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Arrow Rings 

It is quickly becoming a norm to get yourself or your partner gemstone rings that are in solitaire, halo, three-stone, etc settings. These are probably the choices that come to your head at first thought when searching for a ring. 

Although these intricate rings are wonderful in their amazing way, you may not want those rings; you may want something minimalistic,  simple yet packed with meaning. Well, if that’s what you are out for then an arrow ring is the solution to your problems! 

What Are Arrow Rings? 

These rings are quite simple in design contrary to the image you may get in your head that they are complicated because of the name. 

An arrow ring is designed with an arrow symbol; it’s as simple as that. 

An arrow is characterized by three parts: the arrowhead, which is the pointy end of the arrow; the shaft, the long spine of the arrow; lastly,  the fletching which is the side vane or feathers attached to the bottom of the arrow on either side of the shaft. 

Now, the interesting thing about these rings lies in the connotations attached to the arrow and the various forms these arrows can take in the piece of jewelry. But how did arrows come to be used in rings? 

Origin Of Arrow Rings

Arrow rings as we know them today did not just appear out of thin air.  No, the arrow hasn’t always been a symbol to be used on jewelry, it was once a tool for war. 

The use of arrows can be traced far back over 70,000 years ago; these arrows were found in South Africa. Arrows are evident to have appeared in Eurasia about 48,000 years ago; this is the oldest evidence of arrows outside Africa. 

At the onset, arrows were used for hunting; also, they served as a tool for protection. After all, the sharp edge was known to inflict injury.  People in ancient times used arrows to ward off danger.  

A little further in time and the weapon was used to fight wars. The fact that the arrow could be projected on a bow to a far distance heightened its use as a war weapon. 

Even in these ancient times, arrows were not just used for fighting and hunting. They were used in archery. A game that involves shooting an arrow to hit a target. 

As a result of the many uses of the arrow, the symbol is now widely used in art and jewelry. The way arrows were used throughout time plays a major role in the meanings attached to arrows. 

Cultural Meanings Of Arrows 

Long before arrows came to be used in jewelry, tool and weapon were widely utilized in various cultures. So, an arrow held different meanings according to the culture it was found in.

  • Native Americans: The original inhabitants of the United States of  America held great reverence for arrows. The arrow was not only a tool for hunting, it signified life as it protected them from danger and the harsh conditions of the natural earth. 

It is believed that the native Americans were the ones to first attach symbolic meaning to arrows. 

  • Romans And Greek: The Romans and Greek did use this tool as a  weapon in battles and war. However, cupid, the god of love was believed to shoot arrows at the hearts of people. They believed that whosoever was struck by cupid’s arrow would fall deeply in love with the first person they lay their eyes on. This explains why arrow rings can have a heart and arrow symbol. 
  • Hinduism: In Hinduism, bows, and arrows signify strength and bravery. This is because of the presence of arrows in the epics of  Ramayana and Mahabharata. The arrow not only signifies physical strength but psychological courage and prowess as well.
  • Buddhism: The Buddha asks his disciple if he would be hurt if struck by an arrow, and the disciple answers yes. Then the  Buddha asks if he would again be hurt when hit a second time, the disciple says it will be more painful. The Buddha disagrees, he says the second time, you have the chance to react differently. 

In Buddhism, the arrows represent obstacles, and our reactions are said to be more important than the obstacle itself.

Symbolism Of Arrows 

An arrow ring is a rather simple piece of jewelry, yes; however, the meanings attached to the symbol are quite vast. 

  • Sustenance: Thousands of years ago, arrows were used to hunt,  so, they provided food for humans. They aided the sustenance of life. So, to this day arrows are believed to symbolize the sustenance of life. This makes for a good reason to purchase arrow rings. 
  • Concentration: To shoot an arrow, especially aiming for a target,  you would need to focus completely on the task at hand. Ignoring every form of noise or distraction around you. 

The arrow in jewelry signifies that you are concentrated on a goal and are not distracted from achieving it. 

  • Following your dream: Shooting an arrow involves aiming for a  target and hitting the target. This can be reckoned with following your dreams. The arrow represents you, as you move toward your dream; and the target represents the end goal, your dream. 
  • Forward moving: To shoot an arrow, it has to be pulled back and then released. This means that the initial retrograde movement is not all bad. It just goes to show that you will not remain stagnant forever. After a while, you will pick yourself up and keep moving.  Wearing arrow rings could signify that you believe in this. 
  • Protection: Many people believe that the arrow symbol offers protection. This is because centuries ago, people used the arrow 

to protect themselves from harm. So, wearing a piece of jewelry with an arrow symbol could mean you believe it offers you protection. 

Arrow Symbol In Jewelry  

Arrows are generally straight but that does not limit their representation in jewelry. The symbol can take many forms on a piece of jewelry. First, let’s take a lot at the common shapes in arrow rings. 

  • A Round Twisted Arrow: This is the most common form of arrow you would find in a ring. It allows the ring to be open at one end with the fletching and arrowhead at this end. 

It represents an arrow in motion. It means that you know your goal and your dream, and you’re heading towards them by making a significant effort to achieve these dreams. 

  • Infinity Arrow: Here, the arrow is shaped into the infinity symbol.  It signifies that you have endless possibilities ahead of you. 

It also means there is no end. A ring with an infinity arrow is the perfect gift for a loved one. 

  • Heart And Arrow: Ah, the heart that has been pierced with cupid's arrow; filled with passion, love, and lust. 

A heart and arrow, usually featuring a heart pierced with an arrow, signifies passion and love. It is a wonderful gift for your partner. Tell them that you’ve been hit by cupid's arrow and have eyes for only them or get them a heart and arrow ring; your choice.

Now onto the other shapes that can be found in necklaces, earrings, and the like. 

  • Arrow Pointing Downwards: This arrow signifies peace and contentment.  
  • Looped Arrow: A looped arrow makes quite the statement because an arrow’s shaft is always straight. Its significance is quite simple though, it shows that on your way to accomplishing your dreams, you will encounter obstacles.  

The loop represents the obstacle. In the end, you’ll get past the obstacle and reach your dreams, the arrowhead represents this. 

It’s the perfect gift for someone experiencing struggling times; use it to show them that they can make it out of the difficulty they are in.  

You can get a piece of jewelry with a looped arrow for yourself as well. Whether you’re in a struggling period or not. 

  • Two Crossed Arrows: Simply put, two crossed arrows represent a  bond of friendship. Each arrow represents a party in the friendship. This symbol may also be etched onto arrow rings. 
  • Bow And Arrow: When this symbol is found in jewelry, it usually has the arrow stretched back on the bow ready to go flying across. Now, this signifies that you are at the threshold of your dreams. A point where tension and excitement are building up 

and you can’t wait to go soaring in the direction of achieving your dreams. 

These are the forms an arrow can take and we’re sure you can agree with us that the arrow symbol in jewelry packs a lot of meaning. 

Arrow Rings And Gemstones 

Because of the nature of the arrow ring, it usually has no center stone.  Rather, it is commonly paved with gemstones. It could feature pavé or micropavé diamonds, or colored gemstones.  

You could have the band of your ring paved, the arrowhead, or fletching. There is no one-size-fits-all here. Get creative! Personalize that arrow ring. 

Choosing A Metal For Your Arrow Ring 

You don’t have to worry about picking a halo or channel for this ring. The important aspect would be picking the right metal; one that suits your taste and is durable. 

  • Yellow Gold: Yellow gold is an ever-popular choice. It is an alloy of gold, this means that yellow hold will typically comprise a  percentage of pure gold and a percentage of other metals. 

These metals improve the durability and strength of yellow gold as pure gold is a very soft metal. If you were to get a 24K(100%  gold) arrow ring it would lose shape easily; and what is an arrow ring without its shape?

The metals that are commonly alloyed with yellow gold are copper and silver. A lower karat quality yellow gold is more durable than one with a higher karat. 

  • Sterling Silver: Sometimes, it’s as if gold and silver go hand in hand. 

Just like gold, natural silver will lose shape easily because of its softness. So, silver is alloyed with other metals in a small percentage to improve its strength. 

It is commonly alloyed with nickel. Nickel and some other metals are 7.5% and silver, 92.5%. You see that 925 hallmark you’ll find in your silver ring, means 92.5% pure silver.  

This alloy of silver is called sterling silver. It has a grayish-white tinge. It’s a good choice for arrow rings. 

  • White Gold: This is another alloy of gold. As the name implies the gold is alloyed to look white. The white metals used in this alloy are zinc, nickel, silver, or palladium. 

Even after the alloying process, the white gold may still have a  yellowish tinge to it. To cover this up, white gold is plated with rhodium, a hypoallergenic white metal. 

If you’re looking for a band that has a sparkling white shine for your arrow rings, then white gold is a perfect choice. 

  • Rose Gold: This gold alloy is fast becoming an everyday choice.  This can be attributed to the pinkish color that gives it a romantic feel.

Rose gold is always alloyed with copper. It is the copper element that gives it its pinkish finish. Though other metals like silver can be added to the alloy to produce different shades of rose gold. 

I’m sure you can agree with us that if you’re going to be gifting an arrow ring to your lover then rose gold is the perfect metal choice. 

  • Titanium: Titanium is a lustrous grey metal. It is lightweight, and it is as strong as steel but 45% lighter. This makes it a good choice for rings as it provided comfort and maximum durability.  

Titanium rings are hard to resize or reshape so make sure you get the design and finger measurement right the first time! This is because of its strength. 

Titanium is remarkably resistant to corrosion and the damaging effects of seawater and chlorine. So, this makes titanium a  perfect choice for those who would love to wear their rings while swimming! 

It also allows arrow symbols to be engraved onto its band.  Thereby making a perfect alternative to the usual round twisted arrow rings. 

  • Platinum: This is a white metal that is much less strong than titanium. However, it is metal that is in high demand as it provides luster, is hypoallergenic, and is fairly resistant to scratches. A  platinum arrow ring will maintain its shine for a long time, and only require routine polishing when it starts to lose its shine.

When To Get Arrow Rings 

It would be quite odd to get a plain arrow ring for a marriage proposal or anniversary. Not wedding bands though, an arrow engraved ring will simply serve as a unique wedding band. However,  a gemstone paved arrow can serve as an engagement ring. 

Here are some occasions where the arrow ring fits perfectly: 

  • Valentine’s day: Of course, getting a ring with a heart and arrow for your lover on Valentine’s. It’s all shades of romantic! 
  • Graduation: Say a friend or relative is graduating from high school, college, etc, you could get them a round twisted arrow ring. It will signify their progress in life, it is another milestone! 
  • Date Night: An infinity arrow will be the perfect gift for your lover on date night. The meaning attached to it is simply beautiful. 

These are just some creative ideas we thought of. You can gift arrow rings to yourself or your loved ones whenever. It is all up to you and the meanings you attach to the arrow symbol. 

Maintenance Of Arrow Rings 

For any piece of jewelry to maintain its shine and luster, it has to be well cared for and properly stored. 

The proper way to clean these rings, regardless of the metal that makes up their band, is to gently scrub them with a soft toothbrush dipped in 

warm water and a mild dish soap mixture. Make sure to rinse the lather off the ring under running water. Then pat dry. 

You would clean all the metals in the same way but some require peculiar maintenance techniques. For this reason, you should take your arrow ring to the jeweler for proper inspection at least once a year. The jeweler will check for any loose gemstones and need for polishing or re-plating. 

The platinum and gold rings will require polishing from time to time except for white gold. White gold will require re-plating of its rhodium coating every 2-3 years. And titanium rings over time may lose their shine, it is not advisable to keep your titanium ring on 24/7 as taking it off will become an issue when your finger size changes. 

As with all jewelry, store these rings separately from other pieces of jewelry. The diamond-paved arrow rings go together, the white gold together, the platinum together; this is the proper way to store your rings. 

Whatever the reason may be for your getting an arrow ring, it is a  beautiful, elegant and meaningful possession. The best of all? It never gets old.

Arrow Rings

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