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Aquamarine Halo Rings 

Rings that sparkle, draw attention, emit coolness, beautify, and intrigue.  There are so many ring styles and gems to choose from. One that always makes a mark though, is the halo ring. What better way to further embellish this ring than with a cool, gorgeous, aquamarine. 

What is Aquamarine? 

Aquamarine is a blue to a blue-green gemstone. It belongs to the beryl family, alongside gems like emeralds and morganite. The gem gets its name from two Latin words, Aqua marina, meaning “Sea Water”. 

The gem was believed to originate from the treasure chests of mermaids.  So, sailors attached this gem to their boats for safe travels and success.  These myths and legends surrounding the gemstone make it all the more desirable. 

History Of Aquamarine 

The gem stone’s existence dates far back to over 3000 years ago. The gem was widely used in jewelry and as a talisman to protect the wearer from negative experiences. 

Because of its color similarity to seawater, it was said to be a mermaid stone and to be found in treasure groves below the sea. As stated earlier,  this made sailors carry the stone along for luck and safe travels. It is  supposed that the roman sailors were the first to call the stone “aqua  marina.”

Like many other gemstones, aquamarine was believed to have healing properties in the past, especially in the middle ages. In the 12th and 13th centuries, the gem supposedly served as an antidote for poisoning. 

Adorned by jewelers, the gemstone can be found as art in large carved pieces. These are usually available for display. Such as the Don Pedro  Aquamarine which is the largest faceted aquamarine gemstone in the world. The stone is faceted and cuts in a starburst pattern at 12,363 carats and almost 36cm in length. 

In 1936, Franklin Roosevelt gifted his wife, Eleanor Roosevelt, a 1,298- carat aquamarine. The gem's hue was a striking dark blue and it was the largest of its kind at the time. You can only imagine how an aquamarine halo ring obtained from that gem will look. It would be stunning. 

Features Of Aquamarine 

  • Aquamarine is a gem characterized by blue to green hues.  Although a blue aquamarine is more desirable than a greenish one.  The gem is heated gradually to diminish or eliminate the greenish tinge. This practice is accepted among most jewelers. 
  • The gem is commonly found in large sizes. So, one stone can result in many smaller stones, possibly of multiple carats. 
  • Aquamarine is pleochroic. This means that the gem's color appears to change when viewed from different angles.  
  • The way the gem is formed, makes it have a flawless or near-flawless appearance. The clarity makes it easier to produce the  gems in lovely transparency and makes them “eye-clean.” 
  • Aquamarine's quality and value are greatly determined by its color ranks. Generally, darker hues are known to be more prized. Aquamarine is a durable gem as it ranges from 7.5 to 8 on Moh's scale of hardness. The gem may be likely to scratch easily and if 

not properly maintained will accumulate blemishes. However, an aquamarine halo ring will have the gem surrounded by smaller gemstones that will offer protection to the gem. 

What Is A Halo Ring? 

This a ring setting featuring a large center diamond surrounded in a  “halo” by pavé or micro-pavé diamonds.  

You must be wondering, if a halo ring consists of just diamonds, how does an aquamarine version of the ring exist? In ancient times, a halo ring mostly consisted of diamonds but as the jewelry industry has evolved, colored gemstones are now used in halo rings. 

History Of Halo Rings 

The origin of the halo ring can be traced as far back as the Georgian era(1714 - 1830). Halo rings, in this time, comprised a large center diamond and slightly smaller diamonds in the halo. However, the ring wasn’t particularly sought-after at this time. 

A little further in time to the Victorian Era(1837 – 1901) and you will find halo rings surging in popularity. It was in this era that the use of colored gemstones in a halo ring first surfaced. The rings were arranged to have a floral appearance. 

The style of halo rings as we know them today can be attributed to the statement the rings made in the 1920s. During the art deco era, halo rings were particularly popular as they fit well with the geometric and modern elegance that thrived at the time.

However, after WW2 the demand for the halo rings once again diminished. Then came the 21st century with its never-ending craving for vintage items which does not exclude the halo rings. Presently, getting an aquamarine halo ring would only mean getting a highly-sought engagement ring, second only to the classic solitaire. 

Choosing An Aquamarine Halo Ring 

As we now know, traditionally, a diamond is the preferred choice for a  halo ring. But if you’re looking to spice things up for change, going with a cool bluish gemstone like the aquamarine is sure to do just that! 

Choosing The Gemstone 

  • Color: The preferred shade of an aquamarine gem is the bluer hue.  The lighter shade gives a calm effect, this will be very well suited for a shy and sweet person. The darker shade gives a striking effect, making it suited for a bold person. This is certainly not a  rule, the suitable shade for you can go either way. 

The shade you choose should be solely based on personal preferences. However, it is worthy to note that the darker the aquamarine shade the costlier the gem. 

  • Cut: Aquamarine being a fairly soft gem, allows jewelers to shape it into numerous cuts. The emerald cut and step cut are the most popular because they emphasize the gem's sparkle and direct the light to the eye. 

In a halo ring, aquamarine can be cut into a variety of shapes.  From cushion to oval to the common emerald and much more. This

is because the gem is adequately protected by the halo of smaller gemstones. 

  • Clarity: Because this gem is found in a flawless to nearly-flawless state, the gem is easily made eye-clean in jewelry. 

The gem usually has little to no inclusions. The transparency of the gem is a highly desirable feature. 

Choosing The Halo Ring Setting 

The good news about choosing a halo ring setting is just that, there’s a  variety of styles to choose from! Let’s take a look at them, starting with the gem shapes. 

Halo Rings By Shape 

  • Round-Cut Halo rings: This is the most popular choice for a halo ring. It features a gemstone cut in a circular pattern. 
  • Cushion-Cut Halo rings: If you’re into diamonds, then you probably know of the cushion-cut diamond. It has a square shape and is curved at the corners, making it resemble a cushion. A  cushion-cut halo ring has quite a romantic appeal. This cut is a  good choice for your aquamarine halo ring. 
  • Princess-Cut Halo Rings: Second in popularity to the round cut,  this cut is a blend of distinct brilliance and contemporary angles.  The princess cut is a beautiful choice for a more vintage feel.
  • Emerald-Cut Halo Rings: The emerald cut features a long table and step-like pavilion. It is rectangular and the length of the gem flatters the finger. 

It is so named because the style of cutting was originally used on emeralds. 

  • Oval-Cut Halo Rings: The oval-shaped ring gives a similar sparkle to the round cut variant but with a rarer silhouette. The oval-shaped ring has a vintage charm to it. 
  • Radiant-Cut Halo Rings: The radiant cut is a unique blend of the round and emerald gem shapes. 
  • Pearl-Cut Halo Rings: The pearl shape is a rather old cut style. It has been modified and improved on over the years. This shape has a vintage twist to it. 
  • Asscher-Cut Halo Rings: This shape has a distinct X table and cropped corners. It has layered facets like the emerald cut. It is the opposite of the round cut. This is another shape with that distinct vintage design. 
  • Marquise-Cut Halo Rings: This shape was made by the order of  King Louis XIV. He commissioned it for the woman he loved, the Marquise De Pompadour. You’ll agree with us that this shape would be perfect for your aquamarine halo ring because its history gives it quite a romantic significance. 
  • Heart-Cut Halo Rings: Since halo rings are usually given as engagement rings, it’ll only make sense to propose a heart-shaped halo ring.

Styling The Shank 

You’ve gotten the gem shape you want down, next is the shank(the part of the ring encircling the finger). Lucky for you, there are quite a variety of shank designs to choose from but first, you need to decide what your shank will be made of. 

The most common metals used on the shank are white gold and platinum. The former is higher in demand. This is because white gold is a durable and relatively cheaper metal than platinum. 

Though, you can switch things up a bit. No law says you must use a  silvery metal for your halo ring, you could opt for a different color.  Perhaps, yellow gold or even rose gold. 

Make sure to inquire from a trusted jeweler about the various options for the metal in your ring's shank. We can help you find the metal setting that works best for you. 

Here comes another exciting part of the process, the shank designs. 

  • Plain Shank Halo Rings: In this style, the shank is kept bare. It forms an arc around the halo and emphasizes the center stone,  making it more appealing. This is a classic design that draws all the attention. 
  • Split Shank Halo Rings: There's a split along the shank as it approaches the center stone. This gives the halo ring an even more appealing finish. You can decide to pavé the splits or leave it bare.  Either way, it makes for a good design. 
  • Pavé Halo Rings: In this style, there’s an extension of the gemstone's pavé accent into the shank. The full shank can be paved in gemstones like an eternity ring. However, this is not advisable 

because if the need to modify the ring's shank comes up, it will be a bit difficult to make due changes. 

If you’re craving some extra bling, you could pavé the shank halfway, quarter on either side with an equal number of gemstones. If you do choose to pavé your shank all the way through, be sure to find a trusted jeweler when the time for maintenance arrives. 

  • Double Halo Rings: As the name implies, this is when the halo comprises more than one row of small gemstones. The addition of another halo will further emphasize the center gem. 

You could decide to invest in a triple halo for that aquamarine ring.  This will look better with a small carat center stone. 

  • Hidden Halo Rings: A hidden halo ring may appear to be solitaire when viewed from above that’s because its halo is hidden! When viewed sideways you’d find a halo of beautiful gemstones at the base of the center gem(on the shank). 

Choosing aquamarine for your halo ring does not limit your options at all, instead, it gives you more room to personalize the already unique choice. Getting the ring is one thing, you’ll have to care for it, right? 

Maintaining Your Aquamarine Halo Ring 

Getting a halo ring already gives more value as it’ll cost more to obtain a  larger gem of equal carat weight with the small halo gems. Not to mention aquamarine is a cheaper alternative to the usual diamonds.  

An aquamarine halo ring will be taken care of in the same way you would for a diamond or any other gemstone.

Cleaning your ring regularly will help prolong its life. Here is a cleaning  procedure you can follow: 

  • Fill a bowl with lukewarm water and mild detergent. Soak the ring in this bowl for a couple of minutes. 
  • Using a soft toothbrush, gently scrub the gem. This will remove any mild dirt on the gem's surface.  
  • Rinse the stone under running water when it’s clean. Pat dry with a  clean cloth. 

Be extra careful when cleaning the gem because if you scrub too hard, it can loosen from its setting. Make sure to do this at least every two weeks.  

In as much as the above cleaning process is important, it is just as important for you to take your ring to a trusted jeweler for regular check.  The jeweler's thorough polishing will restore the gem's shine. Visit the jeweler's store every six months. 

Cleaning The Ring’s Setting 

Maintaining an aquamarine halo ring doesn’t end in taking care of the gem, you’ll have to take adequate care of the metal setting as well. The method of cleaning the setting depends on the metal used. 

  • If the aquamarine gemstone is used in a silver setting. Then using a  jeweler's cloth will do the job of removing tarnish that often appears on the silver jewelry. 
  • A gold or stainless steel set will require you to soak the ring in a mixture of warm water and soap. Use the same soft brush you used on the gem to gently scrub the full ring. Once the setting is clean, rinse it over running water. And Viola! Your ring is ready to be worn again. 

Additionally, if the metal setting is white gold, every two to three years you will need to take the setting for re-plating. As Rhodium,  the element used to coat white gold to give it its white finish will wear away over time. This will reveal the slightly yellow alloy underneath the coating, you probably don’t want that. 

Avoid keeping your aquamarine halo ring on when you go swimming or exercising. The chlorine in the water and sweat can greatly affect the quality of the ring. A few other practices that you should avoid are: 

  • Wearing the halo ring while cooking. 
  • Wearing the ring while cleaning the house. 
  • Not cleaning the ring regularly. 
  • Use thick lotions to moisturize your hands while wearing your ring. 

Your aquamarine ring should be stored separately from other jewelry.  This is because it can get scratched easily upon collision with other gems same as aquamarine could scratch a gem. Storing the gems separated from other gems is the proper way to store jewelry. 

Halo rings are vintage, personal, and gorgeous. There are several settings and gems to select from. An aquamarine halo ring is a perfect choice if you’re planning to propose. They have that unique vintage twist. Not to mention, you get to personalize them.

Alternatively, you can decide to purchase the halo ring simply because you want one. That’s alright, nobody says you have to have a  special occasion to spice up your jewelry. 

We have unique eye-catching aquamarine halo rings here!

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