Howlite Stone and It's Meaning

Howlite Stone and It's Meaning

Howlite Stone or Govlit is a mineral that is calcium borosilicate in composition. The Howlite stone and its meaning came from the exotic name of its the discoverer - geologist Henry Gov. In the literature, it can be found under the names of caulite or turquenite. The latter name has been used since the seventies of the last century to designate howlite blue or blue. More often, this mineral is hidden under the name "pressed turquoise", especially when it comes to jewelry. Although in fact he has nothing in common with turquoise . For the first time, a Howlite was discovered on the territory of Eastern Canada in the Nova Scotia Peninsula.

In nature, howlite occurs, as a rule, in the form of rounded formations of a light gray color with characteristic dark veins. The structure of the stone is radial-radial. Its sizes vary widely. The largest was found in the state of California - the weight of the stone reached about 500 kilograms.

Due to the fact that the natural color of govlit cannot be called attractive, in practice it is often resorted to its coloring. Usually choose blue or blue-green color to the stone imitated turquoise. At the same time, the imitation is so plausible that it is difficult to detect a fake even for a high-class specialist. Sometimes howlite is painted in red tones - so it becomes like expensive corals.

Howlite Resources:

Govlit is a stone that has received little distribution in nature. Its formation occurs in the evaporate basins due to the precipitation of saline solutions enriched with boron and calcium. The largest deposits of stone are in the United States of America, California. In the form of plate crystals howlite can be found in Canada. In addition, massive mineral accumulations are located in Serbia and Lower Saxony (Germany).

The Magical Properties of The Howlite Stone:

The white color, which nature has endowed with stone, symbolizes purity and innocence. However, on the other hand, it is the personification of strength and human dignity. It is known that jewelry containing uncolored govlit can banish disturbing emotions and thoughts, as well as soften anger. Stone has gained wide popularity among people who are engaged in the interpretation of dreams. It is believed that it helps to memorize dreams. The main advantage of the mineral is that it assists its owner in mastering new skills and knowledge. That is why it can be safely called the patron saint of students. It helps to focus on the study of science and makes its development easy and comfortable. Govlit is an excellent assistant for interviews, tests and exams. With it, you can make the most favorable impression on the examiner or employer. In addition, the mineral will constantly push the person to continuous self-improvement. One can even say that the owner of a govlit is an eternal student, an intellectual, who has been striving for new knowledge all his life. Moreover, this concerns knowledge not only in a separate field of activity.

The Healing Properties of The Howlite:

has a positive effect on the human osteo-articular apparatus. And this is not surprising, because in its composition the lion's share is calcium. The stone not only contributes to the rapid healing of fractures, but also helps to maintain calcium in the body at the right level. That is why it is recommended to wear to future mothers, since during the period of pregnancy the fetus takes a large amount of maternal calcium. Beads or necklace from govlit will improve the work of the cardiovascular system and increase the body's resistance to stress. Mineral has a very fruitful effect on the health of teeth and can eliminate such an unpleasant symptom as toothache. Govlit is widely used by massage therapists, as it has a high heat capacity. With it, massages are carried out with cellulite, varicose veins and diseases of the articular system.

Zodiac Signs of Howlite:

There are four signs of the zodiac that especially need to be found: Taurus , Scorpio , Virgo and Capricorn . Representatives of these signs will feel the beneficial effect of the mineral from the very first days. This will manifest a great tenacity during the achievement of the tasks and tolerance towards others. There are also three signs that the wearing of a govlit is categorically contraindicated. This Sagittarius , Aries and Leo . In their life, a stone will not bring anything but sadness and disappointment. As for the rest of the zodiacal circle, they may well have this stone. He speaks more of a calm mineral, so it will not harm a good person.

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