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1 carat diamond stud earrings are the optimal size for diamond stud earrings. The are not too small that they sparkle a lot, and not too big to hurt your budget. Ladies love to match their diamond engagement rings with these beautiful diamond stud earrings. Our diamond studs are usually 0.50ct each so their total carat weight are usually around 1.0 Ct. Some of our styles comes with diamond certificates. For certification information please contact us before placing your order. Most orders ship the same or next business day always however there is an exception to this rule if we have to custom order your earrings. Clarity enhanced diamond earrings are always made to order and their processing times takes 7-12 days.  Clarity enhanced diamond stud earrings are priced at lower prices always. Please be informed that your order will be shipped at no cost if our regular shipping option is selected. We will also insure your order at no additional cost to you. We try our best to pick up the best quality diamonds for your budget. Your satisfaction is our top priority or your money back! Remember that you are buying your diamond stud earrings from a reputable diamond jeweler in New York that is accredited by BBB Online (New York) and member of JBT in U.S.A.

If your budget allows, it is always recommended to have a matching pair that are certified by either GIR or HRD damond labs.

Almost every woman in the new world has information about diamonds. We intend to make more accurate choices for women who are curious about diamonds than men and of course naturally. In addition to the information we have already given, this time we will also talk about the diamond stud setting options.

Why is it stud earring setting?

First of all, it's a good idea to define the real meaning. Dictionary meaning: The frame or the stones to which the stones are placed comes in the form of the opposition. Nowadays, settings, which have a lot of options and forms, are the leading role players in bringing out the beauty of diamonds.

Why is it so important?

Setting, in addition to design, determines how the chosen stone will be positioned. In other words, if the stone is not synthesized correctly, it has a very important place because it will reflect the quality of the stone wrongly and will also affect the quality. Larger preferred to the stone, or vice versa, will cause the stone to appear larger or smaller. The choice of montur, which is important in all diamond models, is especially important for single stone rings.

How many types of setting types are there?

Let us illustrate by examining the ones for the single stone of the assemblies which have a lot of types.

Single stone models with thin claws: 

In particular, the diamond studs with thin claws are the designs that always have the front of the stone. The fingernails, which are generally unclear in small dots, are structures that will not be noticed by the eye. The size of the diamond is unshaded by gold, and the stone appears to its true size with its unique structure. In this type of montage that allows the stone to look even more perfect, the number of quotes can be 4 or 6. Therefore, it is recommended to prefer in large stones (0.50 carats and over).

Setting models with thick prongs: 

Thick prong mounts are among the most preferred in the market. Diamond is a model that allows the stone to gain more prominence than the diamond because it is supported by thickening the nails in the montage. Having small carats (less than 0.50 carats) is the reason for preference in single stone models.

Types of single stone settings: 
Unlike setting varieties, diamonds do not hold any tornado and are clamped by compression method. Although these models are less preferred, they reveal the brilliance and size of the stone. However, the most important and important thing to note here is the color of the used mine. It should not be forgotten that the gold color to be used in addition to white gold also affects the diamond stone.
We can explain much more by expanding montur varieties. But; This brief information we give is for you to make a clearer and more accurate choice than to confuse your head.

Diamond studs in white gold and yellow gold. We carry diamond stud earrings in over 50 different diamond ear stud models. You have the option to choose diamond ear pieces with snap fasteners or security screw caps . We offer diamond ear studs with white diamonds , pink diamonds, blue diamonds , black diamonds and cognac diamonds . The diamond ear studs are set in 585 White gold, or 585 yellow gold. Discover and choose from our large portfolio of your diamond stud earrings. All diamond ear plugs are delivered in a jewelry box or in a gift box! Your desired diamond ear studs are not included? Just contact us, we will produce your personal diamond ear plugs according to your templates and ideas.

Unsurpassed elegance with diamond ear studs from Goldia.
Diamond jewelery gives any outfit elegance and always a little glamor. Sparkling stud earrings with a diamond are a timeless piece of jewelry that will never go out of fashion. With a diamond stud earrings , the wearer proves style and grace, because the earrings exude their charm in a subtle but effective way. A sparkling diamond on the ear makes your face even more radiant. Browse our wide range and let us advise you on your individual wishes.
Diamond ear studs according to your wishes
According to your preferences and your taste you will find over 200 pairs of diamond stud earrings that will inspire you. Choose between different versions (with three, four or six prongs). Crown your earrings with a diamond in size (between 0.19 and 1 carat) and the quality of your choice. All earrings are available in white gold, rose gold, yellow gold or platinum. Of course, we offer exclusively exclusive diamond ear plugs, manufactured in the highest quality and only with the best materials.
Are you not just looking for diamond stud earrings, but also other high-quality jewelery? Let yourself be fascinated by our other diamond jewelry, diamond-studded bracelets, necklaces and necklaces. Also, take a look at our uniqueDiamond rings .
Diamond stud earrings by Goldia 
The stud earrings from Goldia leave nothing to be desired. You can customize them as you like or opt for already configured stud earrings. As far as the diamond is concerned, depending on your budget, you will need to decide how much carat, what color and purity you prefer for your diamond ear studs. The diamonds are held by either three, four or six elegant prongs available in various precious metals. You can choose between yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and very fine platinum. We will make you exactly the diamond ear studs you want. Even if you are looking for studs for men, you are exactly right with Goldia. Of course, you can also purchase all of our diamond stud earrings individually, for the price of half a pair.
Should you buy diamond stud earrings online?
Are you interested in diamond ear studs, but are not sure if you should buy them online? Nowadays, as the Internet becomes more and more important, it is commonplace to order products online. However, especially with high-quality products, you should definitely make sure that you select an online retailer that you trust to the highest degree with regard to product quality and reliability. At Goldia, which has a 180-year family tradition in the jewelery industry, you can be sure that you have selected a reputable and reputable dealer. With our satisfaction guarantee, we assure you that we offer you the best possible customer service and individual advice. For example, if you order diamond ear studs, you always have a 30-day right of withdrawal. An insured shipping, a secure payment system and a personal customer service are of course also to your advantage, if you at Goldiadiamond ear studs,diamondsor buy other jewelry online. Of course, our diamonds, which are always accompanied by certificates from selected testing institutes, are not conflict diamonds. For best quality and outstanding customer service, we stand as an online jeweler with a family tradition in the fifth generation with our name. Of course, the online shipping also has the advantage that you can order conveniently from home and you thus spared the visit of a crowded urban jewelry store. Since online shops - for lack of rent for sales rooms, for example - usually have a lean cost structure, when you order online at Goldia , you benefit from the fact that you receive the best quality at a comparatively low price. Straight Diamond Studs you can safely order online, as here, of course, not even a ring size adjustment such as diamond rings is required. Take a look at our models and decide if you would like to order a pair of these prêt-à-porter models or rather individually custom diamond ear studs. We at Goldia will be pleased to advise you by phone or e-mail.

1 Carat Diamond Stud Earrings

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