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Lab created diamond engagement rings are produced in laboratory environment and have the same physical, chemical and optical properties with natural diamonds. These stones are composed of carbon element as natural diamonds and is crystallized in cubic form. A carbon joins the "tetrahedral" at equal distances from the other four carbons. Therefore, it is not possible to understand the difference with simple visual methods. It is possible to distinguish it only by using spectroscope devices in gemology laboratories.

 Recently, two known methods for full carbon lab-grown production are HPHT and CVD methods. Apart from this, different methods are being developed day by day. HPHT is a high pressure and heat method, as the name implies, is the production of these gemstones in a similar environment with underground formation conditions. The CVD chemical vapor storage method can be summarized as the separation of the carbons from a plasma cloud with high heat, without the need for high pressures, and deposition on the seed crystal.

"3C" and "4C" feature different types of stone stones with different methods, with diamonds with different costs are produced in different types of laboratory stones. 

In all methods there is a natural gemstone crystal 'seed crystal'. In international gemological terminology, 'Laboratory Grown Diamond varieties and simulated laboratory stones' are finalized by applying facet cuts to standards specified by GIA.

From a consumer point of view, in short; There is no distinction between laboratory stones and mine diamond brilliance, which can be distinguished by visual and usage, of image and usage. When used correctly and routinely cleaned, it is necessary to evaluate the simulated stones, which will have the same brightness each time, except for the purpose of decoration only.

Other terminologies: Diamond mining, lab grown diamonds, conflict free, man made diamonds, diamond simulants.

Lab Created Diamond Engagement Rings Available in 14k White Gold

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