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Akoya is the Japanese name for marine oysters Pincatada fucata, which live in cold waters near the Japanese islands and in the South China Sea. Because of the low temperature of sea water, Akoye Pearls oysters grow no more than 7-8 cm and give birth to not large pearls. The size of the pearls varies from the smallest 2 mm, to very rare 10-11 mm. The palette of colors of this kind of pearls is represented by a white, pink and cream shade.

Akoya Pearls, according to experts, has the correct round shape and gives a clear reflection of objects. The period of his "growing up" is from 12 to 36 months. The average life expectancy of oyster Akoya is 7 years, only in 3 years she is able to produce mother of pearl. The maximum layer of mother-of-pearl is 1.5 mm. Therefore, when forming Akoya pearls, 1 nucleus is used - a seed, which is made from the shell of a mollusk.

It is generally believed that the pearl Akoya , has the most beautiful and brightest mother of pearl. The temperature of the sea water in which the Akoya pearls are grown is 10-15 degrees below the temperature required for other types of pearls, which is why the oyster wraps the pearl core longer with a pearl descent layer, but the crystal structure becomes extremely sensitive to light. And although the pearl layer of Akoya pearls is usually thinner than other varieties of sea pearls, the brightness of its surface is beyond competition.

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Akoya Pearls

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