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Raw Aquamarine Stone Meaning

Raw Aquamarine Stone Meaning

" Aquamarine " in Latin means " sea ​​water ", so the gem began to personify the soul and essence of the sea. 

A variety of beryl of bluish-green hues is called aquamarine. This mineral is characterized by fading with a long stay in the sun. Gem is sometimes confused with pale sapphires or topaz. The main feature of aquamarine is two-color, which is manifested if the angle of view is changed. Aquamarines are mostly step-cut, and, interestingly, have high wear resistance. Large crystals of aquamarine were found on the territory of Russia. The first minerals were found in the Urals in 1669. 82 kilograms - this weight was the largest gem found in the East Transbaikalia in the 18th century. The aquamarine mines exist almost on all continents: they are mined in Argentina, Ireland, Norway, Ukraine and Sri Lanka. Good quality aquamarines are mined in the USA, India, Burma, Nigeria, Afghanistan. According to the beliefs, the gem is able to preserve the unity of the spouses and give courage. In the Middle Ages, they believed that aquamarine would ensure victory in sea battles, as well as safety in the journey. 

What kind of stones can be confused with aquamarine? Blue spinels of a faint hue very much resemble aquamarine, but here on the jewelry quality they are much inferior to the glorified mineral. Aquamarine does not have such a defect as spinel, namely gaseous inclusions in stones that look like small bubbles. 

Also with aquamarine is similar topaz . However, a significant difference is the brighter shine of topaz, and also the fact that the gem has a much richer game when light is refracted. In aquamarine with a flat cut at a certain angle, there will be a silver reflection, which resembles a chrysanthemum flower, but the topaz is incapable of this. 

Not every aquamarine stone will have the color of sea water. For example, gems produced in the Urals and Transbaikalia are distinguished by their blue coloration. Minerals from the Southern Urals have a greenish tinge. South American stones can have a blue color . And about a hundred years ago in Brazil discovered a deposit of sapphire blue aquamarines. Unfortunately, aquamarines have a phenomenal color instability: even a brief stay in the bright sun causes the discoloration of the gem. A few days stay in the sun, and your crystal will change color from pale blue to dirty yellow, earthy or brownish-yellow color. 


The magical properties of the mineral:

There is a belief that aquamarine has the ability to change its color depending on the weather, as well as on the well-being and mood of its owner. With inclement weather and the nervous mood of the owner, the stone becomes green. When the master is overcome with sorrow and grief, the crystal grows dull. Aquamarine protects the owner from gossip. The stone will give the bearer of courage and warn when he is lied to. According to legend, hearing a false aquamarine begins to grow dull. Mages use aquamarines to search for lost things and fortune-telling. In the Middle Ages, those who were afraid to be poisoned did not part with the aquamarine mascot: the legend says that the stone will protect the owner from poisons. In the old days, aquamarine was considered capable of knowing any secrets. For this reason, dishonest people to wear a stone was contraindicated - sooner or later their lies will be revealed. A talisman with a picture of a toad or lizard carved on it. This product will be able even to make the most lazy person hardworking. The stone must be regularly washed with sea water or flowing - this will enhance the magical properties of the talisman.  Stones with a greenish coloring are the best defenders of the evil eye and spoilage. The more transparent and pale the color of aquamarine, the safer it is for the wearer. Moreover, pale and transparent gems can protect a person from burdensome and unnecessary relationships and connections. 


Healing properties of Aquamarine:

It is believed that aquamarine has a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland, as well as on the psychoemotional sphere. Gemstone restores inner dialogue. The stone helps to relieve stress and fear. Aquamarine helps to overcome sea sickness. Aquamarine is considered an indicator of the state of mind, as well as its stabilizer. It is recommended to always have a stone with you. Gemstone will play the role of natural biostimulator, which is suitable for all people, regardless of the sign of the Zodiac.Aquamarine can weaken toothache, help with lung and skin diseases, and reduce allergic reactions. Gemstone will purify the body of toxins and strengthen immunity, harmonize the metabolism. With a long contemplation of aquamarine, the stone will have a beneficial effect on vision. In Mongolian and Tibetan medicine, stone is considered a natural sedative, which will help with nervous stress, stress and stabilizes mental balance. 


Aquamarine and the zodiac signs:

Value of a stone Aquamarine is considered a stone of Pisces and Libra . Libra is vital to be world judges and advisors to others, therefore representatives of this sign will appreciate those properties that will give them a gem, namely: a sense of justice, calm and sobriety of mind, discretion and ability to communicate with others. Aquamarine can calm Libra and remove negative emotions. The stone will smooth out the frightening mood swings of Libra and will help to establish both business and friendly relations. Stone aquamarine and Pisces are symbols of the water element, so they are very suitable for each other. Gemstone will enhance the positive qualities of representatives of the Pisces sign: immunity to negative emotions, calm and equanimity, disinterestedness and a colossal desire to travel and develop spiritually. Aquamarine will give Pisces courage, will enhance self-esteem. Mineral will teach the representatives of this sign to control their emotions, relieve of shocks, useless experiences and stresses. 


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