Date Rating Comments Arrived on Time Item as Described Customer Service Order ID Rater Email Rater Role
11/8/15  5  On time and perfect! Yes Yes - 105-2325466-8252225 pq7fdrphzqm8d8d@goldia.com Buyer
10/26/15  5  Perfect for my new grandaughters owl theme nursery! Just the right find. Yes Yes - 114-5951897-3917836 y2g031n5tc0kt90@goldia.com Buyer
10/21/15  5  No issues - came a little earlier than expected. Was packaged well and not damaged. Very nice piece. Yes Yes - 106-5321210-2767434 cd70k95tc0dmhmy@goldia.com Buyer
10/5/15  5  Very tiny. Yes Yes - 114-1933748-1716247 mcg0jqjn78rmwwb@goldia.com Buyer
10/3/15  5  Item arrived early on the 22nd when Sep 22 to 25 was offered in great condition and excellent packaging. Yes Yes - 107-2694815-9749028 pz1gp5pw6qnz1fs@goldia.com Buyer
9/29/15  5  excellent service Yes Yes Yes 116-2496894-9826649 rtzq5rd0gcql3l1@goldia.com Buyer
9/26/15  5  Thank you, this is one of the most beautiful rosary I have ever met, I will offer it to my girlfriend. Yes Yes - 111-0059245-9880252 9smvpjjstm00tcd@goldia.com Buyer
9/23/15  5  love them Yes Yes Yes 107-3808441-9930634 xkcv055n0pdxt78@goldia.com Buyer
9/23/15  4  very nice quality and the size I wanted. Thank you Yes Yes - 112-6804886-6487442 dggfb493w4mcnfs@goldia.com Buyer
9/20/15  4  It is very pretty but very small. It would be great for a child or someone that wants a small pendant. Yes Yes - 115-1146663-1132201 gwhc15g26gw7sfw@goldia.com Buyer
9/17/15  5  Absolutely love these earrings. Yes Yes - 114-5706416-3786628 1fvggg9k8rfb832@goldia.com Buyer
9/17/15  5  I got my ornament a few days sooner than they said I would and it is beautiful. I can't wait to give it to my daughter so she can hang it on her tree! I would recommend this site to anyone. Yes Yes - 108-5043289-1640218 r09llz5bzzz70p6@goldia.com Buyer
9/17/15  5  Beautiful, authentic designer necklace exactly as promised. I love it. The necklace was well packaged and perfect. Thank you! Yes Yes - 112-1655195-9175401 wtbbgr7kvbr8jhx@goldia.com Buyer
9/15/15  5  Thanks!! Yes Yes - 106-2594656-8516214 dq005mh93nj19ls@goldia.com Buyer
9/14/15  5  Absolutely beautiful. I am using for lotion. Hope it works as I love it! Yes Yes - 105-3294975-9757842 141b2q888bkjjlk@goldia.com Buyer
9/14/15  5  I previously purchased this bracelet, after wearing everyday(not taking off ) the clasp broke 18 months later. feel for the wear and tear i put on it, its held up great.I bought another , for the price you cant go wrong, looks nice and is sturdy, will purchase again Yes Yes Yes 103-9230020-3310669 3fg1wcttp0sfz4d@goldia.com Buyer
9/14/15  5  Exactly what I expected and wanted Yes Yes - 104-1682616-6723406 2hrtqgh4zlhlhwv@goldia.com Buyer
9/14/15  5  great Yes Yes - 113-9833152-1243402 v6v5sy8hs8rrc1v@goldia.com Buyer
9/12/15  5  They are so nice ..I am very satisfied with my purchase ..can not believe with the price of gold ..these did not cost more . Yes Yes Yes 113-0006007-2973848 k9w8dqrsjm187hs@goldia.com Buyer
9/10/15  5  great job. just wish i got more than 15 characters for 30.00 Yes Yes Yes 106-6034836-7269014 tpsd09jcgxkfn2r@goldia.com Buyer
9/10/15  5  nice people, good service. would recommend Yes Yes Yes 106-0972661-4825055 tpsd09jcgxkfn2r@goldia.com Buyer
9/8/15  5  This was some of the best packaging I have had on the site. There was more than enough bubble wrap around the item and it was in a good size box. Yes Yes - 104-7355900-2705814 cdylfvbkzktt760@goldia.com Buyer
9/5/15  5  The ring looked just like the picture ..I think the Diamonds really sparkle for being so small Yes Yes - 104-6836563-2140222 k9w8dqrsjm187hs@goldia.com Buyer