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Halite Mineral

Halite Mineral

Halite is an opaque mineral of dark green color with yellow or bright red spots and inclusions, a type of chalcedony. The stone received its name from the Greek "Helios" - the sun, and "paths" - a turn. In other countries, heliotrope is known by its names: bloody stone, oriental or bloody jasper, plasma, meat agate or stefan stone. The stone may have an oval or octagonal shape with an uneven fracture. It is not characterized by magnetic properties, irization and pleochroism. The mineral is resistant to hydrochloric acid, however, despite its high hardness, it is susceptible to scratches and bumps. Like all stones belonging to the semi-precious class, heliotrope must be protected from exposure to chemicals. The stone is revered from the time of ancient Greece and Rome. He was considered a great talisman, before whom lords, emperors and pharaohs bowed. Heliotropic gems were cut out on a green-red stone, which are still in the original kept in the Hermitage. 


Mineral Deposits:

The main deposits rich in high-quality heliotrope deposits are located in India in the vicinity of Calcutta and in Egypt. Also regularly supplied minerals from the United States (California and Wyoming), Brazil and Australia, the regions of Central Asia and China. In Russia, heliotrope is mined in the Urals. 


Halite and its Magical Properties:

Since ancient times, heliotrope is one of the stones that occupy a special place in magic and alchemy. It was used in the commission of powerful rites and spells to enhance the effect of magic ritual and words. In the Middle Ages, magicians and sorcerers wore bracelets and rings made of stone in order to strengthen their own energy due to its properties. With the help of heliotrope, as a conductor between the Earth and Cosmos, alchemists tried to understand the Universe. 

However, the stone was popular not only among the representatives of the dark forces, but also among the clergy. In Christianity, heliotrope used for the manufacture and decoration of church utensils. From it made vessels, candlesticks, persistent crosses. The owner of the stone, having specific goals and perseverance to their implementation, can feel the quick effect of the magic properties of the heliotrope. It is believed that the mineral adds to the person activity, determination and vigor. He teaches to concentrate on solving problems and achieving global goals, and also develops the ability to learn philosophy, psychology, study foreign languages ​​and the foundations of medicine. The opposite effect of the stone is waiting for those who stubbornly and strive for the development of their horizons to be confused with ambition, greed and "sick" fanaticism. In such cases, the stone is able to punish the negligent owner of loss of mind, as well as material and spiritual values. 


Medicinal Properties:

In lithotherapy special attention is paid to the properties of heliotropes, as they have a beneficial effect on the work of the whole organism. Due to the active influence of the energy of the mineral on the tissues of the blood vessels and the heart, the process of replenishing tissues with essential substances is accelerated. With metabolic disorders and atherosclerosis, the properties of the mineral contribute to the enhancement of the flow of nutrients to life support organs. Heliotrope stimulates the immune system in the presence of infectious diseases, cures diseases of the genitourinary system, kidney and gynecology, and also helps to alleviate the general condition of poisoning. It has an analgesic effect during menstruation, effectively cleans the liver, spleen, kidneys, bladder and intestines. The mineral with powerful healing properties is used to clean the blood, stop bleeding and increase hemoglobin in the blood. It has a restorative effect on depleted organism and consciousness. The use of heliotrope is practiced in the treatment of psychological infertility, when a person, because of the lack of love for all living things, cannot imagine himself as a parent, and refuses to have children. Being an energy purifier, the mineral allows you to get rid of nervous tension, stress and prolonged depression. 


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Diamond Culets - Culet Diamond

Diamond Culets - Culet Diamond

Large Diamond Culet:

Large Diamond Culet

Ideal Culet Diamonds (None):


Characterizing the Diamond Culet

When we hold a precious stone with the table confronting upwards, the jewel culet is at the plain base of the precious stone. Alluding to the basic outline here you will see the primary precious stone features. Not to confound you excessively, the culet doesn't need to be faceted.

The culet can be either a point or a feature. In the event that the culet is an aspect, it has the state of an octagon, proceeding from the structure features encompassing the culet. Allude to the base perspective of the picture underneath. Most culets are to a great degree little aspects.

The GIA, Gemological Institute of America, grades both the size and nature of the culet. The nature of a culet lies in whether the encompassing features meet equitably and how parallel the culet is to the table at the highest point of the jewel.

The size evaluations for a precious stone culet are Extremely Large, Very Large, Large, Slightly Large, Medium, Small, Very Small, and None. The quality evaluations for a culet are Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good, and Excellent. The best size for a culet ranges from Medium to None.

For what reason is the Culet Important?

At the point when the lower structure features meet in an ideal point at the base of a precious stone, the jewel symmetry adds to its radiance and excellence. In these cases, a gemstone shaper may disregard the pointed tip and not cut a culet aspect into the precious stone.

The motivation behind the culet is to ensure the jewel while it is being taken care of amid the setting procedure, or even while it is being cut. The plain tip of a jewel is one of the spots most inclined to getting chips that may then lessen the clearness of the precious stone. A little culet is sufficient to ensure the jewel and decrease the likelihood of damage. One reason precious stones may have no culet at all is on the grounds that a few settings lift a jewel high, keeping the base of the jewel suspended. At the point when the precious stone is raised in its setting, the risk to the tip is expelled.

In the event that the structure aspects don't meet flawlessly at the base of the precious stone, the gemstone shaper may choose to cut a vast culet into the base of the jewel. Precious stone considerations or flaws at the base of the jewel are another motivation behind why a specialist jewel shaper may cut a huge culet into the precious stone. The drawback of an extensive culet is that it might be noticeable to the exposed eye. An expansive culet may resemble a consideration when you look down through the table of the pearl, decreasing both the excellence and the estimation of the precious stone.

The Culet in Fancy Cut Diamonds

How about we get extravagant. In the event that you don't recognize what the term extravagant slice precious stone alludes to, it's basic. All precious stone shapes are considered "extravagant" with the exception of the round splendid cut, which happens to be the most mainstream.

Many extravagant molded precious stones don't have a pointed culet at the base of the structure. Or maybe, the structure features frame an edge called a bottom line. Despite the fact that the bottom line varies from the culet found in round splendid jewels, in the reviewing testament the bottom line of an extravagant slice precious stone is alluded to as the culet. The situation of the culet in extravagant cut precious stones is amidst the vastest purpose of the jewel shape.

Extravagant cut precious stones with a bottom line as the culet, for example, emerald cut jewels, keep the line relative with the width of the jewel. For instance, the oval formed precious stone, marquise molded jewel and pad formed jewel (appeared here) regularly have pointed culets, somewhat bigger than the perfect for round splendid precious stones.

The numerous aspects of a precious stone present the jewel in a way that gets our attention with its loftiness. While the culet does not specifically add to the fire of a jewel, it has the potential both to ensure the precious stone and to decrease the general look of the precious stone. While picking a precious stone, focus on the culet inside the general setting of assessing the stone for quality.

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Citrine Stone Meaning

Citrine Stone Meaning

Citrine Stone and Citrine Meaning

This unusual semi-precious stone got its name in the eighteenth century. Possessing a lemon-golden color and transparency, when cutting it acquires depth, shine. But for a long time, it continued out of habit to be called "Spanish topaz." Citrine refers to a variety of rock crystal.The chemical formula of SiO2 indicates that the mineral belongs to quartz. It is characterized by hardness, ease of processing.


Types & Colors of Citrine:

The word "citrine" is derived from citrus in Latin, which translates as lemon yellow. Mineral got its color due to the presence of iron impurities, which give it shades from sunny lemon to amber. The darkest stone is called “Madera” due to its rich orange color, close to the aforementioned wine. Natural citrines are not as common as transparent quartz, have a yellowish color. 


Citrine Deposits and Citrine Stone Production:

Brazil has the largest deposits of natural mineral. In smaller quantities it is mined in Spain, North America (Colorado) and France. In Russia, the stone has long been found in the Urals. In neighboring Kazakhstan, there are also deposits of citrine. Scotland and Madagascar are among the countries involved in the extraction of natural mineral. Long since in the Urals, craftsmen have learned how to get citrine by roasting amethyst and quartz with a smoky hue. Large stones were baked in bread, and small ones - in a pot of ashes in a Russian stove. As a result, smoky quartz turned bright yellow citrine, and amethysts acquired shades from orange to brownish. It is almost impossible to distinguish natural stone from that obtained by roasting and only by specialists. As a rule, the natural mineral has a paler color. For the manufacture of jewelry used stone obtained by burning. 


The Magical Properties of Citrine:

It is because of its color that the mineral is considered to be a sun stone. With a breakdown, depression, citrine is able to share with the owner the energy received from the sun. In Russia, it was called the “merchant stone”, bringing good luck in business and attracting money. A signet was made with him for sealing letters. It is recommended to keep citrine next to money to attract wealth to the house. The mineral is able to bring warmth to the relationships of close people, to give confidence in their abilities, to contribute to success in creative activities. Despite this, in some countries it is considered a stone of thieves and scammers. Jewelry with him was often worn by cheats and other "clever" people. Modern magicians attribute citrine to dual stones, which serve both fraudsters and respectable people. When wearing a stone, there are some subtleties. For example, a ring with citrine, worn on the little finger, helps in business and money affairs. The decoration on the middle or index finger helps to convince in the rightness, to improve relations in business. A pendant with a sun stone is useful in public speaking, giving the wearer oratorial abilities. 


Medicinal Properties:

Citrine is able not only to decorate, but also to have a therapeutic effect. It is associated with the solar plexus and gastrointestinal tract. Pure crystals, which have no extraneous inclusions, have therapeutic properties. The ring with the "sun stone" can not be removed at night, and then it gives a quick sleep and restful sleep. Modern physicians engaged in treatment with stones are in solidarity with the ancient doctors. They advise patients to wear citrine for diseases of pyelonephritis, cystitis or gastritis. Mineral has the following healing properties: relieves headache; improves brain function; helps to overcome depression; accelerates the treatment of speech defects, especially in children. 


Talismans, Amulets & Zodiac Signs of Citrine:

Even the ancient Romans (senators, orators) made amulets of citrine, to develop eloquence and win the attention of the public. This property: to promote the establishment of relationships, to be convincing and eloquent, use modern business people wearing seals with citrine. The pendant with stone is worn as a talisman. It is shown to politicians and other people associated with public speaking. And to impressionable, vulnerable people he will give confidence, prudence. The ring with citrine is suitable for all whose work requires masterly hand movements. These include jewelers, sculptors, surgeons, engravers. The most remarkable property of a lemon-yellow stone is the absence of its negative effect on most zodiac signs. The greatest benefit he can bring Aries, Leo. Favorably affects Gemini. And Scorpios, Taurus citrine is not recommended, as it can lead to deception, deceit. 


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Green Aventurine Meaning

Green Aventurine Meaning

Green Aventurine Meaning:

A fine grained variety of quartzite with a huge range of shades and multi-colored inclusions of mica is called aventurine. People believe that the aventurine stone is able to create a happy and joyful mood, to help the owner to keep clear thinking and cheerfulness of the spirit.This gem is called a stone of love, since there is a belief that he is the guardian of this beautiful feeling. In different countries, aventurine has different names. In Russia, the stone was called "Zlatochkr". In translation from Italian, the name of the stone is translated as "adventure" or "happiness".

Where are the Best Examples of Aventurine?

In Brazil, Austria (blue shade), India (green color), Spain (brown and red adventurines) and the Urals (Russia). Gem refers to jewelry and ornamental stones. Aventurine is extremely popular in Southeast Asia. In the 18-19 centuries in Russia, the most beautiful samples were used for inserts in earrings, brooches, rings and cufflinks. Less effective stones went to the manufacture of candlesticks, forks, knives, vases, gloves and manicure tools.


Colors of Aventurine:

The gem is classified according to surface texture and color. Honey aventurine is the most brilliant species that has a porous surface. Cherry aventurine is a translucent shimmering gem, which has a pronounced golden luster. Brown aventurine has a one-color color, the shade of which sometimes has a red color. Aventurine pink color - a dense variety of mineral, which has small pores and a weakly shiny. Blue adventurines are like a mini-universe: in the dark blue space of the stone millions of small sparkling stars are scattered. Striped aventurine has a chaotic pattern of golden stripes on a light background. Green aventurine has a uniform color and high density. Red and white aventurine is an ornamental variety of gem. The stones have a pattern in the form of strips and cherry-colored spots on a white background. Aventurine - the magic properties of a stone Opinions about the magical properties of aventurine are very different: some believe that the gem helps with gambling, while others say that the mineral will help find the love of all life. But both of them converge only in one: aventurine is capable of exacerbating the positive emotions of a person. Gem charges the owner with optimism, bestows clear mind and self-confidence, improves mood. Back to the table of contents Therapeutic properties of mineral Wearing aventurine is useful for skin diseases. The stone will help with eczema, rashes and baldness. Gemstone will improve the condition of the skin and reduce the warts. A necklace and beads from aventurine will help with colds and bronchitis. Pendant, ring or bracelet will help improve blood circulation, reduce blood pressure, cure diseases of the cardiovascular system. In addition, the natural gem stabilizes the metabolism, soothes, heals food and nervous disorders. In the treatment of the above, massage balls from aventurine will help. However, the constant wearing of a natural mineral is undesirable - the most suitable time is the phase of the waning moon. To wear a stone for more than a month, without removing, is absolutely contraindicated to all people. The problem is that the constant wearing of aventurine can contribute to excessive activation of all the body processes, even those that need a slow flow. This will cause an imbalance of energies. Thus, for medicinal purposes it is necessary to wear the mineral for 4-5 days, after which to do a two-day break. Back to the table of contents The stone of aventurine to someone suitable for the sign of the zodiac The magical properties of aventurine make it an excellent amulet for representatives of the signs of Taurus, Virgo and Cancer . The stone will react positively to the carrier from among these signs. To his master, the Virgin, the gem will give sensitivity and softness, will help in the development of sensitivity. Decoration with this mineral will be an excellent adviser in a difficult moment. Representatives of the Taurus sign have excessive mundane, because of this, Taurus needs blue aventurine. The stone will help the representatives of this sign to become more exalted and dreamy. Gem will have a positive impact on Taurus' love affairs, bringing in them a novelty and romance. Any representative of the fire signs of the Zodiac will negatively respond to the energy of aventurine. Sagittarius, Aries and Lions gem will bring financial difficulties and some grief. The mineral will sharpen their fatalism and cynicism, strengthen the manifestations of emotions, which will transform the representatives of these signs into harsh hysterical persons. Capricorns also need to be more careful in wearing aventurine. Any sign of water will react to this mineral neutrally. Cancers, Scorpions and Pisces stone will give perseverance and energy. Aventurine will strengthen the positive qualities of the character of representatives of the Pisces. 


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Raw Aquamarine Stone Meaning

Raw Aquamarine Stone Meaning

"Aquamarine" in Latin means "sea ​​water", so the gem began to personify the soul and essence of the sea. 
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Tips for Providing Professional Ring Size Advice

Tips for Providing Professional Ring Size Advice

The internet has tons of advice on how to decide if a ring is the right size - and what to do about it if it’s not. And yet, people are just as likely to get confused and overwhelmed as they are to find a helpful answer.., not to mention the often misleading or misunderstood DIY measuring and sizing advice. Put yourself into the conversation online and promise an on-premises, no-pressure/no-obligation professional sizing. An occasional customer may walk out afterward and still want to risk shopping online – but most will appreciate the gesture and be impressed with the value of an up-close and personal encounter.

Bring out the tools: Explain that no one ring-sizer fits all. Have at least two sets of ring gauges to demonstrate the different ways wide and narrow bands fit. You can even get sets in flat or comfort-fit designs.
Pro-tip: Don't leave an entire ring gauge set to hang from a customer's finger while they try on a ring. The weight (even if it's plastic) will pull and make the ring seem big. Instead, remove the sizing ring from the set, or if pressed for time, have the customer rest their hand on a counter-top cushion.

Bring out the tricks: Show customers available solutions for hard-to-fit fingers. Fingers that taper sharply (meaning the base is wider than the tip) may benefit from having a simple ring guard fitted in the shank to keep the ring from slipping off. Fingers that are widest at the knuckles can have half or full-size sizing balls soldered to the shank to prevent the ring from spinning or tipping on the finger.
Pro-tip: Keep hand sanitizer on hand in case you need to help a customer remove a snug ring – it’s skin friendly (unlike window-cleaner), residue-free (unlike hand lotion) and might come in handy if a customer decides to try using saliva.

Bring on the lecture: Warn customers about the dangers of wearing a ring that is hard to remove. Aside from the discomfort and a permanent ring indent, people could risk having the ring damaged or destroyed in case of an injury or emergency medical treatment. Rings would have to be cut off fast if any magnetic resonance imaging became necessary, or if the finger swelled after a hand injury (yes, ring tourniquet syndrome is as nasty as it sounds...) and if it ever came to that, here’s hoping the EMT just happens to be a jeweler too.
Pro-Tip: Explain that most peoples’ finger size can fluctuate even over the course of a single day. The best time of day to measure is after lunch but before dinner when gravity and daily activities have had some time to take effect, but sodium or carbs have not. Now, how’s that for a topical ‘lunch n’ learn’ demo?

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