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Criss Cross Ring Gold 

Are you interested in getting yourself or a special someone rings? Are you stuck on a choice? 

Well, thank your stars that you have come across this article. Why? It’s simple really, we’re about to introduce you to a stunning ring that is beyond perfect for any occasion, event, celebration, or even a regular day! 

The ring we are going to talk about today is criss cross ring gold. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? 

What Is A Criss Cross Ring Gold? 

Simply put, this is an elegant ring that features a criss cross and is made of gold. It can also feature various embellishments that further enhance its beauty. 

We mentioned two key parts in the description of the ring: criss cross and gold. There’s a chance you already know what they are, gold more likely than the symbol. Nevertheless, we are going to make sure you understand each component of this ring and all that it symbolizes. 

What Is A Criss Cross? 

A criss cross, just like the name implies, features two independent lines that intersect – cut across each other. 

In jewelry, for rings, a criss cross would mean two shanks that are parallel and then bend to intersect. It can even feature three bands or more if you like something extra! 

In another instance, the ring can be made of just one shank. In this case, there is an engraving of the criss cross at the front of the ring. 

Both ways of representing the criss cross are just stunning! You can go for the first one, the second or both! If you can’t decide on which one you prefer then you should get the two styles! It’s sure to leave you satisfied and free of thinking that you missed out on something amazing. 

What Does A Criss Cross Symbolize? 

Honestly, whatever meaning a symbol holds all depends on you. The nature of criss cross ring gold makes it have lots of meaningful attachments. 

The ring itself for a very long time has been attributed to love and eternity. That’s because it has been widely used for engagements,  weddings, and even anniversaries! Not to mention that the circle shape of rings have no beginning or end and thus is eternal. This is why a ring is the perfect piece of jewelry to feature a criss cross. 

The criss cross because of its intersection can mean crossing paths with something. We like to associate this “thing” with good tidings. The criss  cross symbolizes that you have been locked with good things and that is all that is to come. 

Romantically speaking, the criss cross shows that two people have come together to love each other, be stronger, and grow together. 

It is sort of like the intertwining of their destinies where they are now merged into one. 

Again, the criss cross goes to show that when things or people come together they achieve much greater things than they would have been capable of doing alone. 

All in all, the criss cross represents strength in unity making it the perfect symbol in your criss cross ring gold. 

What Is Gold? 

You are probably familiar with this precious metal and likely own some jewelry that is made from or features it. 

Gold is a very lustrous and soft metal that occurs naturally. As soon as man discovered the metal they jumped on it and began to use it to adorn themselves and as a symbol of power, wealth, and position. 

At a time, ordinary people had no access to precious metals. It was far too expensive and out of reach for them. But over time as the world has evolved this precious metal has become more easily accessible. 

The fact that gold does not tarnish and it produces unique luster has increased its demand in jewelry making. However, pure gold is too soft to shape into any piece of jewelry. It can be done but that piece will not be well suited for everyday wear. Even when you scarcely wear it, it is prone to multiple scratches on any surface.  

Imagine getting a 24K criss cross ring gold, after it has accumulated scratches, it will no longer be pleasing to wear. So, if you’re going to get one you have to do it with the right percentage purity. Not to worry, 

we’ll talk in-depth about that later in this article. For now, let’s take a  look at its symbolism. 

What Does Gold Symbolize? 

This precious metal holds a lot of luxurious meanings since it is luxurious itself. 

These are some of the symbolism that a piece of gold jewelry has: 

  • Wealth 
  • Success 
  • Prosperity 
  • Good health 
  • Glamour 
  • Luxury 
  • Positivity 
  • Happiness 
  • Glory 
  • Fame 
  • Fortune 

And lots more. 

We owe all of these glorious symbolisms to the unique metallic luster  that gold possesses. The meanings are certainly not limited to these,  you can see gold to mean whatever it is you want for your criss cross  ring gold.

Types Of Gold For Your Criss Cross Ring Gold 

What comes to your mind when you see types of gold may be white gold and the like. Well, you are correct, however, there’s a division before you hit those alloys. They are:  

  • Gold Plated 
  • Gold Filled 
  • Gold Vermeil 
  • Solid Gold 

Gold Plated Rings 

In this type, there is a base metal core that is much more durable than gold; then 24K gold is used to coat it. The coating can range anywhere from 1 to 2 microns. 

It’s quite easy to find gold-plated rings in the market at a more affordable price. This is because only a small portion is pure gold. 

The only downside is that gold-plated rings will lose their gold color easily – that is after a certain amount of use. There are no two ways about it, the gold coating will always wear away. 

Now, the good news is that the coating can always be redone. If you notice your ring starting to lose its gold luster it is probably time to take it to the jeweler for a re-dipping or re-plating. 

If you’re on a budget for your criss cross ring gold, then this gold version is perfect for you.

Gold-filled criss cross rings 

This gold type features a base metal core just like its gold-plated variant. The only difference, in this case, is that the gold coating is exposed to extreme pressure. The pressure bonds the gold coating to the base metal core, resulting in a gold-filled criss cross ring. 

For a ring to be considered gold-filled, the gold has to make up 1/20 or  5% of the metal's total weight. 

As you know, gold does not tarnish and neither will a gold filled ring. It has a remarkably long life expectancy. You can as well be wearing your criss cross ring for up to 30 years. This is certainly a gold type to consider. 

Gold Vermeil Criss Cross Rings 

This gold type is a close cousin to gold plated jewelry. Just as gold plated rings feature a base metal coated in gold, gold vermeil does too.  The only difference is that the base metal is always silver in gold vermeil. 

In the US, a piece of jewelry is only considered gold vermeil if the gold coating is a minimum of 2.5 microns thick.  

There is a chance that your criss cross ring will tarnish if you get it in gold vermeil. It is not the coating that parishes rather it is the silver base metal that undergoes tarnishing. Now, if you want to avoid this,  you should take your gold vermeil criss cross rings for regular re plating.

Solid Gold 

This type is where you find those common alloys of gold. Gold is a very malleable metal and thus very soft so pure gold jewelry is not suitable for everyday wear. It is not durable and it will accumulate scratches. For this reason, gold alloys were formed. They are made by mixing stronger metals with gold thereby increasing the metal's strength. 

Let’s take a look at some of the alloys you can get for your criss cross ring gold. 

  • Rose Gold: This alloy rose to fame in the 1990s when famous artist Peter Carl Faberge used the metal in his famous Faberge eggs. Rose gold was so common in Russia that it came to be known as “Russian gold”. 

The alloy is made by mixing copper, a reddish metal, into gold.  The proportion and composition of the copper present in the alloy determine the shade of rose gold. In some instances, silver is added to the alloy to lighten its color. 

The alloy exudes a lot of romantic and vintage vibes so it is beyond perfect for your criss cross rings. 

  • Yellow Gold: This alloy offers a distinct feeling of warmth as it retains the natural hue of gold. 

The major metals that are used in this alloy are copper and zinc.  The percentage of these metals is usually very small because  they only serve the purpose of durability  

This alloy offers you the truly timeless and classic feel of gold. It is a great choice for a criss cross ring gold or any other piece of jewelry.

  • White Gold: If you are looking for cool silvery metals for your ring,  white gold is the alloy that satisfies all those cravings. 

White gold was initially created in the 1700s by two German alchemists. However, it did not see any fame then and soon got lost in history. 

When the void that came with the ban on platinum in the 1900s  rose, white gold burst into popularity. It looks just like platinum and is much cheaper so it became a staple. The use of white gold has risen and fallen over the years. 

Today, gold alloys that are made from mixing white metals with gold – aka white gold – are in high demand. In most cases, white gold is coated with a white metal called rhodium. It is the  Rhodium coating that is mostly responsible for the alloy’s distinct white finish. 

The alloy is a gorgeous choice for your criss cross ring gold! 

How To Measure Gold 

Gold is measured in karats. 100% pure gold is represented by 24K. The addition of other alloy metals to gold reduces its gold purity resulting in lesser karat. 

The common Karats for gold alloys and their percentage of gold purity  are: 

  • 24K – 99.9% 
  • 22K – 91.6% 
  • 18K – 75%
  • 14K – 53.6% 
  • 10K – 41.6% 
  • 9K – 40% 
  • 8K – 33.3% 

There are testing kits available to ascertain the gold purity of your jewelry. You can easily make use of them if your ring is missing its hallmark or if you would like to confirm the inscribed hallmark. 

Generally, it is ideal to take your ring for karat testing by a jewelry expert. They will likely go through the same process as at home but it gives you confidence in whatever results they come up with. 

Additionally, if you want to calculate the gold purity of your criss cross ring gold, all you have to do is divide the karat by 24 and then multiply your result by 100. 

Can I Get Gemstones For My Criss Cross Ring Gold? 

You can get gemstones for your criss cross rings. It doesn’t matter whether you seek natural or lab-grown gemstones, or, colorless or colored gemstones. You can get anyone you want! 

Some gemstones you can get for your rings are: 

  • Diamond 
  • Aquamarine  
  • Ruby 
  • Sapphire 
  • Emerald 
  • Amethyst
  • Citrine 

Among others. 

Gemstone Shapes  

You would need to pick a shape for your gemstones. The common  shapes to choose from are: 

  • Baguette cut 
  • Round cut 
  • Asscher cut 
  • Emerald cut 
  • Radiant cut 
  • Marquise cut 
  • Oval cut 
  • Pear cut 

Next, you need to consider the quality of the gemstone before you purchase it. 

Determining Gemstone Quality 

The most common way to grade gemstones' quality is by considering  the 4 C's 

  • Color 
  • Cut 
  • Clarity  
  • Carat


There’s a color grade scale for diamonds ranging from D – Z and every other colorless gemstone follows this grade too. As for colored gemstones, their value is determined by the intensity of color in the stone. The deeper the color, the higher the value of the gemstone. 


This is simply how a gemstone is cut and how well the cut process is carried out. It is the cut of a gemstone that will determine the level of fire, brilliance, and scintillation it will emit. You should always aim for a  GIA certification of “good” or “excellent” with the cut. 


This is the level of visible inclusions or blemishes present in a gemstone.  For easy understanding, there is also a grade scale for clarity. The scale begins at “included” and moves up to “flawless”. From the names, you can already tell that there are more inclusions at the bottom of the scale. 


Carat is the unit of measurement for the weight of a gemstone. One unit carat is equal to 200 milligrams. Larger carat weight doesn’t necessarily mean better so if you are on a budget for your criss cross ring gold, a smaller carat gemstone will do just fine.

However, if your budget allows it go for that large carat gemstone! Just don’t focus so much on carat that you neglect the other C's. If you do that, you’ll be left with a dull and lifeless gemstone set criss cross ring. 

How To Care For Criss Cross Ring Gold 

Just like most pieces of jewelry, you need to properly maintain your criss cross ring gold. 

First, let’s talk about the cleaning process, you should regularly do this: Soak your ring in water mixed with a mild detergent or dish soap. 

  • Wipe it with a soft bristle brush to remove any visible dirt. Scrub carefully around the ring shank and the gemstone settings. 
  • Rinse your criss cross ring under running water to remove the soap lather. Keep a bowl under your hands in case the ring slips or better still close the sinkhole. If you don’t do this then there’s a  chance you’ll say goodbye to your ring as it goes down the drain! 
  • Use a soft fiber-free towel to pat dry the ring. 
  • Store the ring away from other pieces of jewelry either wrapped in a soft cloth or a fabric-lined jewelry box divided into compartments. This will prevent the ring from getting scratched by other jewelry and vice versa.

In addition to the above maintenance practice, you should occasionally take your criss cross rings for inspection by a jewelry expert. Do this at  least once a year. 

We’re sure you can now agree with us that criss cross ring gold is indeed intriguing. Well, Goldia has a gorgeous collection of these rings waiting just for you. Go ahead and feast your eyes on the beauties right now!

Criss Cross Ring Gold

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