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Barite Mineral

Barite Mineral

Barite mineral is a natural stone whose composition is barium sulfate. The mineral received its name from the Greek "barus" (heavy), which is caused by a high density of crystals and a large weight of stone. The bulk of the extracted barites contains colorless transparent samples, however, there are crystals of pink, yellow, blue and white shades with a pearl luster. Dense mineral belongs to the heavy spars, has a granular structure and perfect cleavage. Although barite is not susceptible to acids, it is extremely fragile. In hydrothermal deposits, the mineral is quite often found in combination with pyrite, galena, and vermilion. For the first time, barite was used many centuries ago, when the ancient warriors began to use it as ammunition for crossbows and balalesters. Until 1800, the mineral was called the “Bologna stone” in honor of the deposit located at the Paterka mountain in the vicinity of Bologna. The mineralogist from Germany, D. Carsten, was engaged in scientific research and studies of stone. 


Barite Deposits:

Mineral deposits are found throughout the world, but the largest deposits are in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Algeria, Peru, Ireland and parts of India. Extraction of barite in significant quantities is carried out in Russia in the Belorechenskoye field of the Krasnodar Territory, in the Urals, in Karachay-Cherkessia and Adygeya, in the environs of Krasnoyarsk and the eastern regions of Transbaikalia. Small production of barite is made in the Altai regions rich in polymetallic deposits. 

There are known deposits of stone on the Mangyshlak Peninsula in Kazakhstan, in Chimtarga of Tajikistan, Kopetdag of Turkmenistan, as well as in the western regions of Georgia. Barite pseudomorphs are mined in the Kerch deposit of the Crimean peninsula. The mineral is found in metamorphic deposits of European countries - Romania, Italy, Great Britain, Spain and Germany.


The Magical Properties of Barite:

Around the stone for centuries sharpened controversy. Many magicians and sorcerers cannot discover the magical properties of barite and find it ineffective in the use of rituals and rites. However, enlightened esotericists claim that after carrying out certain actions and sprinkling a stone with holy water, he opens his unique properties to the owner. Since ancient times, the high priests of Indian tribes used barite to establish contact with their deceased ancestors. Mineral has a positive effect on the psychological state of its owner. It contributes to the development of rationality in actions, teaches you to make serious decisions in a measured and balanced way. Barite directs to the right actions and helps in any endeavors, develops intuition and teaches patience. Special attention is paid to talismans and amulets from barite, the action of which inspires creative natures on new achievements, helps them in the development and implementation of new ideas. It is believed that the most effective stone in the talisman, which is constantly in contact with open areas of the body. 


Medicinal Properties:

Barite is successfully used not only by lithotherapists and traditional healers, but also by modern traditional medicine. It is an effective X-ray absorber that is completely harmless and is not absorbed by the human body, despite the fact that for other living creatures, barium salts are of mortal danger. Patients with diseases of the digestive tract in the process of carrying out X-ray are given a sip of barium, which, when ingested, reflects the lesions affected by the disease. The healing properties of barite are mainly aimed at normalizing the psycho-emotional state of a person. It soothes, relieves from fear and excitement, and also develops the ability to “turn on” a positive attitude and sound thinking, so that we perceive reality soberly and constructively. Tactile and visual contact with the stone gives strength to overcome psychological trauma. Also, applications of barite cure diseases of the skin.


Application of Barite:

is a popular and sought after mineral in many industries. Its compounds are used in the manufacture of high-strength glass, film, wallpaper and linoleum. It is part of the paint products, acts as a component in the manufacture of paper and fireworks, and is also used in the manufacture of leather. In the oil industry, barite is used in the process of drilling wells, as due to its physical properties it is able to weight clay fluids. It is used in the construction of subways and other underground structures. Barium salts are considered effective in medicine and agriculture for the destruction of harmful insects. Barite is used in the jewelry industry, but because of the difficulty of processing products from it are rare for a simple man in the street. Often, these are collectible items that are single. Barite crystals are valued by admirers of beauty due to the amazing brilliance of the mineral on the edges after processing. Color samples are treated with cabochon and mirror polished. Decor elements and unusual interior figures are made of barite crystals.


Zodiac Signs:

As an astrological talisman, barite is recommended for signs of the fire element (Lions, Aries, and Sagittarius) to curb and overcome such characteristic qualities as cowardice, laziness, hot temper and unjustified aggression. Constant contact with the stone helps them to find peace and confidence in the future. The effect of the mineral on the representatives of the elements of Water (Scorpio, Crayfish and Pisces) and Air (Aquarius, Libra and Gemini) is not so noticeable, since all these signs are by nature practical, reasonable and sensible personalities. Neutral barite refers to the signs of the Earth Virgos and Taurus, giving special attention to Capricorns. The stone is favored and greeted by all undertakings.

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