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Hematite Stone & It's Properties


Hematite Stone and It's Properties

Hematite is a semi-precious gem, differing from the rest of the family by a reddish sheen, as well as a pronounced metallic luster. This stone was known to the ancient Egyptians. In ancient Egypt, hematite was an ornamental stone. In the temples of the goddess Isis, the priests used a gem to protect against evil spirits and dark forces. The warriors of ancient Rome and Greece considered the stone a guardian of warriors and an assistant in military affairs. They believed that hematite had the ability to weaken enemies and allowed them to return home unscathed. It was especially noted that hematite is able to help only in good deeds. With the help of this stone it is impossible to harm someone; moreover, the properties of hematite will punish the one who intended to use the stone for evil purposes. 


Types of Hematite and It's Colors:

Untreated blood hematite has the color of dried blood or a dark steel shade. In nature, there are a large number of varieties of this mineral: Iron rose. A large cluster of flat crystals, in shape and shape resembling a tea rose flower. Specularity A crystalline mineral with a silvery gray luster. In rare cases, gems are used as a decorative stone. Iron mica. Scaly variety of gem with a fine-crystalline structure and iron luster. Red glass head. The ore is red, on which hematite is located in kidney-like inclusions. Hematite. Fine-grained dense variety of gem with a brown tint. In the manufacture of jewelry most often use a black variety of mineral.


The Magical Properties of the Hematite:

The magical properties attributed to this stone are extremely contradictory. At one time, people believed that hematite protects against evil spirits, at another - that he calls them. It is believed that the properties of the stone depend on the form in which it is dressed. For example, a hematite cross or a stone with its image will protect against evil spirits, and a mineral with a picture of a demon or evil spirit will do the opposite. Hematite helps to improve memory, strengthen intuition, build relationships with others. Stone develops original thinking and enhances attention. Mineral will never help a person with malicious intent. The Slavs believed that if a hematite was hung above the baby’s crib, the child would fall less and hurt himself to bleed. Hematite is considered one of the best wards against bullets and wounds, so this stone was constantly worn by the military. The pieces of the stone were sewn into clothes and hidden in shoes before going to war. It is believed that the stone allows the owner to influence the events and other people In India, hematite is revered as a stone of courage and wisdom. It is believed that it helps strengthen will power and preserve the body. In medieval Europe, the stone was considered a stone of soothsayers. Gem attributed the properties to keep the owner from rash acts, to sensitize and point the right way. They believed that the mineral could get rid of flashes of rage and anger. 


Healing Properties of Hematite:

Mineral since ancient times was used for cuts, wounds, fractures and blood diseases. Hematite mainly affects hemoglobin and the ability of tissues to absorb oxygen. The effect of the gem on the blood coagulation system is impossible not to notice: it begins to work in a heightened mode, which promotes healing of cuts and wounds. Hematite will help relieve local inflammation in the wound. Gem purifies the blood and strengthens the organs of blood formation and blood purification - the heart, kidneys, spleen, liver. The stone can accelerate blood circulation. Stone struggles with blockage of blood vessels, helps with hormonal disorders. 


The Horoscope Signs of the Hematite:

Hematite is considered a Pisces stone. Representatives of this sign often lack the desire to fight for their interests and decisiveness, they prefer to go with the flow. It is dangerous for fishes to constantly fly in the clouds - this can lead to the deepest disappointment in life, since the representatives of this sign do not have enough courage to make dreams come true. Hematite will help Pisces to gain courage and strength to achieve the desired goals, will give the necessary energy for this. The stone changes people and events for the benefit of its owner. Pisces are often very nice and talented people, but their frequent misfortune is to promise the impossible. Hematite will help the Fish either to make promises or to fulfill them, which will positively affect the status of the Fish in society. 


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