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Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Pendants 

Breast Cancer is a disease that has been making waves in many lives for years. To date, there is no cure for any cancer. It can only be treated,  possibly killed, in the early stages but after that?  

There is so much that goes into the research for this cause. Many organizations are trying to find a cure and better treatment options.  

Yet, there are still people that neglect their health, some people don’t know the dangers of breast cancer. The average human can not take away breast cancer in the blink of an eye. However, the average human can support the cause with donations, time, and help to raise awareness. One way to indicate your support is to wear a breast cancer awareness ribbon pendant. 

Wearing a pendant doesn’t provide a solution to breast cancer. It just shows that you stand with the victims of this deadly disease. What is this cancer anyway? 

What Is Breast Cancer? 

Cancer occurs when there are changes(mutations) in a human's cells that lead to the damage of vital cells and tissues in a body. 

Breast cancer is cancer that occurs in cells in the breast. Below are a  few common symptoms of breast cancer: 

  • Breast pain. 
  • The appearance of an odd lump in the breast. 
  • Breast tenderness.
  • Inverted nipples. 
  • Bloody discharge from the nipple. 
  • Swellings in parts or all of the breasts. 
  • Presence of flaking skin on the nipple or breast. 
  • Discolored, pitted skin on the breast. 
  • Unusual lump under your arm 

These are some signs that a person may have breast cancer. Though having some of these symptoms does not always suggest the presence of breast cancer. 

Depending on the stage of breast cancer, there are treatments available. Make sure to check with your doctor regularly for proper checks and diagnoses. 

To aid breast cancer awareness, a pink ribbon was introduced. You will likely find this ribbon on all sorts of products; from clothes to make-up products to breast cancer awareness ribbon pendants. How did this pink ribbon come into existence though? 

Origin Of The Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon 

In 1991, a 68-year-old breast cancer survivor, Charlotte Haley living in  Simi Valley, Calif., began handing out peach-colored ribbons in hopes to raise awareness for breast cancer. She attached a postcard to the ribbon that talked about how only 5% of the National Cancer Institute's budget went into cancer prevention. She asked that the legislators and the country as a whole be woke by people wearing this ribbon.

Intrigued by Haley's actions, Alexandra Penny, the editor-in-chief of Self Magazine approached her for a collaboration. Haley refused, stating that Self Magazine was too commercial. 

Susan G. Komen foundation says it handed out pink ribbons at its first car race for the cure in October 1991. However, the pink ribbon saw a  surge in popularity when it was featured on the cover of Self  Magazine’s issue of that month. Alexander penny partnered with Evelyn Lauder to hand out 1.5 million pink ribbons at Estée Lauder make-up counters. 

The first official breast cancer awareness month was held in October  1986 and the pink ribbon became an international symbol in the year  1991. After which the New York Times named 1992, the “year of the  ribbon.” 

Since then the symbol has been featured on a variety of products.  Some only feature the signature pink color. Now, let us look at its representation in the jewelry industry, as breast cancer awareness ribbon pendants. 

What Are Pendants? 

Simply put, a pendant is a piece of jewelry that hangs freely and is attached to a necklace chain by a small loop. 

A pendant can take many shapes and forms. It could be a solitaire gemstone, be metal paved with gemstones, or left plain. Breast Cancer awareness ribbon pendants have a unique ribbon shape and may be paved. Below are some common styles a pendant may be found in:

  • Solitaire (features a single gemstone). 
  • Heart-shaped pendants. 
  • Cross pendants (shaped to resemble a cross). 
  • Trilogy pendants (features 3 gemstones arranged linearly). Journey pendants (features 3 gemstones that move from small to large). 
  • Halo pendants (features a center gemstone surrounded by smaller gemstones). 

These are some common pendant styles. There are many more unique styles to choose from though.  

You should wear ribbon pendants for the sole purpose of support. Still,  you should go for the best possible jewelry piece, and there are lots of ways to personalize the pendant. 

Purchasing Your Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon  Pendant 

The form of your pendant is already decided, a ribbon shape. You can pave this ribbon or leave it plain. 

If you are going to pave your pendant then you should get pink gemstones as pink is the signature color of the breast cancer awareness ribbon. Take a look at some pink gemstone choices available: 

  • Pink Diamonds: Colorless diamonds are the common choice for jewelry and are easier to find in the market. However, a colorless diamond will not work in this scenario, you would need a pink diamond.

A pink diamond is a rare fancy diamond with a pink hue. The exact conditions that led to its formation are not known. 

It is the rarest colored diamond after the red diamond. This means that it is extremely expensive. Breast cancer awareness ribbon pendants are just pieces of jewelry that show your support. Rather than spend a huge amount of money to purchase a pink diamond for your pendant, donate it to aid breast cancer research. 

There is a much more affordable option to the pink diamond, the pink sapphire. 

  • Pink Sapphire: Sapphire exists in a few colors other than the usual blue, these are: yellow, green, pink, and even white. 

Sapphires belong to the corundum family. The color of the gem is dependent on the number of trace elements present in the stone.  Chromium is the element that results in a pink hue. The greater the amount of chromium, the deeper the shade of pink. 

Pink sapphire color ranges from a pale pink to a vivid magenta.  The pale pink gemstone will have a deeper cut as it makes the stone appear to have a richer and darker color. The opposite is  

true for the dark hue pink sapphires. They undergo shallow cutting to soften the appearance of the gemstone. 

It is an affordable and unique option for breast cancer awareness ribbon pendants. 

The 4C's For Your Pink Gemstone

After you’ve chosen your pink gemstone, you have to decide on the clarity, cut, color, and carat weight of the gem. It is a given that some factors are more important than others. 

The pink sapphire is not subject to the strict grading scale a  diamond follows. However, it is worth noting that you don’t get yourself a low-quality sapphire. 

  • Cut: For both Sapphires and diamonds, the stone requires proper and skilled cutting. That is the only way to maximize the brilliance and fire of the gemstone. 

The pink sapphire will typically be cut according to the rough, to maximize the best possible brilliance that can be emitted from the gemstone. 

Diamonds can be graded as excellent, meaning that they exhibit remarkable brilliance and fire. 

For a breast cancer awareness ribbon pendant, you will likely find round, oval, and cushion cuts in the pavé. If you want something more unique and peculiar, you can go for other cut styles. 

  • Clarity: The level of inclusions that can be seen by the naked eye is a great determinant of the right gemstone to get. 

Diamonds follow a clarity grade scale racing from “flawless” to  “included”. The flawless diamonds are extremely rare, thus,  expensive to acquire. The same goes for pink sapphires. 

A pink sapphire will likely have visible lines. If they don’t then they may have undergone heat treatments.

You should examine a pink sapphire properly and pick one that suits your taste as there are hardly any grading scales available for this gemstone. 

  • Color: Pink sapphires range from pastel pink hues to vivid magenta. The most valuable pink sapphires are the deep-colored ones with purple overtones. 

Diamonds have a standardized grading scale for color but with sapphires, you’ll have to purchase them based on your judgment and preferences. 

  • Carat weight: The weight of the gemstone is not something to be overly bothered about. You’ll likely find smaller carat stones in ribbon pendants. If you want a larger carat weight, all you have to do is inform your jeweler; this will cost more than smaller carats. 

You don’t have to be an expert to evaluate the quality of gemstones.  There are certifications available to guide you through your purchase.  Even if you’re still confused you can contact a jewelry expert and they will aid you. 

Choosing A Necklace  

After you’ve gotten the pendant style and stone down, you will need something to hang it on. You can hang your pendant on a necklace,  anklet, or bracelet; it all depends on your individual preferences. 

To further personalize the pendant, you have the option to choose the type of chain, clasp, and metal for your necklace.

Types Of Chains 

  • Cable chain: This is by far the most common choice for a pendant.  It features oval or round links that interlock to form a beautiful chain. It typically looks the same as an iron chain. Breast cancer  

awareness ribbon pendants will look stunning attached to a cable chain. 

  • Figaro Chain: This chain features flattened interlocked links in different sizes. It has 2-3 shorter links followed by a long link to form an elegant chain. This style originated in Italy. 
  • Curb Chain: This common style has a series of uniform interlocked links. Curb chains are designed to lay flat even when interlocked.  It is a timeless chain style. 
  • Rope Chain: This popular style features metal segments that are interlocked and twisted to give the appearance of a rope. The chain may be thick or thin. Either way, it is very sturdy and therefore the perfect choice for breast cancer awareness ribbon pendants. 
  • Snake Chain: The snake chain resembles the skin of a snake and moves flexibly in the same manner. It features a series of small metal rings tightly locked together to form a smooth and sleek chain. It is delicate and striking when paired with a pendant. 

These are some types of chains to consider for your pendant. Check your jewelry store or visit goldia to check out other options.

In addition to selecting the chain, you have options for the clasp as well.  The clasp is what joins and holds the two ends of a necklace chain together. The most common is the lobster clasp. Other options are the spring ring clasp, magnetic clasp, and barrel clasp. 

After deciding on the type of chain, you should choose the metal for the chain, preferably a precious metal. 

Choosing The Metal For Your Chain 

When it comes to pendants the common choice of metal would be precious ones like gold, silver, or platinum. Before you make a choice you should consider the characteristics of these metals. 

  • White Gold: This is an alloy that is made up of pure gold and white metals like nickel, silver, or palladium. 

The nickel variant causes allergies in most people. So, its white gold alloy is coated with rhodium which is a hypoallergenic white metal. The rhodium plating also helps to mask the yellow tinge that may remain in the alloy. 

It is an elegant metal for breast cancer awareness ribbon pendants. 

  • Yellow Gold: This is another alloy of gold. It consists of pure gold and copper at a very low percentage. Yellow gold is a classic metal in jewelry. 

24K gold will have the greatest yellow hue but will not hold its shape. We recommend 14K and 18K alloys as they are the most 

durable. However, if you want a high pure gold percentage then  22K is an available option that is fairly durable as well. 

  • Rose Gold: This alloy has a signature pink hue. The shade of the metal's pink depends on the amount of copper and silver present. This pinkish color makes a beautiful pair with breast cancer awareness ribbon pendants. 
  • Sterling Silver: Silver is a naturally soft metal and is alloyed to improve its durability. The alloy is called sterling silver. Pure silver makes a larger percentage of the alloy. The metal has a grayish white appearance. 
  • Platinum: This is a white metal that is very durable. It belongs to the same family as rhodium. Platinum is a good choice if you're going for a silvery metal, however, it is much more expensive than white gold. 

The above metals are the recommended choices for your chains and pendants. If you are looking for a warm tone then rose gold or yellow gold is the way to go. And if you are searching for something cool then you should opt for the silvery metals: white gold, sterling silver, or platinum. 

When you’ve gotten your ribbon pendant, the next thing is to properly care for it. Nobody wants a rusty or dirty-looking pendant, right?

Maintenance Of Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Pendants 

It is already established that to keep your jewelry looking good, you have to carry out adequate maintenance practices. 

Make sure to carry out a simple cleaning process on your jewelry at least every two weeks. Soak your pendant in warm water mixed with mild dish soap for a few minutes. Use a soft brush to scrub the pendant to remove any visible dirt. Then rinse under running water. Use a soft fiber-free towel to pat dry. 

Another alternative cleaning method is ultrasonic cleaning. We recommend you take your pendant to a jewelry expert for ultrasonic cleaning. They will go about it properly. Some gemstones and metals will tarnish under ultrasonic cleaning, so please leave it for the experts. 

Store breast cancer awareness ribbon pendants separate from other pieces of jewelry. Keep them in fabric-lined jewelry boxes with compartments. If you don’t have a jewelry box, wrap your pendants in a soft cloth before placing them in the drawer. This will prevent your pendant from getting scratched by other pieces of jewelry and vice versa. 

You will need to take your jewelry for proper inspection at least once a year. The jewelry expert will examine it for any loose settings, need for polishing, or rhodium re-plating. 

There are many ways to support breast cancer victims and help raise awareness. You may decide to wear clothes that have the ribbon's signature pink color, or even dye your hair pink. And if you’re looking 

for a more subtle option that makes a big statement then breast cancer awareness ribbon pendants are a perfect choice.

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