Certified Genuine Diamond Stud Earrings

3-Prong Cocktail-Style:

Perfectly matched pairs of round full cut stones, set in a 3-prong 14k white gold.

    Quality: G/H Color, VS2/SI1 (Clarity Enhanced)

    4-Prong Princess-Cut:

    Perfectly matched pairs of princess cut stones, set in a square 4-prong white 14K mounting.

      Quality: G/H Color, VS2/SI1 (Enhanced Clarity)


      A perfectly matched pair of round full cut diamonds, each surrounded by Stuller Precision Melee diamonds. Available in both white or yellow 14K.

      Quality: G/H Color, VS2/SI2 (Enhanced Clarity)

      Touch Setting:

      These matched pairs have a brilliant center, surrounded by specially cut stones to give the illusion of a bigger size stud. Patented setting and diamond cuts give a seamless composition. Each earring has the appearance of being over two times the actual total carat weight.

      Quality: G/H Color, VS2/SI1 (Enhanced Clarity)

      How to choose diamonds for earrings:

      Earrings with diamonds require the formation of a pair or pair of diamonds homogeneous and calibrated.

      Because the quality goes through the know-how, Goldia jewelry professionals of the diamond, ensures this work of choice of diamonds for earrings upstream from our diamond offices in Antwerp.

      With our website which is the best website for the purchase of gold earrings with diamonds, or in our offices or with the workshops of the creators of Goldia.com, we will be happy to accompany you in the realization of a jewel with diamonds at the best price. Your diamond earrings will be the result of custom work by our experienced diamond and jewelery team.

      How to choose the models of earring with diamonds:

      Our diamond earring website for women offers you a choice at the best price, contemporary luxury and quality of American products.

      In the jewelry store online purchase of Goldia.com you will find other models: the earrings with gold diamond to 3 and 4 claws in different finishes, the diamond earring set closed, the mono gold earring with a single diamond, the gold earrings for women with pear-shaped diamonds, the diamond earrings of our creators including the very elegant Venetian model a pendant earring model in gold set with model diamonds for women in white or yellow gold, very feminine with 2 diamonds starting at 0.20 carats. Each earring model is offered in several price ranges.

      Alpa clasp system for pierced ears.

      This system accompanies ear chips with a high market value because its usability is very straightforward.

      The manufacture of our earrings in gold set with diamonds is French and made to measure with a high quality of finish of each earring diamond provided with the system of clasp Alpa for pierced ears: they are small discs whose part slightly convex is sticking behind the ear. On either side of this disc, two serrated tongues actuate springs that will snap on the notch of the stem. So the earring is always well secured and easily.

      Ear chains:

      Earrings of this type are made of a very thin (and very flexible) chain that is slipped into the ear hole. At one of their ends, a rigid metal wire of the same diameter is fixed in the extension of the chain to facilitate their installation. These do not require clasps. The model Venetian design of our collection is a model with earring.

      Importance of Symbols:

      The symbolism is organized around the feminine character of the ear. The role of the pair a fortiori with diamonds is aesthetic, it aims to attract the eye to the ear, this complex organ too often masked by the hair. The earrings are jewelry that is out of the ordinary because they are worn in pairs. The man has two arms, two legs but it would not occur to anyone to wear two rings or two identical bracelets. Thus, the earrings, since they are double are the mark of an autonomy of the woman who knows to exceed the unity of the male phallus.

      Earrings are mentioned in philosophy both as a metaphor for sex. In their duplicity, they participate in a double game of coquetry: that of self and that of the other. Symbol of femininity, the earrings are sometimes deliberately hidden. The philosopher then proposes to compare the passive nature of the ear to that of the female sex and demonstrates in this the necessary link between the earrings - which emphasize the ear - with femininity.

      Quotation before buying earrings:

      Before buying an earring with diamond or buying diamond ear chips you can make a free quote request online with a personalized choice of the pair or pair of diamonds (carat weight and diamond quality) that determines largely the price of the diamond earring.

      Pair of Egyptian earrings.
      Piercing the earlobe is the oldest body modification known today, as evidenced by many references from cultures around the world and dating back to before contemporary history. It was during a search in the city of Chifeng, Mongolia, that were found the oldest styles in the world. These jade loops are between 7,500 and 8,000 years old. Archaeological research at this site has revealed numerous hemicircular heme stone earrings dated to 6000 BC. These last belong to the Xinglongwa culture. According to the specialists, the latter would not have required perforation of the earlobe but pinched it simply2. These jewelries were also found in the city of Ur in Mesopotamia3.

      One can find evidence of the wearing of studs by the male in the archaeological site of Persepolis in ancient Persia. On the walls of the old palace are pictures of soldiers from the Persian empire wearing an earring.

      Another ancient proof of wearing pairs of these items is the story of ExodeNotes 1. In the episode of the Golden Calf (32,1,2), it is written that while Moses was at the top of Mount Sinai, the Israelites asked Aaron to fashion a God for them: he ordered them to give him - among other things - their sons and their daughters so that he would be able to fulfill their Wishes 2.

      According to St. Paul's writings, the wearing of makeup and jewelry - especially earrings because they impose a modification of body - was very frowned upon in the early hours of Christianity. Thus, the earrings were considered by the Hebrew people as amulets dedicated to the pagan gods. During the time of the pharaohs, Egyptian women already had earrings, usually gold. They have worn these since the 18th dynasty. Greek women wore all kinds, and in particular anthropomorphous pendulous loops. The latter could also represent Eros or animal forms.

      In Italian, the historical name of the pairs was buccolese, from the Latin buccula. The Romans wore Orecchino a Bolla, drop-shaped styles. In ancient times, the boys of rich families wore an amulet inset 7. If bucula is also close to the mouth, this is certainly related to the mouth of Medusa engraved on the center of the Greek shield and the earring, she also mouth-shaped. Thus, suspending a representation - or at least an evocation - of the monster to the ear represents for the wearer a protective talisman. Greek women wore it all along their lives in the form of pendants, fibulae and brooches. The earring then represents both a protective talisman, an aphrodisiac and a fertilizer, while adding to the omnipresent aesthetic dimension8. Thus, the seductive and frightening duality of the snakehead monster has inspired the Greek sailors and we find his face recurrently, as much on the bow of the boats than in the ears of the sailors. In addition, these traditionally belonging to femininity, the sailor wearing it carries with it a share of femininity and power of femininity. Let us remember that in Greek art women are governed by passionsNotes 3. The sailor's earring is thus for the Greeks a talisman that prevents storms, a marine metaphor for women.

      Later, women of the Mongolian people wear very heavy options that eventually stretch or tear the lobe of the ear. However, the stigmas left by the earrings are symbol of wealth and affirm a certain social status.

      Four different relationships to earrings.
      Unlike other jewelry (bracelets and medals) earrings are not considered, in the West, as direct markers of social identity. Traditionally attributed to women, earrings play primarily an aesthetic role. Men are a priori less likely to wear this type of jewelry because they have been through history more often evaluated on criteria of intelligence or power than beauty. A woman, on the other hand, is generally celebrated for her beauty, and that supposes that she has a certain number of jewels and that she learned to wear them during childhood. The standards for girls' earrings changed considerably during the last century and still vary today according to social circles. Earrings were considered at the beginning of the twentieth century as a mark of sexual identity and it was customary to pierce young girls' ears very early to distinguish them easily from boys. This body modification became, in the 1950s, a sign of rurality, reserved for the working class. The jewels of the Catholic girls were summarized at the time, the baptismal medal which was then the main marker of identity. Today, most girls of school age have pierced ears. However, earrings, like the rest of jewelry worn during childhood, are generally unobtrusive95.

      Adolescence marks the appearance of more sophisticated and often more suggestive jewelry. It is common for pearl earrings to be offered between the ages of twelve and fifteen. Pearls, especially when they are attached to a necklace then take on a singular erotic value. These are the jewels that traditionally adorn the prom dresses, for which the throat is widely unveiled. However, if these jewels can have a high market value, they must, according to Marlene Albert-Llorca, translate an in-between, between the childhood and the married woman. These are therefore intermediate, presenting the first precious stones and pearls of the girl, without having the size of jewelry that usually has a married woman. However, if the jewels offered to the girl evolve in their dimension in a fairly linear manner with age, it is common that it is itself buying large fantasy jewelry during adolescence. Thus, one quickly distinguishes the earrings that the girl has received from those which she dresses to "go out". More surprising and contrary to the codes established since antiquity, current girls are willing to wear junk jewelry of derisory market value at social events. There is even a certain rejection of gold among many girls, the latter being reserved for those who prefer to wear discreet jewelry. This choice, very common for junk earrings, could therefore, according to Marlene Albert-Llorca, correspond to a new definition of jewelry between the two. Often, high-value earrings are offered by the majority. These symbolize then a passage to adulthood, and the requirement of seriousness and autonomy that it imposes.

      While many teenage girls proudly wear fancy earrings, they are not exclusive to them. Married women also wear them in the West, but these garments no longer obey the same social norms. Indeed, these women have taken a certain distance with the aesthetic codes and wearing junk jewelry generally corresponds to a relaxed mood, during holiday periods for example. Nevertheless, it seems that some mature women also wear this type of jewelery in order to reconnect with the youth, by reintegrating the established codes.

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