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See How Big a 2ct Diamond Engagement Ring When Compared to 1ct

See How Big a 2ct Diamond Engagement Ring When Compared to 1ct

You may read the diameter size difference however unless you put them on the same finger you can never imagine how the two would look different in terms of diameter size. To show this difference to our customers, we took the picture above that displays of 1ct diamond solitaire ring next to a 2 carat one. The one carat ring has a diameter of approximately 6.5mm while the 2ct diamond has 8mm. 

A difference of 1.5mm may sound not too large however when they are worn together as shown at the picture above there is a considerable size difference between the two.

Our 1ct solitaires starts from $1999.99 and 2ct diamond solitaires starts from $5499.99.

Diamonds prices goes up as their carat weight increases. This is because of the fact that larger diamonds are much more rare. 

Although 1ct diamonds have been the best selling carat size in U.S.A., with the invention of lab grown and clarity enhancement process on the natural diamonds, let the customers afford larger diamonds at the same or lower prices.

The laser enhancement technology helps I1 or I2 diamonds to have SI1/SI2 grade clarity after the enhancement process is successfully completed.

Similarly, a lab technology can make a genuine diamond by using technology compared to the natural geological process of natural diamonds.

We offer 30 days returns and free shipping on all of our diamond engagement ring orders.


1Ct. Diamond Engagement Ring Shown Below:

1ct Diamond Engagement Ring


2Ct. Diamond Engagement Ring Shown Below:

2ct Diamond Engagement Ring


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What is February Birthstone

What is February Birthstone

Amethyst is the gemstone of February.

Amethyst term generates from an antique Greek word that means to get drunk. It is a quartz variety with purple or purple color and is generally used in jewelry. It is a rock crystal that is the purest form of quartz. It is symbolized by SiO2. It is believed that in the past it was protected from being drunk depending on the meaning of stone. So the person who drinks wine from a cup made of amethyst stone is not drunk according to the ancient stories.

Loose amethysts can be used in making of amethyst jewelry.

What are the characteristics of the Amethyst Stone?

Characteristics of the Amethyst Stone The belief that manganese is obtained from the wood has spread throughout the 20th century, but some have believed and defended that color is a completely organic source. By 2005, foreign atoms were responsible for the stone color. With the heat, the stone moves towards the yellow. The hardness of the amethyst stone is known as 7. The different colors of the stone have been given different names.

For example; The stone in light pink-lilac tones is called Rose Franse. The most precious color is the dark purple color with red sparkles. These amethysts are called Siberian. It can be said that the name is shaped according to the removal in Siberia. However, it can also be removed in the vicinity of Uruguay and Zambia.

Where Amethyst Stone Is Removed?

Where is the Amethyst Stone Removed? Uruguay, Canada, Russia, India, Brazil, Argentina and Africa. But the best ones are; It is limited to India, Uruguay and Brazil, and is found in gas gaps in volcanic rocks. 

The Cultural History of the Amethyst Stone

Cultural History of the Amethyst Stone The artist has been recognized as one of the precious stones of diamonds, rubies and emeralds in the remaining centuries, but has lost value over time. Nevertheless, it has continued to be used as widely as the day-to-day. There is a deep history that goes back to Egyptian civilization by people.

Apart from this, it has been loved and accepted by many civilizations. It is a favorite stone at the royal level, especially in Egypt. This precious stone has also become a subject of the paintings of the famous painter Leonardo Da Vinci. Stone by itself; it represents intelligence and dissipates bad thoughts. In the past history, religion and virginity also symbolized.

What is Akik Stone? What are the Features and Benefits?

Especially in the Middle Ages period has become very valuable. In this period, architectural patrol churches and some structures were found to be used in the oymes. When it comes to daily use, it is still used by many religious men as a ring. Also today, amethyst stone is considered sacred in Tibet.

What are the Spiritual Benefits of the Amethyst Stone?

The quartz family of amethyst stone in purple color has benefits both for our soul and for our bodies. It is known that the amethyst, which is one of the most preferred stones of precious stone lovers, is the sum of negative electricity in the body. Some of the benefits of amethyst stone to our souls are as follows;

It eliminates the negative energy in the environment and turns it into positive energy. Even if only one point is found, all the negative energies are enough to be summed up.
It is a stone that is effective in relieving some thoughts that disturb people and calming the person. Especially light colored and dark purple varieties are very strong in energy.
Most people have a revitalizing effect. The person you focus on helps balance and harmony.
Energy directly affects the nervous system. Especially when used with pink quartz, the mind gives power.

What are the Benefits of the Amethyst Stone?

Amethyst Stone Physics Benefits

If you want to fully appreciate the benefits of the amethyst stone, you should clean it with water every two weeks. The beneficial properties of medicinal stones have been known and used by people for centuries. Here are some of the benefits of the amethyst stone to the body;

Skin cells on the skin have positive effects on revitalization and revitalization. It naturally beautifies the skin.

For eye disorders, migraine headaches and other headache types, heart diseases and for various reasons

There is a healing effect against allergens that occur.

The surplus electricity in the body collects and gives rise to the brain power.

Those who have insomnia problems are a stone that helps those who are chronically nightmares.

It empowers the immune system through indirect routes and allows the blood to be cleared.

It is recommended to use in depression patients or people who are susceptible to depression.

  • Mike M. Ulu
What is January Birthstone?

What is January Birthstone?

Garnet is the birthstone of January.

The garnet stone can be found in a wide variety of colors, in a translucent manner, opaque, ie semi-transparent. It is usually known in red color and is called "lal-stone." Garnets, also known as "dreamers" or "benevolence stone," are round shaped oval shaped stones.

Loose garnets can be used in making of garnet jewelry

Garnet's male type is dark red, female type is light red. Garnet is not included in any mineral group. The stones in the garnet group have different chemical compositions and colors. For this reason it is classified as an independent stone. The colors may vary from deep red to orange and sometimes to mordant lilac.

Laluche is a natural stone that helps people to take all the negative energies and convert them to positive. The heart-shaped pearl stones represent lovers and wives. The stone is actually called 3 names. Garnet stone is known as Lal stone and Garnet.

It is especially recommended for people in Aries, Lion, Scorpio, Aquarius and Capricorn. The main countries of origin are Brazil, Canada, Madagascar, Australia, India, America, Africa, Czechoslovakia and Zaire.

The precious stones from precious stones can be used in necklaces, rosaries, earrings, bracelets. It helps relieve stress and fatigue in our daily life.

Garnet Stone Benefits Granat (Lal Stone, Garnet)

It gives understanding and cunning.
It is known to bear on it, to protect against physical weakness and cruelty.
It increases sexual energy and sensitivity. It is known to protect against sexual unbalance.
Strengthens, cleans, revives the body. Especially useful for the blood vessels, lal is a useful stone, activates your imagination, symbolizes love and compassion.
Protective and healing against lung and heart diseases.
It helps to treat infectious diseases.
Provides hormonal balance.
It is effective in passing back pain. It is more accurate for sensitive people to use the lure under the waist. Because this kind of people can cause nervousness, headache or dizziness.
It helps when you are feeling the excitement and emptiness of your balance. It gives a feeling of calmness. So you get to work slowly and slowly on the things you need to do, and you feel your capacity is getting bigger. Provides protection from nightmares when put under a bed or pillow.



  • Apri Nuraini
Real Diamond Ring vs Fake

Real Diamond Ring vs Fake

How do you know if diamonds are real?

How do you understand diamonds?

How to understand fake diamonds?

  • Mike M. Ulu
How are Diamonds Set (How to Set a Diamond)

How are Diamonds Set (How to Set a Diamond)

The diamond goes through many stages as it transforms into jewelry. One of these stages which requires labor and mastery is the installation of the stone, that is, the setting process. will educate you about the types of setting options and and their requirements with this informative article.

The diamond jewelry production, which started with the exodus of the diamond, is a very high laborious and expertise demanding mastery that needs to be done by qualified setters. The jewel that passes through all stages is called setting, in which the stone and the stone are assembled. The master who accomplishes this work is also called setter.

When the setting type is determined; the size of the stone, the structure of the design is important. As far as the other stages of attention are concerned, the masonry phase of the stone is very important. Although the first priority is known as firmly grinding the material, an incorrectly preferred type of encrustation can affect the reflection and brilliance of the stone in the opposite direction. Therefore, it is necessary that the master who will do the setting is competent and has enough technical skills and experience. Briefly, setting; the light and reflections on the stone must be carried to the highest quality and the metal should be well-made.

Types of Settings:

The setting types are chosen in the most accurate way to fit the usage area of ​​the diamond as mentioned above. There are 5 kinds of settings types which are frequently used.


Prong Setting:


In this frequently preferred diamond assembling technique, the thickness of the prong structure varies with the size of the diamond. Structural differences are entirely attributed to the design of the ring model. The diamond is placed in these prongs and compression is achieved by means of screwing. Meanwhile, the shape of the progns holding the stone is adjusted according to the customer's preferences but the adjustment to the karat weight is adjusted by the master's experience. While prongs may be preferred for the purpose of stones in 0.50 carats and more diamonds, prongs with thicker nails may be preferred for a little more glaze for lower diamond carats.The stone on the prongs is placed in the notch and compressed between the prongs. The number of prongs in this setting type varies depending on the shape of the stone and the model. Most frequently used quotes
The numbers are 4 and 6.

Channel Set (How to Channel Set Diamonds?):


Widely used in full-round diamond eternity wedding rings and half-round diamond eternity wedding rings. But they are also preferred in diamond engagement rings with side-diamonds, such as trellis. It is the type of masonry which is realized by the arrangement of the rows of stones in the form of a canal opening on the setting.
In this setting technique, the stone or stones are placed in a channel and the duct is held as a wall. This technique requires very careful measurement and compliance.

Depending on the shape of the stone and the floor on which it is mounted, it is sometimes possible to simply slide the parallel channels (stone wall) open. Of course it is very important that the metal does not bow, the channels are at the same level and the same, and the pressure on the stone keeps rolling.

This method is based on a system of placing the stone between the two surfaces parallel to each other with the appropriate milling cutter. Duct closure is round, round, square (calibrated), a form of stone installation applied to stones.

Tension Setting:


It is a stone setting technique which is made by compressing the stone by using the tensile force of the mine. It is only this tension that holds a diamond. It is preferred in different ring models that stone is suspended in the air, especially platinum rings.

It is a method of fixing the stone by clamping it between two open ends by utilizing the applied tensile strength. Rock will not be exposed to any other effects other than this tensile force. It is preferable to apply this setting in higher tension-ed styles.


Bezel Set Setting (How to Set Diamond in a Bezel):

Bezel Set Setting

After a hole is opened for a diamond, it is a form of setting applied by placing the stone suitable for that slot and covering the marginal parts of the stone. The reason why it is called plastering is that it keeps the stone from sliding around the edges of the stone. For small sized stones it is made to look brilliant by keeping the mine part a little thicker. It is more preferred in single stone earring models.
Bezel (a thin metal band around the stone) is prepared in accordance with the shape and size of the stone. The perimeter is pressed around the edges to keep the stone in place. This is probably the oldest and most widely used technique used in stone seating all over the world.

It is the easiest and simplest method. It is applied to many stones with cabochon cuts. six flat, top curved stone form.


Pave Setting:

Pave Setting

It is the preferred setting method in the use of very small size diamond stones and in the models that will be covered with completely assembled diamonds. The prongs are placed between the nails (5,6 prongs); but so much stone is used that the mine is almost invisible.

  • Apri Nuraini