it for yourself or someone else without any religious attachments. It is a very aesthetically pleasing ring after all. 

In both cases, the ring also works for birthdays, valentines, anniversaries, graduations, and many more. You can even get them just to add more elegant pieces to your jewelry collection. 

How To Care For Your Diamond Ring With Cross 

The best way to go about this is the simplest way to do it. If you want your diamond ring with cross to retain its luster for the longest possible time, then you have to perform regular maintenance practices. 

Make sure you carry out an easy cleaning process at least every 2  weeks for your rings. Simply wash them in mild soapy water with a soft toothbrush, rinse under running water, and pat dry. 

When it’s time for storage you will want to keep them away from other jewelry. This is because diamonds, being very hard gemstones, can scratch other gemstones and metals. In rare cases, they may even get scratched themselves.

As you do these maintenance procedures, be sure to take your rings for a proper inspection by a jewelry expert once a year. They can easily detect a need for re-plating, loose gemstones, carrying out polishing, and much more. Not to mention that they give it the more thorough cleaning it needs every once in a while. 

A diamond ring with cross is a perfect choice whether you hold their religious significance dear or you just see that it is visually appealing.  

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