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Aries Jewelry and the characteristic of the sign of the zodiac ARIES 21 March-20 April Aries opens a new zodiac cycle, refers to the elements of fire, has a special charisma (quality) of the discoverer, initiative and purposefulness. Even those who have a calm temperament, Aries never forget about their goals and, as a rule, sooner or later reach the desired. The initiative and activity of representatives of this sign allows us to find new tasks that Aries puts before his followers. It's more important to light up the idea and light it for others for Aries than to finish it. Routine duties, consistency and pedantry - are not strong features of this sign. Pressure, a brief powerful effort, the search for a target and reconnaissance by battle - that's what distinguishes Aries from other signs of the zodiac. Character of the sign Aries' purposefulness also ensures his energy for a short while. Rapid loss of interest in what has been started, the need for new impressions often pushes Aries to risky pursuits and professions. In communication they are straightforward, sometimes too much, but they are sincere as children. This sincerity often borders on tactlessness, it can turn into rudeness. But Aries themselves for a long time can not hold resentment, sharply tearing attitudes, not regretting the past. If someone or something causes interest, then Aries is ready to overcome any obstacles to get closer to the desired object, but often quickly disappointed in people and in the classroom. Creatively gifted, persistent, when touched for alive, strong in spirit - these are excellent athletes, sprinters, commanders, rescuers, reporters in the theater of war, researchers and travelers. They can choose their profession of serving the law and maintaining order, or they are on the other side of law and order. In any case, the choice depends on the personal horoscope. Representatives of the first sign of the element of Fire are moved by lofty ideals, exalted feelings, including harmony and beauty. But often the brutality of pressure and stubbornness break the fragile harmony, sending Aries in search of a new pure beauty. Sign Power Aries is fearless, stubborn, selfish, and requires special attention to others and to their plans. One should not get in his way, if Aries has conceived something, he will achieve this by any means, sometimes transcending the boundaries of morality. Glowing with a new idea, he spends more energy than necessary, but quickly restores his strength. The most terrible thing for Aries is the loss of interest in the case, which occupied him. Pauses and delays, paper delays, small details can completely discourage the desire to achieve the desired. Aries without energy flow Ideas is a miserable sight, until it finds a new goal. Depression, as a result of loss of interest, fetters the will and makes Aries unbearable in communication for a while. They do not tolerate blind obedience, prefer to hold managerial positions or work alone. He does not notice how he makes enemies for himself because of his strong desire for rivalry. Trouble to them always comes unexpectedly, because Aries does not notice his mistakes, does not recognize the cunning of enemies, hates secret manipulation. Disadvantages of Aries - the continuation of its virtues. Aries are intolerant, stubborn, overestimate themselves, they lack patience, they are prone to quarrels and can not yield. They need to learn to apologize, be tolerant of others, but they are not able to listen to other people's advice, which leads to difficult situations. A weak spot is the lack of self-discipline and reluctance to submit to conventions. This often hurts both in the career and in the development of the right connections. In the life of Aries, success periods alternate with crises. Love and Aries Relations Aries are very important to take care of someone, representatives of this sign love to provide loved ones with everything necessary, often skilled craftsmen of various crafts. Love means a lot to representatives of this fiery sign. Amorousness does not interfere with long-term relationships, if the partner can keep interest in himself, shares the diverse interests of Aries and is ready for adventure. Loyalty to one's ideals and integrity of nature is the main quality of Aries, which allows creating long-term alliances. In love, passionate and persistent, sometimes despotic. They demand full return from their beloved ones, but they consider their emotionality to be a weak spot, try to suppress feelings, so as not to become dependent on a loved one. Compatibility of Aries with other signs The best unions are obtained with Gemini and Aquarius. Representatives of the earthly element too realistically look at the ideas of Aries, so a long union is difficult to maintain. Other signs of the cardinal cross - Cancer, Libra and Capricorn - can become true partners for Aries in the presence of common global goals. Representatives of these signs activate each other to achieve the goal, but there can be irreconcilable contradictions, which are difficult to solve peacefully. With brothers in the element of Fire, the best partnership is possible with Sagittarius, who manages to direct Aries energy to the same high unattainable ideals, but it's more difficult to live with Leo because of the egocentrism of both signs. Aries Men They strive to lead, be independent, they need to compete and win. Often smoothies and ladies' women, are successful in women. Ambitious Aries Women They can act at the expense of the strength and pressure of others, like a master of martial arts, but are often involved in men's games and may lose their independence, without noticing the threat of "captivity" on time. Child Aries Requires special attention due to impulsiveness and frequent change of interest. It is difficult for them to obey blindly and requires daily mobility, physical activity is mandatory for the health of the baby. To maintain interest in the school, one should not exert direct pressure on a small Aries, it is better to find new aspects of the studied subject, to generate additional interest, expanding the boundaries through travel and practical skills. Children-Aries love to do everything themselves. For the development of coordination and unloading of the nervous system, children are very suitable for oriental martial arts and dance classes of various styles. Health Sign In the health issue of Aries it is important not to overload the nervous system, sleep well, monitor the vascular state and kidney function, and avoid head injuries. The non-settled Aries spends a lot of energy and needs a high-calorie food that contains enough phosphorus, the main link in the energy balance of the body. Aries usually does not pay attention to food - eat whenever and whatever is horrible. The most useful, but difficult - is to eat regularly at about the same time. Life cycles often coincide with the 11-year period of solar activity, when Aries' personal cycle is renewed, it is possible to set new tasks radically different from previous ones. Geographically, the sign of Aries corresponds to the country of Germany and the city of London.

Aries Jewelry

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