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Green Aventurine Meaning

Green Aventurine Meaning

Green Aventurine Meaning:

A fine grained variety of quartzite with a huge range of shades and multi-colored inclusions of mica is called aventurine. People believe that the aventurine stone is able to create a happy and joyful mood, to help the owner to keep clear thinking and cheerfulness of the spirit.This gem is called a stone of love, since there is a belief that he is the guardian of this beautiful feeling. In different countries, aventurine has different names. In Russia, the stone was called "Zlatochkr". In translation from Italian, the name of the stone is translated as "adventure" or "happiness".

Where are the Best Examples of Aventurine?

In Brazil, Austria (blue shade), India (green color), Spain (brown and red adventurines) and the Urals (Russia). Gem refers to jewelry and ornamental stones. Aventurine is extremely popular in Southeast Asia. In the 18-19 centuries in Russia, the most beautiful samples were used for inserts in earrings, brooches, rings and cufflinks. Less effective stones went to the manufacture of candlesticks, forks, knives, vases, gloves and manicure tools.


Colors of Aventurine:

The gem is classified according to surface texture and color. Honey aventurine is the most brilliant species that has a porous surface. Cherry aventurine is a translucent shimmering gem, which has a pronounced golden luster. Brown aventurine has a one-color color, the shade of which sometimes has a red color. Aventurine pink color - a dense variety of mineral, which has small pores and a weakly shiny. Blue adventurines are like a mini-universe: in the dark blue space of the stone millions of small sparkling stars are scattered. Striped aventurine has a chaotic pattern of golden stripes on a light background. Green aventurine has a uniform color and high density. Red and white aventurine is an ornamental variety of gem. The stones have a pattern in the form of strips and cherry-colored spots on a white background. Aventurine - the magic properties of a stone Opinions about the magical properties of aventurine are very different: some believe that the gem helps with gambling, while others say that the mineral will help find the love of all life. But both of them converge only in one: aventurine is capable of exacerbating the positive emotions of a person. Gem charges the owner with optimism, bestows clear mind and self-confidence, improves mood. Back to the table of contents Therapeutic properties of mineral Wearing aventurine is useful for skin diseases. The stone will help with eczema, rashes and baldness. Gemstone will improve the condition of the skin and reduce the warts. A necklace and beads from aventurine will help with colds and bronchitis. Pendant, ring or bracelet will help improve blood circulation, reduce blood pressure, cure diseases of the cardiovascular system. In addition, the natural gem stabilizes the metabolism, soothes, heals food and nervous disorders. In the treatment of the above, massage balls from aventurine will help. However, the constant wearing of a natural mineral is undesirable - the most suitable time is the phase of the waning moon. To wear a stone for more than a month, without removing, is absolutely contraindicated to all people. The problem is that the constant wearing of aventurine can contribute to excessive activation of all the body processes, even those that need a slow flow. This will cause an imbalance of energies. Thus, for medicinal purposes it is necessary to wear the mineral for 4-5 days, after which to do a two-day break. Back to the table of contents The stone of aventurine to someone suitable for the sign of the zodiac The magical properties of aventurine make it an excellent amulet for representatives of the signs of Taurus, Virgo and Cancer . The stone will react positively to the carrier from among these signs. To his master, the Virgin, the gem will give sensitivity and softness, will help in the development of sensitivity. Decoration with this mineral will be an excellent adviser in a difficult moment. Representatives of the Taurus sign have excessive mundane, because of this, Taurus needs blue aventurine. The stone will help the representatives of this sign to become more exalted and dreamy. Gem will have a positive impact on Taurus' love affairs, bringing in them a novelty and romance. Any representative of the fire signs of the Zodiac will negatively respond to the energy of aventurine. Sagittarius, Aries and Lions gem will bring financial difficulties and some grief. The mineral will sharpen their fatalism and cynicism, strengthen the manifestations of emotions, which will transform the representatives of these signs into harsh hysterical persons. Capricorns also need to be more careful in wearing aventurine. Any sign of water will react to this mineral neutrally. Cancers, Scorpions and Pisces stone will give perseverance and energy. Aventurine will strengthen the positive qualities of the character of representatives of the Pisces. 


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Raw Aquamarine Stone Meaning

Raw Aquamarine Stone Meaning

"Aquamarine" in Latin means "sea ​​water", so the gem began to personify the soul and essence of the sea. 
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Tips for Providing Professional Ring Size Advice

Tips for Providing Professional Ring Size Advice

The internet has tons of advice on how to decide if a ring is the right size - and what to do about it if it’s not. And yet, people are just as likely to get confused and overwhelmed as they are to find a helpful answer.., not to mention the often misleading or misunderstood DIY measuring and sizing advice. Put yourself into the conversation online and promise an on-premises, no-pressure/no-obligation professional sizing. An occasional customer may walk out afterward and still want to risk shopping online – but most will appreciate the gesture and be impressed with the value of an up-close and personal encounter.

Bring out the tools: Explain that no one ring-sizer fits all. Have at least two sets of ring gauges to demonstrate the different ways wide and narrow bands fit. You can even get sets in flat or comfort-fit designs.
Pro-tip: Don't leave an entire ring gauge set to hang from a customer's finger while they try on a ring. The weight (even if it's plastic) will pull and make the ring seem big. Instead, remove the sizing ring from the set, or if pressed for time, have the customer rest their hand on a counter-top cushion.

Bring out the tricks: Show customers available solutions for hard-to-fit fingers. Fingers that taper sharply (meaning the base is wider than the tip) may benefit from having a simple ring guard fitted in the shank to keep the ring from slipping off. Fingers that are widest at the knuckles can have half or full-size sizing balls soldered to the shank to prevent the ring from spinning or tipping on the finger.
Pro-tip: Keep hand sanitizer on hand in case you need to help a customer remove a snug ring – it’s skin friendly (unlike window-cleaner), residue-free (unlike hand lotion) and might come in handy if a customer decides to try using saliva.

Bring on the lecture: Warn customers about the dangers of wearing a ring that is hard to remove. Aside from the discomfort and a permanent ring indent, people could risk having the ring damaged or destroyed in case of an injury or emergency medical treatment. Rings would have to be cut off fast if any magnetic resonance imaging became necessary, or if the finger swelled after a hand injury (yes, ring tourniquet syndrome is as nasty as it sounds...) and if it ever came to that, here’s hoping the EMT just happens to be a jeweler too.
Pro-Tip: Explain that most peoples’ finger size can fluctuate even over the course of a single day. The best time of day to measure is after lunch but before dinner when gravity and daily activities have had some time to take effect, but sodium or carbs have not. Now, how’s that for a topical ‘lunch n’ learn’ demo?

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Custom Engagement Rings New York City

Custom Engagement Rings New York City

What we offer?

  • Casting for jewelry within 24 hours
  • Custom Engagement Rings in New York City: Designing new models 7-10 business days from sketch to finish.
  • Finished jewelry in 3-5 business days with any metal & any quality of diamonds
  • Existing ring with customization in 3-5 business days.
  • The most comprehensive bridal jewelry line.
  • 24/7 updated pricing and ordering online
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Stuller Jewelry at

Stuller Jewelry at is a proud distributor of Stuller Jewelry online.

When you buy Stuller settings or mountings, Stullers expert designers do the work, and you can take all the credit. They manufacture thousands of diamond engagement rings a day and achieve excellence using the most advanced equipment and techniques. Have they ever encountered a challenge they couldn’t overcome? Not yet.

Matt Stuller founded Stuller, Inc. in 1970. From our manufacturing and administrative headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana, we provide next-day delivery of more than 200,000 different items to over 40,000 jewelry professionals worldwide.

Stuller owns five operations — three in North America, one in Bangkok, Thailand, and one in Barcelona, Spain. Through these, they provide a complete range of products and services for jewelry professionals including design technology and comprehensive CAD/CAM Services that meet each jeweler’s need for customization. Stuller's core product categories include: bridal jewelry, mountings, jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, findings, metals, tools, supplies, and digital solutions.

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    Jewelry Repair Services at Low Price

    Jewelry Repair Services at Low Price offers you jewelry repair services at lower prices than most brick and mortar jewelry stores. Here is how our process works:

    1-You will email us several pictures of the piece and explain your case.

    2-Our jewelry experts will review and then quote you a cost estimate. Our cost estimates are guaranteed to be at least 20% lower than local estimates including the two-way shipping.  We will send both inbound and outbound shipping labels at no cost.

    3-If a repair is not possible due to the design or stone limitations, we will notify you before you ship the item to us. 

    Here are some of the services offered:

    • Ring resizing
    • Replace prongs to secure a diamond or color stone
    • Prong retipping
    • Watch repair
    • Head replacement
    • Chain soldering
    • Clasp replacement

    Our repair center is the best in Diamond District of Manhattan with more than 30 years of jewelry repair experience.

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