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See How Big a 2ct Diamond Engagement Ring When Compared to 1ct

See How Big a 2ct Diamond Engagement Ring When Compared to 1ct

You may read the diameter size difference however unless you put them on the same finger you can never imagine how the two would look different in terms of diameter size. To show this difference to our customers, we took the picture above that displays of 1ct diamond solitaire ring next to a 2 carat one. The one carat ring has a diameter of approximately 6.5mm while the 2ct diamond has 8mm. 

A difference of 1.5mm may sound not too large however when they are worn together as shown at the picture above there is a considerable size difference between the two.

Our 1ct solitaires starts from $1999.99 and 2ct diamond solitaires starts from $5499.99.

Diamonds prices goes up as their carat weight increases. This is because of the fact that larger diamonds are much more rare. 

Although 1ct diamonds have been the best selling carat size in U.S.A., with the invention of lab grown and clarity enhancement process on the natural diamonds, let the customers afford larger diamonds at the same or lower prices.

The laser enhancement technology helps I1 or I2 diamonds to have SI1/SI2 grade clarity after the enhancement process is successfully completed.

Similarly, a lab technology can make a genuine diamond by using technology compared to the natural geological process of natural diamonds.

We offer 30 days returns and free shipping on all of our diamond engagement ring orders.


1Ct. Diamond Engagement Ring Shown Below:

1ct Diamond Engagement Ring


2Ct. Diamond Engagement Ring Shown Below:

2ct Diamond Engagement Ring


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