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Types of Agate

Types of Agate

Depending on the type of pattern on the cut, more than 150 varieties of agate are found in nature. The most common types are:

Brazilian Agate:

Brazilian Agate

Layers form contrasting concentric patterns. Photo:

Moss or Dendritic Agate:

Moss or Dendritic Agate

Inclusions are similar to tree crowns or moss. Photo:

Landscape Agate:

Landscape Agate

Patterns and drawings on the cut stone are like fantastic landscapes. Photo by

Black Agate:

Black Agate

A cut of black agate trimmed in gold. Black agate is also called "magic agate". Photo:


Irrigation Agate:

Irrigation Agate

A stone with a special optical effect, creating an iridescent glow under the influence of bright light. Photos:


Some types of agate have established names, for example, onyx (a stone with many parallel multi-colored stripes) , sardonyx (agate with red-brown layers) .

It is believed that agate brings health, happiness and longevity. Agates of red shades symbolize love and devotion, before such stones exchanged lovers, if they were to be separated for a long time.

The strongest was always black agate, it strengthened the spirit, protected from evil. Black stones were often used in magical rituals. Agate is credited with the ability to absorb negative energy, protecting the owner from it, so lithotherapists recommend that the stone be cleaned of the negative, washing it in running water.

Agate was also used as a remedy. The powdered mineral was used as an antidote for snake and scorpion bites, they were also washed by wounds for quick healing. To relieve respiratory tract diseases, the stone is worn in the form of beads and brooches; for the normalization of cardiac activity agate is usually worn on the left hand, and as a sedative on the right.

Who agate is suitable for?

Blue agate is a stone of creative individuals, revealing their talents. Brown agate attracts wealth and promotes career development. Gray agate is the mascot of the servants of the law, it sharpens the sense of justice, contributes to the resolution of conflicts. The yellow stone patronizes those who are involved in trade. White agate protects children from disease and accidents. Pink stone attracts good luck, good for fans of gambling.

Stone agate belongs to the elements of the Earth, and therefore most suits Taurus and Virgos. Agate is contraindicated in Aries and Scorpions.