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Citrine Stone Meaning

Citrine Stone Meaning

Citrine Stone and Citrine Meaning

This unusual semi-precious stone got its name in the eighteenth century. Possessing a lemon-golden color and transparency, when cutting it acquires depth, shine. But for a long time, it continued out of habit to be called "Spanish topaz." Citrine refers to a variety of rock crystal.The chemical formula of SiO2 indicates that the mineral belongs to quartz. It is characterized by hardness, ease of processing.


Types & Colors of Citrine:

The word "citrine" is derived from citrus in Latin, which translates as lemon yellow. Mineral got its color due to the presence of iron impurities, which give it shades from sunny lemon to amber. The darkest stone is called “Madera” due to its rich orange color, close to the aforementioned wine. Natural citrines are not as common as transparent quartz, have a yellowish color. 


Citrine Deposits and Citrine Stone Production:

Brazil has the largest deposits of natural mineral. In smaller quantities it is mined in Spain, North America (Colorado) and France. In Russia, the stone has long been found in the Urals. In neighboring Kazakhstan, there are also deposits of citrine. Scotland and Madagascar are among the countries involved in the extraction of natural mineral. Long since in the Urals, craftsmen have learned how to get citrine by roasting amethyst and quartz with a smoky hue. Large stones were baked in bread, and small ones - in a pot of ashes in a Russian stove. As a result, smoky quartz turned bright yellow citrine, and amethysts acquired shades from orange to brownish. It is almost impossible to distinguish natural stone from that obtained by roasting and only by specialists. As a rule, the natural mineral has a paler color. For the manufacture of jewelry used stone obtained by burning. 


The Magical Properties of Citrine:

It is because of its color that the mineral is considered to be a sun stone. With a breakdown, depression, citrine is able to share with the owner the energy received from the sun. In Russia, it was called the “merchant stone”, bringing good luck in business and attracting money. A signet was made with him for sealing letters. It is recommended to keep citrine next to money to attract wealth to the house. The mineral is able to bring warmth to the relationships of close people, to give confidence in their abilities, to contribute to success in creative activities. Despite this, in some countries it is considered a stone of thieves and scammers. Jewelry with him was often worn by cheats and other "clever" people. Modern magicians attribute citrine to dual stones, which serve both fraudsters and respectable people. When wearing a stone, there are some subtleties. For example, a ring with citrine, worn on the little finger, helps in business and money affairs. The decoration on the middle or index finger helps to convince in the rightness, to improve relations in business. A pendant with a sun stone is useful in public speaking, giving the wearer oratorial abilities. 


Medicinal Properties:

Citrine is able not only to decorate, but also to have a therapeutic effect. It is associated with the solar plexus and gastrointestinal tract. Pure crystals, which have no extraneous inclusions, have therapeutic properties. The ring with the "sun stone" can not be removed at night, and then it gives a quick sleep and restful sleep. Modern physicians engaged in treatment with stones are in solidarity with the ancient doctors. They advise patients to wear citrine for diseases of pyelonephritis, cystitis or gastritis. Mineral has the following healing properties: relieves headache; improves brain function; helps to overcome depression; accelerates the treatment of speech defects, especially in children. 


Talismans, Amulets & Zodiac Signs of Citrine:

Even the ancient Romans (senators, orators) made amulets of citrine, to develop eloquence and win the attention of the public. This property: to promote the establishment of relationships, to be convincing and eloquent, use modern business people wearing seals with citrine. The pendant with stone is worn as a talisman. It is shown to politicians and other people associated with public speaking. And to impressionable, vulnerable people he will give confidence, prudence. The ring with citrine is suitable for all whose work requires masterly hand movements. These include jewelers, sculptors, surgeons, engravers. The most remarkable property of a lemon-yellow stone is the absence of its negative effect on most zodiac signs. The greatest benefit he can bring Aries, Leo. Favorably affects Gemini. And Scorpios, Taurus citrine is not recommended, as it can lead to deception, deceit. 


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