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Aquarius Jewelry and the characteristic of the sign of the zodiac AQUARIUS

January 21 - February 18 The sign of a fixed cross of the elements of air - Aquarius is volatile by nature, but does not like change, is full of contradictions. A bright individualist, Aquarius is inclined to mood swings, then elegant, sometimes slovenly, suffers from lack of self-discipline, resolute and has a vivid temperament. Can not stand routine and boring duties. Independence is the main condition of activity. Character of the sign Aquarius Aquarius is endowed with creative energy, optimism and developed intuition. Often have an attractive appearance and are intellectually gifted. Strong impressionability, ability to establish friendly relations and necessary connections, original ideas and a view of the world, make Aquarius an indispensable friend and like-minded person. With Aquarius it's good to start new projects that seem fantastic, but usually outstrip their time. Aquarius loves to experiment, stand out, take risks and find the latest - whether it's ideas, gadgets or lifestyle. Aquarius is not alien to nobility, he is a hospitable host, he himself easily tolerates domestic deprivations, easily adapts in unfamiliar surroundings. Impulsive, unstable, does not belong to any business, or person entirely. Always looking to the future, wishes happiness to all mankind, so may not notice a single person. Take responsibility for the family and friends on yourself. Strengths and weaknesses of the sign Frivolous attitude to the case, frivolity in relationships, inconstancy of hobbies - the main disadvantages of Aquarius. Can be too eccentric in manners and appearance. Low concentration makes it difficult to finish things. Aquarius can be scattered among numerous opportunities and personal interests, without using favorable chances. Aquarius depends on the environment, often surpasses others intellectually. Always strives for spiritual growth, but at the same time indulges his weaknesses, is weak-willed and inspired. Emotionally cold when his participation is required. Stubborn, purposely contradicts the actions expected of him. They like to bluff, but are sincere in expressing their feelings. Do not react to criticism from outside, but like to notice flaws in others. Endowed with talent, ingenious, ingenious in an unusual field. Logic is not the strong side of Aquarius thinking, abstract thinking is more developed. Aquarius is looking for connecting links in the overall picture of the world and always ahead of his time. The desire to unite different people often leads to the disappointment that Aquarius hides and slowly turns into a complete pessimist. In love, he is inclined to independence, he needs a change of impressions, does not tolerate boring duties and cliches. Love for Aquarius is the highest manifestation of friendly feelings. A wonderful teacher for children who uses progressive teaching methods. Male Aquarius Independent, unpredictable and impulsive. It is not inclined to belong to one person, rather it will associate a partner with its numerous companies of interest. He is hot-tempered, emotional, but for a long time he does not hold resentment. Marries the last of all his friends, long chooses among his close friends, looking for an extraordinary or wealthy partner. A realist and a romantic in one person, rarely practical, sometimes rich and poor several times throughout his life. With him it's boring, sometimes extreme. Often indistinct in love relationships, because it finds attractive sides in every woman. Woman-Aquarius Practical and rational, is in search of special impressions of life and communication. A wonderful friend to his partner and children, is independent, needs personal time and separate from family acquaintances, hobbies. With enthusiasm he brings up his children, giving them independence from an early age. Loves and knows how to be friends. It is more consistent than the Aquarius male, but necessarily performs actions that are not understood by others. In his election, often guided by stubbornness and the desire to be different from others. Child-Aquarius Little Prince or Princess, born under the sign of Aquarius, differ from other children with curiosity and sincerity. The reasons for asking a thousand questions, drawing with both hands, are almost always musically gifted. Aquarius needs a variety of objects, impressions, changing the environment. A vivid individualist, little Aquarius does not tolerate coercion and restraint of freedom. It is necessary to negotiate with them both with adults, showing respect for the opinion of the baby. Communication with peers, physical activity, strengthening the circulatory system, hardening and games, developing intelligence, will help the formation of a healthy person. Health Sign The most vulnerable in Aquarius is the venous system of legs, legs and ankles. It is necessary to strengthen the ankle joint, engage in dancing and athletic walking. Possible hormonal disorders, which indicates the aggressive environment of Aquarius. The best prevention of diseases is a diet that strengthens blood vessels and the nervous system. Many Aquarians are vegetarians. Need a regime of day and nutrition, sufficient sleep and comfortable personal space.

Aquarius Jewelry

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