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Aragonite Meaning

Aragonite Meaning

Aragonite Meaning:

Calcium carbonate is an inorganic chemical compound that is represented in nature by such minerals as calcite, aragonite, and vaterite. By popularity, aragonite takes the second place after calcite. It is formed at low temperatures close to the surface of the earth, for example, in stalactite caves. It has the same chemical composition as calcite, but differs with it in structure. Aragonite is harder than calcite, it is easy to recognize it by the hexagonal prismatic tees.


The Aragonite Mineral History:

The legend has it that the tears of a girl who was separated from her lover and not allowed to marry her lover turned into aragonite. Aragonite tears spilled in the Spanish old town of Molina de Aragon. The first mention of this mineral is found in the book “Introduction to the Natural History of Spain” by Jose Torrubia’s father (Madrid, 1754). In mineralogy, aragonite was perpetuated by Saxon geologist Abraham Gottlob Werner (1749–1818), who mistakenly suggested that this city was in the ancient kingdom of Aragon and not in Castile. Nobody believed him in an erroneous opinion, and the mineral remained with this name.


Types and Colors of Aragonite:

Usually aragonite is colorless or white. However, due to impurities, the mineral can acquire various shades - purple, blue, orange, red, gray, light green. Blue-green aragonite is called needles, blue - ceyringite. Regarding transparency - it all depends on the content of impurities in it, there are both transparent, and translucent and opaque. Aragonite occurs in the following varieties: Needle crystals. They are transparent elongated prisms or needles. Helictites are found in karst caves. They are coral-like aggregates growing in different directions. They arbitrarily twist and branch. Pyzoliths - rounded aragonite bodies the size of a pea (more than 2 mm), the so-called cave pearl. Refers to the ooliths. "Iron Flowers" - amazingly beautiful mixed leaves and radial-radiant aggregates. The nacre of sea pearls and shells is formed by thin layers of aragonite - conite and organic matter. In the form of leaky crusts and nodules, it is deposited at the bottom of cold sources, as well as on any objects in contact with this solution.


Mineral Deposits:

Today, the best crystals are mined in the autonomous regions of Spain: Aragon, Castile-La Mancha, Navarre and Valencia. They are slightly inferior to the Aragonites of Sicilian solfatara and the Oolites from Morocco. Pyzolites are mined in the thermal springs of Karlovy Vary. Collection samples of the mineral are also found in Russia in the Urals and Taimyr, Kyrgyzstan (Khaidarkan), and Turkmenistan.


Aragonite and Its Magical Properties:

Astrologers recommend using an amulet or a talisman of this stone only for couples. As a lonely person, wearing ornaments of aragonite, will feel lost, misunderstood and unhappy. This mineral protects the family and home. It helps to avoid family quarrels, brings peace and understanding not only to spouses, but parents and children. For adolescents, a stone, by way of exception, will help to outgrow the transitional age, for mature people a “midlife crisis”. Mineral directs all the thoughts of a person to true values ​​- family and home, helps to understand a person that close to him are the closest and dearest people for whom he is just a dear and beloved person with all his shortcomings. It helps to concentrate on one thing, gives patience and willpower, helps to make a decision with a clear head and a firm hand. According to Feng Shui, there should be a figure of aragonite at home, which will attract prosperity and luck to the house. It is placed in a room in a prominent place where the family usually meets. Mineral will contribute to the acquisition of housing or the opening of a private business. If the spouses have problems in sexual terms, or they are going to conceive a child, then the figure is put in the bedroom. Mineral has a huge sexual energy, which will be shared with the owners and will not let this relationship cool. It is believed that a person wearing aragonite constantly retains a bright mind and a strong memory until old age. Its good to use in meditation, because it brings peace and tranquility, is a grounding stone. The six sides of this crystal symbolize the star of David or the seal of Solomon. The mineral is often used by fortune-tellers, astrologers, because it increases energy, which increases the energy of prayers and magical conspiracies. The crystals themselves show a person how he is connected with the Universe. Its rays diverge from the center, like the soul of each person, which grows and passes through life experiences and events. Aragonite directs energy and self-discipline, helps a person to persevere. 


Medicinal Properties:

This mineral can be called a healing crystal. If you use it as a healing tool, you must protect it from negative energy. Aragonite is placed either in the room of a sick person, or carried with them. It helps to remove fever, inflammation, reduce fever. Acting as an intermediary, it helps to relieve stress, has a good effect on the nervous system. Helps fight the disease such as chronic fatigue. Relieves insomnia, irritation and anger. Helps with hair loss. Warms the limbs, stops muscle spasms and twitches. They are treated for skin diseases - from allergic reactions to lichen and psoriasis. It treats impotence in men and frigidity in women, as well as diseases of the reproductive system.


Horoscope & Aragonite:

Aragonite is suitable for people with any zodiac sign and under the auspices of any planets. The main condition is that people are not alone, they must be married or married. The charm must be handled with care, if the crystals break, even under normal conditions, aragonite will turn into calcite and all its magical properties will be lost. 


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