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How to Take Diamond Engagement Ring Selfie - Tips for Staging & Photographing Engagement Rings

How to Take Diamond Engagement Ring Selfie - Tips for Staging & Photographing Engagement Rings

Staging & Photographing Engagement Rings

It’s easy enough to DIY with a smartphone camera when you light it right (we recommend sunlight from a north-facing window augmented by a soft overhead light so that you don’t need to use flash) and play around with angles to get the best perspective for the stone’s cut (you want to capture sparkle, not glare…). Use a tripod if you have one but don’t hesitate to take hand-held photos - smartphones automatically set shutter speeds for you, and editing tools let you sharpen any minor blurs. Finally, move your phone to frame and focus rather than using the zoom – smartphone cameras have incredible depth-of-field, so close ups can look unflattering. You’ll get sharper images by cropping to close-up size later.

And just as important – stage your photos with sentimental props or use a little charm and humor to capture a memorable picture. Here are a few suggestions following popular trends gleaned from Pinterest, Instagram and other sites favorited by the newly- or soon-to-be engaged:

On Her Hand: More and more women are getting ring-selfie manicures, and some are even springing for “hand lifts”! Treat yourself or one of your employees to a new coat of polish (white, silver or metallic French tips would be especially appropriate…) and model-away! Avoid hyperextended fingers and try for a slightly relaxed look. Use something pretty but not too distracting as a background – unless it’s a puppy or a kitten. Those get extra points!

And Speaking of Backgrounds: Try showing the ring on a pillow or in a classic velvet box set on top of a bridal magazine or the wedding-announcement page of your favorite paper. Use the part of the printed material that shows the date to add a little seasonal excitement. Another classic would be any bridal-looking fabrics such as lace, tulle or organza.

Pretty Props: Flowers are perennial favorites (even when they are annuals…), but if you're struggling to keep a ring standing-up within a bloom, you could try a blooming succulent instead! Engagement-themed items such as champagne flutes, shower invitations, or heart-shaped trinket boxes will send a romantic message, while decorated cupcakes or a stack of multi-colored macaroons will send a sweet one. (Plus, you get to gobble the evidence, right?)

Shop & Bench Props: Highlight custom work using tools-of-the-trade by staging the ring on a wood or steel mandrel or on a third-hand, with a lit-torch as a backdrop. Highlight your exceptional customer service using spools of gift wrap or elegant jewelry pouches to prop a ring against, and try a loupe or a ring-sizer in the background.

Keep in mind that catalog images will always have a place for browsing inventory pages and they may be creatively repurposed for use in advertising and\or on social media, but you can, and should, occasionally connect with your customers with inspiring #ringselfie-style photos that show off your own personality and talents. And, you’ll probably have some fun along the way too!

Taking a selfie takes a bit of trial-error. After taking and deleting few pictures, you will excel in taking your diamond engagement ring picture for your social media platform.

Among those most popular websites are, Pinterest and Instagram. Instagram has been boosting since it was introduced only few years ago and newly married brides have certain groups to post their diamond engagement ring selfies. From these platforms you can see the hottest and trendiest style options always and it can help you in deciding your own design too. When looking at the trendiest selfies in this category we are seeing halo style diamond engagement ring pictures on ladies fingers are getting the most of the "Like" numbers or followers. Ladies reacts to those selfies with more attention if the posts are generating from U.S.A or Europe, as we believe these locations are the source of fashion and trendiest designers. 

Before taking a diamond engagement ring selfie, you need to make sure your nails are neat and/or well manicured. Remember that an attractive diamond ring does not look very nice on a finger with spots or not cleaned well. Also having enough light will help your diamond reflect more fire and brilliance. 

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