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Amethyst Meaning:

Amethyst loose stone term generates from an antique Greek word that means to get drunk. It is a quartz variety with purple or purple color and is generally used in jewelry. Amethyst loose stones are a rock crystal that is the purest form of quartz. It is symbolized by SiO2. It is believed that in the past it was protected from being drunk depending on the meaning of stone. So the person who drinks wine from a cup made of amethyst stone is not drunk according to the ancient stories.


What is Amethyst?

Amethyst is the most valuable of many varieties of quartz. The composition of this mineral includes silica or silica. The color of amethyst is related to the impurities of iron. The gem is able to withstand high temperatures, and under the influence of the sun the crystal can fade.When the piece of amethyst is heated to 200 degrees, the stone will become colorless, and as it cools, the gem will return its original shade. All kinds of cut are applied to this gem. The most high-quality stones have deposits in the Urals, Brazil and Uruguay. In Russia, this gem was adorned with altars, panagias, icons and pectoral crosses. The name "amethyst" comes from the name of the ancient Greek nymph Ametis. If you believe the legend, then the god of winemaking Dionysus passionately fell in love with a forest nymph. But Ametis refused in courtship to the Greek god, because she loved the shepherd of Sirikos. Enraged and offended, Dionysus chased after her, but she begged the goddess Atremide for help. At the moment when Dionysus approached the weakened nymph, she turned into a statue. In an attempt to revive Ametis, Dionysus poured the statue with wine, but it only turned purple. So on earth there was a stone amethyst. 


Amethyst Stone Benefits:

People believe that amethyst is a stone that attracts loneliness. However, this is not quite true: amethyst is a symbol of faithful, strong and faithful love. Therefore, there is a belief that one of the spouses, in the case of the death of the second, wears an amethyst decoration as a token of sorrow for the rest of his life, thereby showing that his love is higher than death, and it is eternal. This ability of the stone - to help the owner carry love through the years - and became the reason for the appearance of such a name as a " widow stone ". Many young people who lost their beloved, wanted to keep their feelings for them for life: girls and boys could not or did not want to fall in love again. A very good gift for a lover will be an amethyst that has a heart shape. This stone promises to beloved and newlyweds for many years of cloudless living together, happiness, mutual understanding and unquenchable love. But betrothed girls or already married, amethyst should be avoided, since this stone helps to kindle feelings in the object of sighing, to win its reciprocity. There is a legend that a person who has received this gem as a gift will feel an unconscious love for the donor, even if the person who received the gift is in a pair. Thus, the amethyst can help to divide the couple and become an ally in its destruction, but whether this will bring happiness to the rasprochnik is another matter. 


Amethyst Color:

So, the most expensive type of quartz is amethyst. The color of this gem varies from slightly pinkish to purple and almost black. The crystals of this mineral can have absolute transparency or they can not pass the rays of the sun at all. Lilac amethyst will help to combat the disadvantages of the owner and at the same time enhance its dignity. The mineral of this color is considered to be a stone of philosophers, alchemists and sages. Gem will positively affect the intellectual abilities of a person, improve memory and reveal talents. Today, you can also find so-called prazolites - amethysts of tender green-golden color. Artificial stones are obtained from ordinary violet amethysts: when the lilac amethyst is heated to 500 degrees, the mineral changes color. The rest of the prazolites are fully grown by man - their color is much brighter than that of minerals obtained by calcination. Natural green amethysts can be found only in Brazil. Their deposit is Montezuma. 

Amethyst Healing Properties & Amethyst Powers:

This gem must be worn at all times, and only then will he become a true friend and assistant to his owner. Amethyst is a stone of purity and purity. The mineral will teach the owner to subordinate and eradicate evil intentions and intentions, direct the master to do good deeds. Amethyst will save the owner from anguish, mental pain and anxiety. Gemstone has a positive effect on the psyche of the owner: he will calm, relieve of quick temper, nervousness and arrogance. Amethyst amazingly easily absorbs negative energy, which can later be directed against its ruler. Because of this feature, if the owner of the stone often participates in scandals and quarrels, it is necessary to remove the stone and hold it under the tap with water for at least 10 minutes. This will remove the stone from the negative. One of the properties of the gem is that it is able to change color depending on the weather. This is why amethyst is often an invariable companion for seafarers and travelers. The magical abilities of the stone also extend to the creativity of its master: the amethyst will contribute to the development and disclosure of the hidden talents and creativity of the owner. Mineral is able to protect the host from harmful habits, in particular, from drunkenness. 

Amethyst Loose Stones

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