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Diamond Criss Cross Ring White Gold 

There are three major parts to this gorgeous ring which are the gemstone, symbol, and metal that is diamond, criss cross, and white gold. This article is going to guide you on everything there is to know about diamond criss cross ring white gold. 


This gemstone is popular for its sparkle and durability. It is widely used in engagements and weddings. So it is usually attributed to meanings relating to love. 

The first popular use of diamonds as an engagement ring was in 1477  when the archduke of Austria presented one to his betrothed, Mary of  Burgundy. Although, diamond rings had been used long before 1477. 

In the 1990s, during the wars, the demand for diamonds plummeted so jewelry giant De Beers began running adverts with celebrities wearing diamonds. Then they came up with the famous quote, ‚Äúa diamond is forever‚ÄĚ. These advertisements were enough to skyrocket the sale of diamonds by a huge margin.¬†

Today, diamonds are loved by everybody, regardless of gender. You would hardly go a day without sighting a diamond earring, bracelet,  necklace, or any type of jewelry with somebody. 

The appearance of the diamonds appeals to the visual senses of so many people. Whether as a colorless or colored gemstone, it is certainly one to try out.

Symbolism Of Diamonds 

As stated earlier, since diamonds are more widely used in wedding and engagement rings, we attribute them to love, marriage and companionship. 

Other meanings attached to diamonds are: 

  • Purity¬†
  • Strength¬†
  • Beauty¬†
  • Perfection¬†
  • Unity¬†
  • Good health¬†¬†
  • Long life¬†

The symbolism of the diamond is enough reason to be interested in diamond criss cross ring white gold. Let’s take a deeper look at the types of diamonds, their shapes, and their quality. 

Types Of Diamonds 

What we are looking at are not technically types of diamonds but rather variations from colorless to colored diamonds. Let us take a look at them one by one. 

Colorless Diamonds  

These diamonds lack the presence of any trace element in their crystal lattice structure, so, they appear to be colorless. They outstandingly 

reflect light. They reflect more white light(brilliance) than rainbow colors(fire). 

These are the most popular diamonds used in the jewelry world. 

Fancy diamonds  

These are diamonds that break out of the color grading scale. They can be a variety of colors from green, blue, red, pink, black, purple, or orange. 

These diamonds also emit brilliance to an extent but they are mostly desired for their color. 

Let’s take a look at some of the fancy colored diamonds: 

  • Yellow Diamonds: This fancy-colored diamond is one of the most common of such. It is formed when nitrogen is present in the crystal lattice structure of a diamond. The greater the amount of nitrogen the deeper the color intensity.¬†

These diamond and brown diamonds are the only fancy diamonds that occur to an extent on the D ‚Äď Z scale. As you go down the scale the amount of nitrogen present increases until it exceeds the Z mark and becomes a yellow fancy diamond. It is a great kind to consider for your diamond criss cross ring white gold.¬†

  • Brown Diamonds: These diamonds are also called ‚Äúchampagne‚Ä̬† diamonds. They are a close cousin to the yellow diamonds as it is also the presence of nitrogen that gives them their color.

The diamonds range from a pale champagne brown to fancy deep brown. The champagne diamonds are in high demand. However,  the major mine of these diamonds closed down in 2015. 

  • Black Diamonds: These diamonds are not formed with the presence of a trace element rather the inclusions in the diamond are so numerous that it appears to be black. The diamond is not transparent like other fancy diamonds because of this. It does not emit a lot of brilliance as well.¬†

The black diamond is becoming very popular. The beauty of the color is unmatched and since it is the inclusions that make the black diamond you don’t have to worry about its clarity. A perfect stone for your diamond criss cross ring white gold. 

  • Blue Diamonds: The presence of boron in this crystal lattice is what results in a pale blue color. It is rare to find vivid colored blue diamonds. These diamonds even occur up to 4 times deeper than fancy diamonds on the earth.¬†

The vivid colored diamonds are very expensive to acquire since there is only a handful of them available. 

  • Green Diamonds: These diamonds are also formed differently than the usual way fancy diamonds are. When the carbon atoms in a diamond are knocked out of place by radiation, it causes the diamond to reflect light that enters it as the green light.¬†¬†

It is rare to find green diamonds that show this color all the way through because of the nature of their formation. It is also a bit 

tasking to determine whether or not a green diamond was artificially enhanced so a rough girdle called ‚Äúnatural‚ÄĚ is left for testing.¬†

  • Pink And Red Diamonds: Controversies surround the formation of these fancy diamonds. Many scientists believe that it undergoes a¬† process called plastic deformation just before it reaches the earth's surface.¬†¬†

The fact remains that these are one of the rarest diamonds in the world. So, they are highly valuable. Also, depending on the intensity of the pink or red hue. 

  • Orange Diamonds: These diamonds are formed due to the presence of nitrogen in their crystal lattice. They are a close cousin to the yellow and brown diamonds. It is common to find orange diamonds that have yellow, brown, or purple undertones.¬†

The higher intensity of color in these diamonds holds much more value than a pale orange. However, the low demand for orange diamonds makes it relatively affordable to acquire your diamond criss cross ring in white gold. 

Shapes Of Diamonds 

There are a variety of diamond shapes to choose from. There is one that suits every style so you are highly likely to find a diamond shape that resonates perfectly with you.

Many people confuse the shape of the diamond with the cut. They are related but they are not the same thing. Cut deals with the manner and how well a diamond is cut while the shape is the form the diamond takes. 

The shape of your diamond will also play a huge role in how it looks. Some shapes require the weight of the diamond to be beneath the girdle, in that case, your diamond will look smaller. While some require the weight to be above the girdle, this will make your diamond appear a bit larger than it actually might be. 

The popular diamond shapes you can choose for your diamond criss cross ring white gold are: 

  • Round cut diamonds¬†
  • Princess cut diamonds¬†¬†
  • Emerald cut diamonds¬†¬†
  • Oval diamonds¬†
  • Asscher cut diamonds¬†¬†
  • Cushion cut diamonds¬†¬†
  • Pear cut diamonds¬†¬†
  • Marquise cut diamonds¬†¬†
  • Heart cut diamonds¬†¬†

Quality of The Diamond 

There is no standard as to what grade of diamond is the best quality or not. A lot of people attribute a higher grade to higher quality, this is not always the case. Whichever grade of diamond works for you is the best quality for you.

For simplicity’s sake though, there are ways to grade diamonds based on the different qualities they possess. These ways are simply the four  Cs of diamonds: 

  • Cut¬†
  • Color¬†
  • Clarity¬†
  • Carat¬†


The number of facets on a diamond will determine the level of sparkle it emits. If you get a 58+ facets diamond that is poorly cut, sorry to say but it will be as lifeless and dull as ever. The number of facets and how well they are cut work hand in hand in this C of diamonds. 

In a nutshell, a well-cut diamond with an adequate number of facets will result in remarkable brilliance and fire for your diamond criss cross ring white gold. 


This C is already self-explanatory. It deals with the color intensity of a  diamond.  

If you are dealing with colorless diamonds, you should refer to the D ‚Äď Z¬† color grading scale. It will guide you on the best color for your diamond.¬† Typically, you want to go for a diamond that appears colorless in comparison to the white gold metal.

Then colored diamonds also have an unofficial scale ranging from faint to fancy deep. As the color intensity deepens, the desirability and value increase. 


We mentioned that you may not have to deal with clarity if you are getting a black diamond. Well, it’s going to be a huge factor in every other kind of diamond. Clarity is the level of visible inclusions present in a diamond. 

More inclusions reduce the beauty of the diamond. There is a clarity grade scale as well that starts at included(I) and moves up to flawless  (FL). The goal here is for you to get a diamond that appears eye clean for your diamond criss cross ring white gold. 


This C does not directly impact quality like the others. It’s a matter of preference and budget. If you can afford to get larger diamonds, go for it. If you can’t, it doesn’t reduce your diamond quality in any way. 

A great way to save on the carat of diamonds is to get a carat that is just short of the standard. For example, you can get a 0.92Ct diamond instead of a 1Ct diamond. Most people will not be able to tell the difference anyway.

You should look out for GIA or AGS certifications for the above Cs.  Always go for a relatively good grading for each of them when buying the diamond for your diamond criss cross ring white gold. 

Now that we’ve taken an in-depth look at diamonds, let us move to the next component which is the criss cross symbol. 

Criss Cross 

This symbol features two or more rods or lines that are separate but intersecting at a point. When talking rings, it is the shank of the rings that are parallel until they cut across each other at a point. 

This symbol is a stunning symbol that is packed with a lot of meaning. It may be the entire ring or just a fraction of it that is engraved with a  criss cross. 

Symbolism of Criss Cross 

The criss cross represents two things coming together or passing each other’s paths. We can attribute this meaning to a lot of things. Marriage is one sort, it represents two different people coming together as one to move and be committed to each other. 

It shows that the total of things is much greater than when they were single or separate entities. We can say that it shows that you need to work hand in hand with people in the world to succeed at what you do. 

If the symbolism of this shape is not enough to get you to buy a  diamond criss cross ring of white gold, we don’t know what is.

The Diamond is a stunning gemstone on its own, and when paired with a criss cross is outstanding. The only thing that can make this combination even better is the addition of a gorgeous white lustrous metal; a precious metal alloy known as white gold. 

White Gold 

White gold is an alloy of gold ‚Äď that is, it is gotten by mixing gold with other metals. The metals increase the strength of gold making it more suitable for everyday wear. In addition, the metals added are white so they alter gold's natural color to something more silvery white.¬†¬†

The gold alloy was first discovered in 1710 by two German alchemists.  However, it saw no popularity until wartime in the 1900s. During this time, restrictions were placed on the use of platinum which served as a  staple for jewelry. Many countries saw the usefulness of platinum for military purposes so they reserved it for that. 

White gold then came to the rescue. It was a close substitute to platinum so it was widely used. Soon enough, the use of white gold died down as a result of the numerous allergic reactions it caused. 

Today, the desire for this gorgeous metal has been on the rise making it a perfect choice for many pieces of jewelry including the diamond criss  cross ring white gold. 

What Alloy Metals Are Used In White Gold? The metals that are mixed into gold are white. Some of which are:

  • Nickel¬†¬†
  • Palladium¬†
  • Zinc¬†
  • Silver¬†¬†

Even after mixing these metals, white gold may retain a level of gold’s natural yellow hue, this is where the rhodium coating comes in. 

What If I Am Allergic To White Gold? 

Technically, you may not be allergic to white gold rather it is the alloy metal you may be allergic to. The most common allergen used in white gold is nickel.  

Rhodium which is a white hypoallergenic metal is used to coat the white gold. That way, your skin is safe and your ring has a unique white luster. 

Will My Diamond Criss Cross Ring White Gold Turn Yellow? 

After a good amount of use, your ring will start to lose its rhodium coating resulting in it turning ‚Äúyellow‚ÄĚ. The remedy to this is for you to take your ring for re-plating every 2 ‚Äď 3 years. This way your ring maintains its unique shine for the longest time possible.¬†

How Much Does It Cost To Get Diamond Criss Cross Ring White Gold?

When comparing this alloy with platinum, white gold is more affordable. This is because the composition of platinum in most pieces of jewelry is 92% and above while white gold is 75% and lower. This means that a greater amount of platinum is used for jewelry than white gold. 

The cost of the gold alloy depends on the karat that you are getting for your diamond criss cross ring white gold. Get a quote from a jewelry expert based on the karat you desire. 

How To Care For Your Diamond Criss Cross Ring White Gold 

As a first step, always take your ring for a proper inspection by a jewelry expert. You don’t have to do this very often, once a year will be just fine. The jewelry expert will check for any need for re-plating, resizing, and such. 

Ensure to take off your ring whenever you are doing work with your hands. This will lengthen its life span. Also, take it off when applying cream or lotions on your skin. 

Follow this process for a thorough maintenance practice at home: 

  • Soak your ring in a bowl of water mixed with a mild detergent or dish soap.¬†
  • Use a soft brush such as a baby toothbrush to scrub all over the ring carefully.¬†
  • Rinse the ring under running water as soon as it shows no more visible dirt.
  • Pat dry your ring with a soft fiber-free towel.¬†
  • Store it separately from other pieces of jewelry. Preferably, wrapped in a soft cloth.¬†

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