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Criss Cross Wedding Band 

So you’re getting married! Amid all the excitement, there’s a lot of planning underway. You don’t have to incessantly worry about everything, at least certainly not your wedding band. That’s what this guide is for! 

We are going to introduce you to everything wedding bands and make a special recommendation that would certainly blow your mind. So, are you ready to learn all there is to learn about choosing the best wedding band for you? 

What Is A Wedding Band? 

As you may already know, a wedding band is simply a ring you exchange with your partner to signify your marriage. A lot of people hold this simple yet exquisite piece of jewelry in high regard. It only makes sense that they do, wedding bands are great! 

Wedding bands are typically worn for the rest of your life, so you have every right to be a bit tense concerning picking the right one. The one that you see yourself loving in the next couple of years. 

We can’t make the right choice for you but we can help you make the right choice. One ring style we suggest you consider is criss cross wedding bands

What Is A Criss Cross Wedding Band?

Simply put, this stunning wedding band features a criss cross either as a  motif or the majority of the ring.  

On hearing the name “criss cross”, we’re sure you have formulated a  picture of what it looks like in your head. Chances are that your imagination is correct.  

The criss cross features two or more lines, rods, or, in this case, shanks that are straight and then intersect at a point, hence the name. 

In wedding bands, the criss cross may feature two shanks as is most common, or may simply feature an engraving of a criss cross. 

Before we dive even deeper into everything about criss cross wedding bands, let’s take a little look into the history of wedding bands itself. 

History Of Wedding Bands 

We can trace the very beginning of wedding rings to the same place that is commonly said to be the origin of human civilization, Egypt. 

The Egyptians mostly used organic materials like reeds, or hemp to form circles that they exchanged during wedding festivals. Just like today the ring symbolized eternal love, commitment, and passion to the Egyptians. 

We can also trace the origin of where wedding bands are worn to the ancient Egyptians. They believed that the fourth finger on the left hand was connected to a vein that led straight to the heart. Love was believed to come from the heart, so what better way to connect with love?

You have most likely heard of the term “vena amoris” which means vein of love. The actual practice originated from Egypt but we attribute this saying to the Romans because they named it. 

How did the Romans adopt the practice? Well, it all started when the  Greeks conquered Egypt and mimicked their wedding band traditions.  So, when the Romans in turn conquered Greece, they took up that same wedding band tradition. 

You certainly would not have found criss cross wedding bands in Rome at the time but you would see rings made from iron. The Romans believed that iron was a much better material for wedding bands to be made off as opposed to organic materials. 

You would even find rings of gold among the wealthy and notable people in ancient Rome. Some of these rings had inscriptions,  engravings, and so many other embellishments. 

Cupid or Eros, which is believed to be the god of love was commonly engraved onto wedding bands. Quite the number and variety of wedding bands evolved over the years. From Fede rings to Gimmel  Rings to Poesy Rings and today, criss cross wedding bands. 

In ancient times, weddings were not as elaborate as there are in this modern day. Weddings then did not require any witnesses. People simply exchanged rings which were called “weds” and would be married. This used to result in a lot of controversies as one or both partners could easily deny that the wedding ever took place. 

Mostly for the above reason, the church in the 12th century deemed weddings as a holy sacrament and a man was to only give a woman he intended to marry a ring. Rings were not intended to be used for any other purpose. 

The church as well encouraged men to wear wedding rings but the trend did not pick up until the two world wars. During the wars, male soldiers began to wear rings as a way to remember their wives or partners back home. The trend fell into the civilian territory after the  Korean war. 

To this day, weddings are still considered a holy sacrament by most and hold much endearment among many couples.  

This brief introduction to the history of wedding bands has subtly talked about the symbolism of wedding bands, so since we are recommending criss cross wedding bands, what symbolism does it hold? 

Symbolism Of Criss Cross Wedding Bands 

There’s no better fit for criss cross rings than weddings. Since the two main parts of the criss cross intersect, it shows that two people have come together in love. 

Weddings signify two people coming together as one in marriage. The criss cross features two separate entities that cross each other to become greater. It shows that the sum of things is greater than what would have been as individuals. 

It symbolizes everything love and eternity between a couple. So, it is a  perfect choice for you if you’re big on symbolism. Now let’s take a little look at styles and where this one fits.

What Are The Styles Available For Wedding Bands?

We can divide the general styles for rings into three, they are: 

  • Plain wedding bands 
  • Gemstone set wedding bands 
  • Shaped wedding bands 

Plain Wedding Bands 

These wedding bands follow the traditional style of simple minimalistic bands. All there is these bands are the metals that wrap around your finger. It’s an elegant choice especially if you want something modest in comparison to your flashy engagement ring. 

Gemstone Set Wedding Bands 

If you want to take a huge leap from traditions and simplicity then you can go for gemstone set wedding bands. These wedding bands feature diamonds or colored gemstones on the shank of the band. It’s quite similar to eternity rings and can even be considered as one. 

Shaped Wedding Bands 

This is where our criss cross wedding band falls into. These wedding bands feature beautiful shapes that make them all the more elegant. If you appreciate personalization for your rings, then you should opt for one of these bespoke wedding band designs. 

What Metals Can I Get For My Criss Cross Wedding Bands? 

This is a very important part of the ring-building process. There’s no ring without a metal now, is there? 

There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to the metals for your wedding bands.  

Before we talk about these metals, here are a few factors to need to consider before picking the metal for your wedding band. 

  • Ascertain whether you want a complementary or contrasting wedding band to your engagement ring. 
  • Choose a color or general feel that you would love for your wedding band. 
  • Check if you have any metal allergies. If you do, stay away from common metal allergens like nickel. 

As soon as you have taken an in-depth look into the above factors, you can pick any of these metals. 

  • Gold 
  • Platinum 
  • Palladium 
  • Silver, etc. 


Just like wedding bands date far back, gold is a classic and timeless metal. Over the years it has served many purposes and has been quite dominant in the jewelry world. 

If you’re considering getting a gold wedding band, you have the option  of: 

  • Gold plated wedding bands 
  • Gold vermeil wedding bands 
  • Gold-filled wedding bands 
  • Solid gold wedding bands  

The alloys you typically find in the jewelry market fall into the solid gold category. The most popular alloys of gold are rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. 

Contact a jewelry expert before you decide on the alloy that is right for your criss cross wedding band. 


This metal is much rarer than gold and requires a greater amount of work to form any piece of jewelry. So, it is generally more expensive than gold. 

Titling away from value, this white metal is beyond gorgeous as it has a  white shine like no other. Not to mention that platinum is hypoallergenic, so, you don’t have to worry about metal allergies when you get yourself a platinum wedding band.


This is a relatively new addition to the metals used in pieces of jewelry across the world. It belongs to the same family as platinum and it is cheaper and lighter than platinum. 

It offers just as gorgeous a white finish as its platinum cousin. If you’re going for silvery cool metals on a budget, palladium is the perfect metal for your criss cross wedding bands. 


Since we are talking silvery metals, we can’t leave out the metal credited in every mention. Just like gold, silver is a timeless and classic metal. 

It does not have the same white finish as the white metals mentioned above. Rather silver has a grayish-white appearance. 

Silver is too soft to use in jewelry on its own. So, it is commonly alloyed with other metals to increase its durability. The alloy is then termed  “sterling silver”. 

Before you head on over to the jewelry store to get your silver wedding band, remember that silver tarnishes. However, this can be managed with proper maintenance practices. 

Can I Get Diamonds For My Criss Cross Wedding  Bands?

The simple answer is yes. There’s hardly any piece of jewelry that can’t be adorned with diamonds. These criss cross wedding bands are certainly not excluded. It’s huge titling from the traditional design of wedding bands, but who said traditional is always better? 

You can opt for colorless diamonds or switch things up a bit with fancy  diamonds like: 

  • Blue diamonds 
  • Green diamonds 
  • Pink diamonds 
  • Yellow diamonds  
  • Brown or champagne diamonds 
  • Orange diamonds 
  • Black diamonds  

As the diamond lacks color its value increases. While in fancy diamonds as the colors deepen the cost of the gemstone skyrockets. 

Diamond Shapes 

After choosing the diamond for your criss cross diamond bands, you should choose the shape that your stone will be cut into. 

There are two general cut styles for diamonds(these relate more to their cut grading). 

  • Brilliant Cut Diamonds: These diamonds are cut to maximize brilliance – that is, the sparkle the diamond exudes. Examples are round cut and princess cut diamonds.
  • Step Cut Diamonds: The diamonds feature a stair-like cut in their pavilions. They are cut with wide tables to show off clarity.  Examples are Asscher cut and Emerald cut. 

Some other diamond shapes that you can get for your criss cross  wedding bands are: 

  • Baguette cut 
  • Radiant cut 
  • Marquise cut 
  • Teardrop or pear cut 
  • Oval cut 

Diamond Grading 

Before you purchase any diamond, you need to ascertain its quality.  The quality of the diamond you will purchase is determined by your budget. Higher-quality diamonds are always relatively high priced. 

The grading of diamonds is governed by 4 C's which are: 

  • Cut  
  • Color 
  • Clarity 
  • Carat weight  

Make sure to ask for GIA or AGS certifications for each of the above C's.  This will enable you to be sure of the diamond you are purchasing for your wedding band.

How Should I Choose My section Criss Cross Wedding Band? 

As stated earlier, you have to consider your engagement ring. 

Say you got a 14K engagement ring, you have to get a 14K wedding band too. You don’t want them rubbing on each other and reducing the beauty after all. 

If you have a relatively big gemstone on your engagement ring, then you should consider getting a contour for the wedding ring. The contoured band curves inward at a point on the shank. It is usually built according to the gemstone on the engagement ring. It allows enough space for the engagement ring's stone to sit and also locks it in place. 

You wouldn’t have to bother about these if you plan on sporting your wedding band and engagement ring on separate fingers though. 

Who Should Wear The Criss Cross Wedding Band? Whoever resonates well with the style of the wedding band. 

Most couples opt for a similar pair of wedding bands. So, if both you and your partner love the criss cross wedding band you should get a  matching pair. 

On the other hand, many couples have different styles and tastes. Their preferred choice of a wedding band contrasts. In this case, you both should wear whatever ring you like.

Where Should I Wear My Criss Cross Wedding  Band? 

The most common finger that couples wear on their wedding bands is the right ring finger – that is the third finger from the thumb. 

As the world is developing, people are laying off those old traditions attached to how you should wear a wedding band. Many places in the east even originally wore their wedding bands on the right hand! 

Apart from twists to traditional wedding bands, some people wear their ring on the less active hand. Say you are left-handed it only makes sense to wear your ring on your right hand which you use less often and vice versa. 

How To Care For Criss Cross Wedding Bands 

You need to care for every piece of jewelry you own but your wedding bands are so special so you have to give them that special treatment! 

You should take your criss cross wedding band at least once a year for proper inspection by a jewelry expert. The size of your finger is likely to increase or decrease over the years. You should take it for resizing when the need arises. 

You are probably not a jewelry expert, so what can you do to maintain your rings at home? For one, you can follow this simple maintenance process. 

  • Soak your wedding bands in water mixed with a few drops of mild detergent or dish soap.
  • Scrub the band with a toothbrush or any other soft bristle brush. Rinse the wedding band under running water. Close the sinkhole to prevent your wedding band from going down the drain. Pat dry the wedding band with a soft cloth. 
  • Store it in a fabric-lined jewelry box that is divided into compartments or simply wrap it in a soft cloth before placing it in the drawer. 

So, are you ready to begin your search for the perfect criss cross wedding band? Check out the glamourous wedding band collection at Goldia now!

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