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Dolomite Stone - Mineral Deposits | Therapautic and Magical Properties | Applications

Dolomite Stone - Mineral Deposits | Therapautic and Magical Properties | Applications

Dolomite stone is a natural rock-forming mineral, magnesium carbonate and calcium (CaMg [CO3] 2). The transparent translucent stone with a glass luster has gray-white flowers with yellow, green or brown shades. Rare in nature there are valuable pink crystals. The mineral is characterized by high quality characteristics, among which is worth noting durability, frost resistance and a beautiful aesthetic appearance. Some samples of dolomite are brittle, easily scratched, but unlike limestone - they dissolve worse. The mineral does not melt under the influence of high temperatures, but cracks. It dissolves slowly in cold acid, but when it is heated, the decay rate increases. Dolomite was first discovered in the Alps of Italy in the 17th century by the French geologist Deoda Grate de Dolomier. Subsequently, the mineral got its name in honor of the discoverer, and the mountains were called the Dolomites. Dolomite is also called brown, complex, mother-of-pearl, rhombic spar, miemite, tarandite, codocite and ridolfit.


Dolomite Mineral Deposits:

Dolomite deposits are located around the world. The main countries in which massive mineral extraction is carried out are the USA, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. In Russia, deposits are developed in Karelia, in the Caucasus, in the southern regions of the Urals and in the coastal areas of the Volga region. Basically, these are samples of calcite with additional impurities. Crystals of different sizes are mined in the Vitebsk region of Belarus, the Donbass of Ukraine, the Lake Balkhash region of Kazakhstan, as well as in Armenia and Uzbekistan. Yandex.Direct Top Broker Rating 2018 Choose your broker along with a rating from MyFXbook experts - Trade in plus Robust and frost-resistant genaldonian dolomite, which is in high demand from leading exterior designers, is mined in the large Genaldon field located in North Ossetia. 


Therapeutic and Magical Properties of Dolomite:

The mineral contains a large amount of ionized calcium, which is an important component of the cells and tissues of the human body. It has a beneficial effect on acid-base balance, reduces the likelihood of heart and vascular diseases, normalizes blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and is also an effective prophylactic agent for osteoporosis. Lithotherapists note that dolomite reduces the likelihood of urolithiasis, relieves muscle tone, increases vitality and increases stress resistance. The magical properties of dolomite have long been used by the strong half of humanity to develop such qualities as courage, energy, will power, a rational approach to the problem, wisdom and philosophy, chivalry and nobility. Unmarried men used stone to attract the attention of women. However, dolomite is not recommended to be worn by family men, as the spouse’s jealousy causes undue attention of the female. Dolomite will teach its owner to think outside the box, increase its generosity, and also brighten up moments of loneliness and eliminate sadness.


Dolomite Applications:

The mineral has versatile properties, therefore it is used in many industrial fields. Beauty and shine make it popular with designers, designers and jewelry makers. Due to its physical properties, it is in demand in the metallurgical industry and construction. Dolomite products Beautiful dolomite crystals attract the attention of collectors, and after cutting they are exhibited in famous collections. The jewelry is mainly used transparent monochromatic or patterned patterns that are brought from the northern fields of Spain and the southwestern United States. Polished stone with a beautiful shine is inserted into earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets. Dolomite is able to decorate not only a person, but also his surroundings. It is a worthy facing material intended for the design of building facades, the arrangement of paths, steps, and also interior decoration. Ease of processing allows you to make from it architectural products of various shapes and configurations for arranging house territories and gardens, as well as decorating the interior of rooms. For many centuries, sculptures have been created from it, most of which belong to the category of architectural masterpieces. Mineral, ground into powder, is considered an effective tool in the fight against insects due to the damaging effects on chitinous integument. 


Dolomite Dishes:

The appearance of dolomite dishes - light and bright products that have a reasonable price - is considered an innovation in the field of ceramics. The porous structure of the stone adversely affects the strength of dishes, making it fragile and unsuitable for hot dishes. However, fruit coasters, salt shakers, sugar bowls and pepper shakers, jugs, butter cans and jars, as well as many other kitchen utensils designed for cold foods, will certainly find their place in the kitchen of any hostess. 


Application in Construction:

In the domestic construction market, crushed dolomite is the main component of most building mixes, which, due to the cubic shape of the grains, have high adhesion and high-quality technological characteristics. The same properties that ensure durability and reliability are part of paint and varnish compositions, sealants, mastics, linoleums, as well as most types of rubber products.


Dolomite in Metallurgy:

The chemical properties of dolomite allow it to be used in metallurgy. Due to the release of magnesium, the mineral is effectively used in the production of steel by the open-hearth method. Of massive and dense samples, the magnesium content in which is not lower than 19%, make converter refractories and lime. With its help, refueling and firing of open-hearth furnaces is carried out. 


Dolomite and Horoscope:

Dolomite is treated differently for each representative of the zodiacal circle. In contact with the stone, the virgins feel an improvement in their state of health and a surge of strength, Gemini and Taurus - a charge of vitality and a positive attitude. The indecisive Libra will give the mineral confidence and adventurism, and Pisces, on the contrary, will “lower it from heaven” and teach you to think wisely and rationally. Dolomite will contribute to the development of an adequate assessment of the environment in Lviv and Streltsov, as well as strengthen the entrepreneurial Capricorns. He will help Aries more critical of themselves and strengthen their logical thinking. In jewelry with gem Sagittarius will radiate sexuality. It is strictly not recommended to wear products with dolomite to Cancers and Aquarius. The state of melancholy to which these signs of the zodiac are subject only aggravates upon contact with the stone. 


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