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Chrome Diopside Jewelry is made from chrome diopside mineral with a large number of shades. From Greek the name translates as “di” - double, “opsis” - “face”. It is not for nothing that it is called “two-faced”, because its palette of colors is vast and diverse.In nature, there are diopside red, yellow, brown, green, purple, pink and black shades. The second name of the stone “malakolit” is characterized by a low indicator of hardness (the malakos is soft) and the place in which it was first found (allalit — the Ala river in Italy). In its pure form, diopside (CaMg (Si2O6)), belonging to the pyroxene group, is colorless and consists of silicon oxide, magnesium and calcium. Often the composition of the mineral contains inclusions of manganese, iron, vanadium, zinc, aluminum, titanium, sodium and potassium, on which the saturation of a particular color depends. Glass or pearl luster, a high coefficient of softness and low density, which with an increase in the composition of the mineral chromium or iron begins to increase, are characteristic of diopside. 


Diopside Varieties:

The color palette of diopsids is so extensive that the mineralogists decided to group them into separate species and assign the following names: Black Star is a black matte type of mineral with the effect of asterism, thanks to which, when a directed ray of light hits, a 4-ray star is visible on the surface of the stone. Chrome-diopside (“Siberian emerald”) is a stone in which a bright green color is provided by an admixture of chromium oxide. Lavrovit is an apple-green or herbal mineral with a high proportion of vanadium. Salit is an opaque yellow-green type of diopside. Antohroit - a stone of gentle pink color with the presence of manganese in the composition. Shefferite is a type of diopside of red-brown hues, which are provided with a high content of manganese. Jeffersonite is a stone with varying shades, from saturated green to brown, almost black. Violan is a violet or purple-violet mineral whose saturation depends on the percentage of manganese and iron in the composition. Diopside is also distinguished by its structural features and the presence of other minerals in its composition. The effect of the cat's eye is peculiar to minerals with tubular inclusions. Stones in which magnetite is present have an asterism effect and are called star diopside. 


Diposide Mineral Deposits:

Diopside deposits are spread all over the planet. Famous black stones are famous for the southern regions of India, violet-colored violas and emerald-colored chrome diopsids - Altai, the Baikal region, the Sayan territories, and the Sverdlovsk and Murmansk regions in Russia. Yellow jewelry stones are mined in the United States and Australia, yellow-green crystals - in Burma. The world known deposits of diopside in the province of Piedmont Italy, in which stones of pale blue and lilac color are mined. Red-brown and dark green crystals are found in the Canadian province of Ontario. The red-brown shades of diopsids predominate in the deposits of Sri Lanka, and large emerald crystals are mined in Pakistan in large quantities.


The Magical Properties of Diopside:

The stone is endowed with an amazing ability to purify a person's aura from negative clusters and to fill the vacant voids with positive energy. To do this, the unmounted crystal is placed in the third eye zone for a few minutes. During such a session, the consciousness is cleared, thinking is activated and energy balance is restored. People with supernatural abilities use diopside to read magical signs coming to them from higher powers. With it, even an unenlightened person will be able to influence the consciousness of other people, seeking their sympathy and favor if they wear a ring with a stone on their left hand. However, it is not possible to use a stone for improper purposes. Diopside does not tolerate deception, so it is easy to reveal the dishonest motives of people engaged in scams and fraud. The talisman with diopside is recommended to physicians, teachers, lawyers and esotericists.


Medicinal Properties of Diopside:

Diopside has long established itself as an effective stimulator of the cardiovascular system. It prevents the occurrence of diseases such as angina, myocardial infarction, thrombophlebitis and atherosclerosis. The healing effect of the stone strengthens the metal of the frame. Silver diopside is a good preventive measure against viral diseases and diseases of the respiratory system - ARVI, flu, bronchitis, tuberculosis and even lung cancer. To do this, it is worn on the left hand in the form of a ring or bracelet. To improve the work of the digestive system will help the decoration of diopside in a gold frame, which should be worn on the right hand. The strength of diopside resorted to with nervous disorders, depression, unreasonable outbursts of anger and excitement. In such cases, after contact with the stone, the person becomes calmer, more confident, the mood improves and the morale becomes stronger. 


The Use of Diopside:

Diopside refers to semi-precious stones. Its natural softness and various colors make it possible to cut out intricate figures, souvenirs, household items and elements for interior decoration. Magical amulets and objects used for rituals are made of stone. Diopside beads are used for embroidery of icons. The low cost and spectacular look, not inferior to precious stones, emphasize the demand for diopside in jewelry. It is cut with a stepped or diamond cut, cabochon or baguette, straightened in silver or gold, and then inserted into earrings, rings, pendants, brooches, cuff links and rings. Bracelets, beads and necklaces are also made from faceted stones. Diopside is considered a valuable collection stone, samples of which are housed in many collections and museums around the world. For example, in the museums of the Smithsonian Institution there is a large black star diopside, whose weight reaches 133 carats.


Zodiac Signs:

In astrology, there are no special recommendations for the use of diopside. An amulet with a stone can be worn by all members of the zodiac house, and only Capricorns and Aries should be wary of the power of the stone. A characteristic feature of these signs is a penchant for petty scams, and the stone does not tolerate deception. Therefore, diopside can "punish" its owner, if he decides to use it to harm others.


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Chrome Diopside Jewelry

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14K Cr.Emerald/PE/CI/Chrome Diopside and Diamond Pendant
14K Cr.Emerald/PE/CI/Chrome Diopside and Diamond Pendant


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14k Chrome Diopside Dia Slide
14k Chrome Diopside Dia Slide


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