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What on earth does Antique Vintage Engagement Rings mean? 

Vintage furniture, vintage clothes , vintage deco, vintage party, vintage shop ... what exactly is this vintage? The term has become so common that one hardly dares to ask anymore. For those who want to know what this trend is about, here are the key facts.

What does vintage mean?
The term vintage comes from the English, more specifically from the wine language. There he originally called

the vintage as such,
the vintage of a wine and - derived from it -
a very good vintage or a particularly fine wine.

From the last meaning variant the term 'Vintage' was finally transferred and today generally describes objects of an older date, whereby the idea of ​​a certain value (as with old wines) resonates. This may in principle also furniture or vehicles are meant. However, the term has prevailed primarily as a style designation in fashion , so for garments, jewelry and accessories . It is important to distinguish between: actually old pieces (usually the parts from the 1930s to 1970s are referred to as vintage) and those that are only seemingly old, such as washed-out and / or torn jeans, Naturally, the former are mainly found in second-hand shops or at flea markets, while the vintage new goods are now part of the assortment of many clothing and jewelery manufacturers. In rare cases, it can also include new goods from an outdated collection of a designer - remainders, so to speak.

Antique Engagement Rings:
Turning old into old - What distinguishes the modern vintage style?
When talking about the vintage style in textiles, it usually means new garments that have a certain "used look". In addition to the aforementioned washed-out jeans, this can also be purposely fringing skirt seams or sewn-on patches. Apart from that, fashion is also referred to as vintage, which is new but seems to come from another era. Another term for this is 'retro'.

Patterns, colors, cuts - What is "typical vintage"?
Of course, how exactly a vintage piece looks depends on the epoch from which it originates or which is to be imitated. For example, the short dresses from the 1960s, which are cut in flared A-line, have been a perennial favorite for years. If you make them from the typical at that time coarse and poppy colorful patterned fabric, the vintage look is perfect. For fans of the 1950s, there are petticoat dresses, knee-length, wide swing skirts and tight blouses with Peter Pan collar . Lovers of the 1920s / 30s can present themselves in fringed Charleston dresses or Marlene-Dietrich pants , and those who are attracted to the fashion of the 70s can still find bell trousers made of corduroy, flowery maxi dresses, batik shirts and wide-cut tunics . Wherever your fashionable time travel should go: Vintage makes it possible.

Why is vintage so hip?
The vintage movement emerged in the 1990s in the UK and represents a kind of counter-trend to the increasingly faster, futuristic and internet-dependent twentieth-century. Instead of the unified fashion of global textile chains, young people in particular carried their own small subcultures deliberately old clothes. The musical equivalent was found in the Britpop, where bands such as Oasis or The Smiths remembered the simple guitar sound of English pop music from the 60s back.
And then came the 2001 Academy Awards. Julia Roberts was nominated for her role in Erin Brockovich's Best Female Actress, winning and performing in a stunning Valentino gown. The trick was that the noble part was well over 20 years old. What seemed unthinkable at such an event was now a fact and, thanks to the positive outcome of the nomination, a matter for winners. Thus, the discarded parts were suddenly socially acceptable.
Today, more than ever, vintage fashion offers the opportunity to realize oneself in their clothing style. It has become a constantly present and accepted side branch of the fashion industry. Vintage means individuality and the freedom to carry something other than what is currently in.

How does the vintage style work for women ?
Actually, it's pretty simple: Allowed is what pleases. If you can find real old pieces with your mothers and grandmothers or at flea markets, that's even better. But the trade also offers you plenty of exciting vintage items. However, it is important that you try to create a coherent look. Stay with an era. The Pop Art short dress described above is best worn with edgy handbags , oversized sunglasses, and fashion chains with geometric figures, as they fit perfectly with the '60s style. Who in petticoat dressGoing to the party is a good idea to tie the hair back in a tight ponytail. Colorful beaded hippie bracelets are part of flared trousers and tunics , but not the 40s pencil costume. The better you match the individual components, the more convincing your vintage look will be.

Vintage: It's also really weird
In addition to many beautiful trends that will probably find lovers at all times, there are also fashionable horrors that we never wanted to see again. Fox fur collars from whole foxes, for example, are scary, but are still offered. Even the strikingly colorful vintage swimming caps are only for people with a very own head. The first place among the vintage curiosities, however, we forgive the self-crocheted toilet roll hats, some drivers again (or still?) Take a walk on their hat racks. They do not even look good on vintage 70s cars.

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