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What is February Birthstone

What is February Birthstone

Amethyst is the gemstone of February.

Amethyst term generates from an antique Greek word that means to get drunk. It is a quartz variety with purple or purple color and is generally used in jewelry. It is a rock crystal that is the purest form of quartz. It is symbolized by SiO2. It is believed that in the past it was protected from being drunk depending on the meaning of stone. So the person who drinks wine from a cup made of amethyst stone is not drunk according to the ancient stories.

Loose amethysts can be used in making of amethyst jewelry.

What are the characteristics of the Amethyst Stone?

Characteristics of the Amethyst Stone The belief that manganese is obtained from the wood has spread throughout the 20th century, but some have believed and defended that color is a completely organic source. By 2005, foreign atoms were responsible for the stone color. With the heat, the stone moves towards the yellow. The hardness of the amethyst stone is known as 7. The different colors of the stone have been given different names.

For example; The stone in light pink-lilac tones is called Rose Franse. The most precious color is the dark purple color with red sparkles. These amethysts are called Siberian. It can be said that the name is shaped according to the removal in Siberia. However, it can also be removed in the vicinity of Uruguay and Zambia.

Where Amethyst Stone Is Removed?

Where is the Amethyst Stone Removed? Uruguay, Canada, Russia, India, Brazil, Argentina and Africa. But the best ones are; It is limited to India, Uruguay and Brazil, and is found in gas gaps in volcanic rocks. 

The Cultural History of the Amethyst Stone

Cultural History of the Amethyst Stone The artist has been recognized as one of the precious stones of diamonds, rubies and emeralds in the remaining centuries, but has lost value over time. Nevertheless, it has continued to be used as widely as the day-to-day. There is a deep history that goes back to Egyptian civilization by people.

Apart from this, it has been loved and accepted by many civilizations. It is a favorite stone at the royal level, especially in Egypt. This precious stone has also become a subject of the paintings of the famous painter Leonardo Da Vinci. Stone by itself; it represents intelligence and dissipates bad thoughts. In the past history, religion and virginity also symbolized.

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Especially in the Middle Ages period has become very valuable. In this period, architectural patrol churches and some structures were found to be used in the oymes. When it comes to daily use, it is still used by many religious men as a ring. Also today, amethyst stone is considered sacred in Tibet.

What are the Spiritual Benefits of the Amethyst Stone?

The quartz family of amethyst stone in purple color has benefits both for our soul and for our bodies. It is known that the amethyst, which is one of the most preferred stones of precious stone lovers, is the sum of negative electricity in the body. Some of the benefits of amethyst stone to our souls are as follows;

It eliminates the negative energy in the environment and turns it into positive energy. Even if only one point is found, all the negative energies are enough to be summed up.
It is a stone that is effective in relieving some thoughts that disturb people and calming the person. Especially light colored and dark purple varieties are very strong in energy.
Most people have a revitalizing effect. The person you focus on helps balance and harmony.
Energy directly affects the nervous system. Especially when used with pink quartz, the mind gives power.

What are the Benefits of the Amethyst Stone?

Amethyst Stone Physics Benefits

If you want to fully appreciate the benefits of the amethyst stone, you should clean it with water every two weeks. The beneficial properties of medicinal stones have been known and used by people for centuries. Here are some of the benefits of the amethyst stone to the body;

Skin cells on the skin have positive effects on revitalization and revitalization. It naturally beautifies the skin.

For eye disorders, migraine headaches and other headache types, heart diseases and for various reasons

There is a healing effect against allergens that occur.

The surplus electricity in the body collects and gives rise to the brain power.

Those who have insomnia problems are a stone that helps those who are chronically nightmares.

It empowers the immune system through indirect routes and allows the blood to be cleared.

It is recommended to use in depression patients or people who are susceptible to depression.

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